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    BA 375cc
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    Dr Miroshnik 19/06/2014
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    165cm 64kg 12A/B
  1. Thanks for that lilly I've gone through the massive roller coaster of emotions I'm glad I'm not the only one I also got 375cc I think we were the same date 19th June and your right they do get a bit bigger mine still feel so swollen but the changes every couple of days is crazy!
  2. Oh my god we're back how exciting I was getting major withdrawals I missed you guys. Today is day 17 for me going well my nipples are super sensitive and im sore around the side of my boobs its like I've over stretched when reaching for something and I can feel sharp pains in the side has anyone else had this?
  3. Hi guys I'm back at our hotel too everything went really smoothly Dr M ended up going the 375 and I'm really happy. Very minimal pain exactly like you guys said just feels tight like I've done a big workout. I think I was asleep in about 2 secs when I got into the theatre so no need to worry at all. Oh my god I have BOBBIES!!!!!!!!!!! Finally haha love it. Tori glad yours went smoothly as well, got to say thank goodness for this forum it had been amazing having you lovelies there for support 😃
  4. On my way now to Northshore private hospital now check in at 10 surgery at 11 if Dr M is on time new boobies by lunchtime!!!!! Will be thinking of you today too Tori x
  5. Well today is the day!!!!!! Good luck Tori and everyone else I share this fantastic date with, holy crap balls can't believe it's actually happening 😁😁😁😁 something I have though about for ages but never really thought it would be a reality. I actually feel excited but the thing I am really worried about is being knocked out can't shake that feeling of dread any tips for anything you guys told yourself before it happened?
  6. Hi Rina. Omg your BA is tomorrow how exciting! ! Which hospital are you going to? I'm having my BA with Dr. M next Thursday and I'm going to Bondi Junction private. Hope everything goes well for you. Can't wait to see your results! :)

  7. Hi guys have been catching up on whats been going on, thinking of you pug hope everything went well. Good luck for today lilly I'm on nightshift tonight then when I finish in the morning fly to Sydney and surgery on Thursday!!!!! starting to get really excited can't believe it is finally here!
  8. Thank you so much Kaaycee didn't think of the wipes your a lifesaver, yep single digits tomorrow starting to relax a little which I'm surprised with have been going crazy at the gym with cardio taking my mind right off it. How is your healing going?
  9. Hi lovelies, just wondering if there was anything you guys wished you packed/ took with you I'm flying from Queensland to sydney for my surgery staying 3 nights and I'm trying to get organised while I have a few days off. So far neck pillow, button up clothing, ice packs, ipad there must be so much I can't think of but I'm stumped at the mo keep thinking about the surgery eeeppp!!! any help would be greatly appriciated. Also any recommendations for accommodation other then the Quest at Bondi?
  10. Hi guys I thought I would join this thread I'm booked in with Dr Miroshnik on the 19th eeepppp!!! starting to get nervous liking the idea of the sizers
  11. Hi, just wondering if there are and Dr Vucak ladies here I have had an appointment with him and Dr Miroshnik and I'm torn who to with. I live in Queensland so it would be a lot easier to see Dr Vucak, just wanted to hear others experiences
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