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  1. Gosh, I've been well absent! Sorry to hear it didn't work out with the other chap...bugger... Maybe it's QLD men
  2. I went with Dr Szalay. I am very happy with my results
  3. Yes, I'd start too... (nasty arses should not always get their own way lol)
  4. lol! That is such a 'you' posting! I don't think I could handle that at 8.5 weeks. I am almost 5 months on and still have tenderness...and yes - then there's the wee-factor!
  5. Maybe the three of us can catch up on Eagle Street, Mr & Mrs G Riverbar, when you can? I'm good on or after 2/11 :) How's your other half going? I've been absent a lot with work and my masters - just flat out. [h=2][/h]

  6. Hey teebs, last time it was just me and Renkim who went but I'm keen for another round when you are :D

  7. So when are all you Brisbane ladies up for a drink? ;) Hope you've been well!

  8. Hi sweets. How are you? Miss you round here xx

  9. Bummer, I won't be able to make it. Maybe next time! I didn't see the message about Friday...and was charged and ready to go!
  10. It would have been great to have another lovely face there too! Maybe next time taniya!!
  11. You're probably resting after a shift, don, but I just bumped this thread up to find out what's happening today ladies...
  12. Hi don, just wondering what's happening today :) Still on? The Jetty? Time? Cheers!

  13. P.S It's hard to not worry...we want them to be perfect. Obviously there are risks with textured and smooth. I actually wanted smooth, but because I run so much my doctor said no to them... On the bright side (apart from smooths looking so good in my opinion), at least you don't have to worry about rippling! I've got some of that...especially when I bend over!! At first I was freaking out, but I'm good now hehe Fingers crossed for you x
  14. You're welcome Give it go - definitely. I have textured but I was also given instructions to flatten it out with my palm...so push down gently on it - like straight down to widen the circumference. Laying down on your tummy does the same thing...and seems to be a pretty common method... Keep us posted
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