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  1. Hi I'm trying to view your pre op pix .. We got the same done. Just want to see f we were similar before.. Have accepted your request. Check out my pix.

  2. Hi Amy90 did you end up getting this checked out by your surgeon? I've got the same thing at the moment and it's really worrying me!
  3. Hi I just sent you a FR as I also had my surgery done by Dr Ali. I'm not to happy about the size as she would only let me go to 360cc

  4. Aw thanks, I'm just going to keep hoping that the pain will go away!
  5. I'm not sure when I can get it done, first I'll have to go to the doctor and get a referral and then I'm sure will have to wait quite a while. I'm a full time student so paying for flights and then revision if need be will basically be out of the question for a LONG time, seeing as I'd been saving up for so long for my surgery. Hoping its nothing major but to be honest this pain can't be quite right!
  6. Received an email from TCI today and they've said seeing as I'm out of the country, I have to get an ultrasound and send the report to Dr. Ali for review
  7. Will they be open to take calls tomorrow if they are closed till the 14th? I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Amie, I had my surgery at TCI but I live in NZ. I haven't emailed them yet as when I last emailed them about something I found my surgeons reply to be kind of dismissive, but I guess I should email them.
  9. So it's been 6 months since my surgery and I've had a pretty good recovery. However I've been having major pains in the side of my right breast sometimes and it hurts to sleep on that side. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Will the pain just go away? I got my surgery done in another country so am unable to get it checked by surgeon. Thanks
  10. I think compared to PS's they are quite safe with their sizings. Dr. Ali said that's the biggest I could fit for my BWD but I honestly think I could have gone a lot larger. To be honest when wearing clothes it's impossible to tell they've been done. Good luck with everything x

  11. Thanks for the reply chick. I'm considering TCI but I live in Perth so I'm going to see a Perth PS first to have a consult & get an idea if I'm sutiable and what size to go for. I was initially thinking a C but now I am thinking more of a D or DD hahaha. Just keep getting bigger! Your 6 week post op pics look great! Why wouldn't your surgeon go bigger? You do look tiny what are your stats? All the best with your recovery x

  12. Hi I had my surgery in July and got 360cc HP implants from TCI, they have ended up a DD in bra size but to be honest only look like a small C. My surgeon wouldn't let me go any larger though. Are you going with TCI? How long till your surgery? Good luck with everything :)

  13. Hi There alyjade I have sent you a FR as I am hoping to go from a B to a D cup and I see thats what you were trying to get. I would love to know how your surgery went. Cheers :-)

  14. Yeah, try to massage a bit harder perhaps, and yeah maybe try to not sleep on the same side all the time. While I'm asleep I somehow subconsciously turn over constantly - thinking I don't want the boobs to favour one side lol - weird! I massage morning & night plus in the shower. I just use cocoa butter or bio-oil - whatever I can reach easier.

  15. I have been massaging, probably not as much or as hard as I should though. How often do you massage? Also I find if I sleep on my side it can be quite painful, I was wondering if that may be why my right side is still high as that's the side I sleep on. Do you think that would affect it?

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