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  1. All is normal, it's nothing to do with the implant! It's just breast tissue
  2. I am going tomorrow afternoon! I will update you then
  3. Go and see a naturopath! Best thing I did. Good luck xx
  4. That's a good point! It actually does feel like milk ducts! I will get it checked for peace of mind
  5. Thanks ladies, I will ring up and book in tomorrow. I'm so scared something is wrong!
  6. Hi ladies, I had my BA done in May and in the last month I have been able to feel lumps underneath...it's strange. Has anyone else had this? It actually feels like scar tissue...should I go see my Plastic surgeon or a doctor? Thanks!!
  7. I was fine to lift my 6mth old after about 10 days but only with me going down to her level not picking straight off the ground etc. good luck x
  8. Hi Ladies, I had my BA done early June and still have quite a bit of numbness...I'm not concerned at all but just interested to know how long it took others to get full sensation back? Thanks
  9. Sounds like you had an awesome experience. Lucky you for not being in any pain...I don't think about it much now but the pain was pretty bad for me...I would actually rather have a baby to be honest
  10. I had my consultant and got in 4 weeks later! I guess it depends how busy they are
  11. When I had my BA done my baby was 4 mths old. I couldn't do night feeds for the first 3 weeks as I was still in quite a bit of pain at night. I was told I could start lifting her after 2 weeks I think, as long as I used my body more than my arms...so go down to pick her up etc.
  12. I have teardrops! I don't have constant cleavage without a bra but they sit quite nicely in a bra I guess it also depends how big they are?
  13. Lol, the first few days are soo hard...well more like the first two weeks were awful for me!
  14. I know how you feel lol, I have a 5mth old and really struggled in second week as it was still hurting to get out of bed thank god things have got better since then!
  15. Yes, my back is aching! I'm finding the side boob hurts when laying on it for too long! They said 6 weeks for tummy sleeping which I'm looking forward to but I think I will be too scared!
  16. I had my BA almost a month ago now but I am still in pain to sleep. How long did it take for most people to be able to sleep comfortably again?
  17. Going to follow this thread as I'm interested! I had a strap but after 4 days I kept forgetting to put it on, I then foun out that I should have worn it for 7 days! I think it's more so they don't come up too high...not 100% sure though...
  18. Amy90

    BA on Tuesday

    I drove on day 7 but it hurt when I did a U Turn, other than that I was fine
  19. Congrats and wishing you a speedy recovery!
  20. I got my Brazilians about 3 weeks ago, mine were never rock hard but they have really softened up in the last week! They barely feel fake at all (you can slightly still feel the implant around the side under my armpit. So far I'm very happy with the results
  21. Yes! That's exactly what it feels like...the side that it has been happening on is actually softer than the other...
  22. I only had two small waterproof dressings so I showered the night of my BA but needed help taking off my bra - also felt very faint the first few day after standing up so it is good to have someone close by & I also needed help putting my bra and shirt back on
  23. I don't think so...I went from a b and am currently a DD but I love them! They don't look big when you wear normal clothes. I love the fact that I don't have to wear padded bras to have boobs! I used to wear those ones that made you look 2 sizes bigger so it's not really noticeable like everyone else said...you wouldn't want to pay for a C cup
  24. Ok thanks, that makes me feel better! I still have a little loss of sensitivity underneath! X
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