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  1. How exciting!!! Have just sent you a FR as well hope you don't mind x
  2. hahahahhah oh goodness that would have been a hard decision, what were you thinking!!!
  3. Ahhhh you are lucky you have that money confirmed then haha, i don't get paid til a few days after my surgery so will be quite strict with my money until then!! i just CANNOT save for the life of me
  4. Hi joygirl, I am booked in with PIAC in june 2013, and i did not give them much notice in advance for my booking at all. I have only just recently had everything finalised (pick up times etc). I first got in contact with PIAC, maybe late february, so not long ago at all. You will be fine if you leave it til around the end of the year to get in contact with them for dates etc. Maybe flick them a few emails when your ready just so that they have your name on file and know who you are etc, and just tell them what procedure your looking at having and just warn them that you are indefinite about the dates you want to go in april 2014. don't stress about time at all, you have plenty good luck with it all x
  5. Keep spending into my boob money and I'm scared its getting lower as time comes quicker haha oopsie
  6. Booked in for my BA on the 20th June with Dr.Veerawat at PIAC. how exciting!!! can't wait til we can all share our stories and pictures in July
  7. I am booked in on the 20th June for a BA with Dr. Veerawat at Phuket international hospital. So very excited
  8. How can i view your sizer pics. Cannot seem to find them on your profile? 400cc is the size i am going for
  9. So did you not end up getting the procedure done at all? Ahh that sucks so much Do you know why dr.v became unavailable? It is weird how one doctor recommends something but then another tells you the complete opposite. But i am sure there are a lot of girls on here that would be willing to give you as much information as possible. As i will, after i have my surgery xo
  10. I have just gotten my recommendation back from dr,v and he has said he can put round implants in, but they cannot be to big due to high risk of double bubble, so he said if i wanted larger Implants then i would have to go to tear drop as i wouldn't have the risk of double bubble. but like you said that is exactly what i want, the fake look, which is round implants, so hopefully he will be able to put 380-400cc in as round implants!!
  11. I also think that they don't recommend having surgery whilst your on your period because you cannot insert anything haha
  12. Hi Annie, I am heading over to thailand in June and have also booked directly with PIAC. I had previously booked with somnio medical, they were also fantastic, but because i had already booked my flights and accommodation myself, it was much easier going through PIAC, as i would not have had to pay the agency fee etc. They have been great so far, I have been speaking to a lady called Mel, and another lady named Helen. Everytime i have a question i flick them an email, and they have been awesome with replying. I get an email back that same day or the next day, as soon as they read it. Is the email you have been sending to - info@plastic-surgery-phuket.com? If so, just be persistent and keep sending emails. They will get back to you!! and once they do they won't ever leave you in the dark. I have a few friends who have also been through PIAC, and have recommended me. If worse comes to worse you can always go through another agency, but for now just keep onto of things with PIAC, because once they get back to you, they will be quick at organising everything for you
  13. Hi ladies, so I am off to Phuket in june for a breast augmentation with dr veerawat and have a few questions for anyone that can help me. I first booked my procedure with dr.thanakom as dr.v was not available the dates I was going, so I took a booking with dr.thanakom who recommended me round implants. I was unable to find any reviews on this surgeon so I freaked out and requested another surgeon, in which they gave me dr.rushapol. dr rushapol also gave me a recommendation and said he noticed in my photos that I have slightly constricted breasts and recommended tear drop with a dual plane placement. But now, I am going over to Thailand a few days earlier so that I can book in with dr.veerawat as I was referred to him by a lot of friends. I have not received a recommendation from him yet, but I am a little bit worried as I really wanted round implants either dual plane or under the muscle. I was not heading over there wanting tear drop as they look way to natural. I am wondering if there are any girls who have had the same issue where the doctor has recommended tear drop but you want to go round? any suggestions and opinions im all open for Thanks Britt xxx
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