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  1. I'm also similar stats Serena90 happy for people to FR me to see photos I'll have to put some more up too I'm now 7 weeks post op and only today went and got measured at BnT and whilst I think I look a C cup they measured me as a D/DD-woohoooo!!
  2. I went with Dr Scamp and had the Vectra imaging done-ask to get the image to take home then and there I forgot and even though I emailed several times I never got a copy of the image to show my hubby. He's awesome!
  3. Hopefully this info will help you, if you look at my stats you'll see my size is also a size 8. I went to see 3 plastic surgeons when I was looking to have my BA, they all recommended teardrop for my shape although one did say I could go round but said teardrop would give me a 'superior look' ie I think more natural and less round. In saying that now I have the teardrop I think I could have had round as I do like the upper pole fullness that rounds give you, and I will still need to wear a bra to achieve this look rather than have the natural curve at the top that rounds give you. I suggest you really look around, get an idea of the look/size you would like and go for some consults prior to seeing Dr Lee just to get an idea. I think round can look natural but I was very much guided by my surgeon, once I found him I had every confidence he'd deliver the results I was after.
  4. thanks for your responses I haven't been on the forum for a while and looking back on these posts it's funny how quickly you're body heals....even when you don't think it will!
  5. I'm definitely feeling like they've dropped and fluffed, they are both feeling softer and less upper pole fullness. I also feel like they have both taken shape and look the same. I'm only 6 weeks post op so I don't know if this is my final result from what I've read from others I may still have some way to go.
  6. I had exactly the same too. I know much of what I would write for support has already been written by these lovely ladies, however I too LOVE to run and currently at 2 months nearly post op I'm not yet running (but chomping at the bit!) however at week 2 I was walking on the treadmill at the gym and outside as I hated not exercising, very gentle at first and listening to my body. I was running after a toddler the next day so no time to rest but the backache, and limitations do go, my boobs feel softer and so much more a part of me. I'm now having boob greed and wished I went bigger lol!! So no doubt you'll experience that at some point too!! Hope your recovery goes well
  7. Hi Yanssina, I was in the same boat as you looking around for surgeons on the GC and Brisbane I felt so overwhelmed too, I'd recommend a few consults I went to Dr Layt, Dr Scamp and Dr Harwood (Brisbane). I also looked into Cosmeditour on the GC but couldn't find much info on them so I decided against them. worthwhile getting a few consults to determine the look/size and 'feel' of the surgeon (pardon the pun!). I chose Dr Scamp on the GC, he was more expensive but from the moment I saw him I totally trusted him, he picked up on my asymmetry which no other dr did and I just really felt he was professional and would look after me : ) many good surgeons out there, the hardest decision is I think to pick one! Good luck on your search
  8. yep I do too! Exactly like the sunburnt feeling I'm nearly 5 weeks post op and have had that feeling for several weeks now I'm sure my hubby would love it if I walked around topless as I've contemplated as it feels so sore, however, not sure my neighbours need to see that hahah!! Hopefully it doesn't last too long for you,
  9. Yes I'd be interested in hearing updates on how they found the experience, I didn't go with them in the end but still good to hear others' thoughts on them.
  10. Hi Kinekla I had something similar, and I think it was from overdoing it too. I felt good after surgery and was back to looking after a little one the next day and household chores in the days following. At 2 weeks post op I hit a wall I think and felt so tired, sore incision sites, sore breasts and generally off, this lasted for about a week and was my body's way of saying slow up. I must say I'm not a doctor and it is of course well worth while talking about this with your surgeon in case it is something else. Just take time to let your body heal I had to keep reminding myself that I'd had a GA and surgery and to take it easy. Hope this helps.
  11. oh yay for Christmas boobies! good luck!!!! Hope your recovery is smooth for you
  12. I am 23 days post op and still sleeping on my back in an elevated position I too am a side sleeper and find myself half on my side during the night but wake up as super uncomfortable....I too have back pain and am hoping it goes I think its a combo of no exercise and hunching myself as I'm still sore on my right breast, it feels very tight.....roll on recovery!!!
  13. I would highly recommend Dr Scamp he has just done my BA I'm really thrilled with the results, I also went to see Dr Harwood in Brisbane on recommendations by other girls on the forum, he also is highly thought of. Good luck in your search for your surgeon!
  14. Congrats Bec Bec on your new additions and yes, loved your story too lol! One to remember! rest up and hope your recovery is smooth.
  15. I know when she said 3 months I could have cried but I'm hoping the pains go sooner, she said and I know others have said this too that it's the nerve regeneration and healing process...what we do for gorgeous boobies!!
  16. Hi noobs, I'm 2 weeks post op and around the 7 day mark started feeling shooting pains and aching over my breasts-they are so sensitive all over both sides I cant bear to have a top on them...although of course I do lol! I rang the nurse today as I've also been feeling unwell the past day or so but my little one was sick last week so I think it's unrelated to the breast implants though probably due to me being run down from surgery. I am really hoping these pains and sensitivities don't last long the nurse said today they can go on for up to 3 months! I am back on paracetamol, hope you are feeling better soon.
  17. Thanks DanniP and pink butterfly.my recovery started smoothly but seem to be getting more sore not less.im guessing as you say this is due to the nerve regeneration and healing but its definitely been worrying me somewhat. They are looking great and i cant wait to wear some nice underwear to show them off!it seems that recovery is a slow process from what you say pink butterfly even 10weeks post op still experiencing sensitivity.my main concern is the pain and lumpiness of the scars though what i have read this can also be normal. Thanks for your replies girls.
  18. Good luck for tomorrow BewBzzz all will be well, the morning of my surgery I had a complete meltdown in front of my husband telling him I didn't want to go through with it....lol...sooo glad I did the recovery hasn't been as hard as I imagined it would be. I too focused on the look in the end rather than the cup size. So excited for you!!!
  19. Thanks DanniP my surgeon has said i dont need to wear a support crop so im in vest tops but they still sensitive to anything touching them I'm hoping it's the healing process. I have the silitape on but i definitely feel the scars underneath aching. Thank you for your response.are you happy with your progress?
  20. Hi I'm hoping someone will be able to answer this;im day 9 i think post op . I'm experiencing itchy and extremely sensitive boobs I can only liken it to when i bf my son and my milk came in. Even wearing clothes irritates me and im noticing small pimples over my boobs . they are not red but still bruised. Is this normal or has anyone experienced this with recovery?also finding that scar area is sore by the end of the day maybe im overdoing things....
  21. yep I hear ya Glittergal lol. I am trying to be patient and wait for them to D&F...but still very happy with what has been created I find myself still comparing myself to others *sigh* !!
  22. I'm similar to you with BWD I am only 11cm. I went teardrop 325 on left 360 right due to asymmetry. Like you I am desperate to be a D cup even though when I was breastfeeding only got to a C cup, I'm thinking I will probably end up with a C cup, I'm one week post up please FR me to see pics (unless I've not worked out my settings right in which case everyone is free to see them lol!) I love my boobies and eventually much procrastination and uncertainty about CC and cup size/shape of implant put total trust in my surgeon, he has done an awesome job and hopefully you will feel the same after surgery. Good luck!!!
  23. I'm feeling the same only 7 days post op but swelling is already subsiding and now I'm wishing I went bigger.....though I LOVE LOVE LOVE what I have now compared to what little I had. I'm hoping some D&F will give me a little more!! Damn boob greed!!!!!
  24. Thanks Pink Butterfly for your input. My BA went well, I've been sore but nothing too bad and i've been up keeping up with a toddler from the day after my op as my hubby had to work which wasn't part of the plan, but thankfully I've also been able to go to bed when he does at night and I'm not in pain, just tightness and bad backache which I think is related to me hunching over. So far so good I'm hoping it continues this way and I absolutely love my new additions!!
  25. how are you going I see you've just had your BA too!! congrats!!!!! yay for boobies!!
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