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  1. Quoting myself to show how even your own opinions change over time. I'm now 31 (32 this year) and I'm currently researching getting them removed. Not because anything is wrong with them, just that I have outgrown them since I got them when I was 25-26 years old. Contemplating complete removal vs getting much small implants put in.
  2. Has this happened yet? I moved to Perth in October 2015 and would love to met up with some like-minded ladies
  3. Definitely want to go bigger. I started with nothing and now have boobs that look normal with my frame. Want to have big boobs though. Big=beautiful imo!
  4. I love having boobs now but I'm going to go bigger eventually in the future.
  5. I'm 178cm with 505cc with BWD 13.5cm (I think, I can't really remember so it's a guesstimate!). They're not too big and I love them. I'm now an E cup.
  6. I see you've found this thread again Can't wait to see what people post as I'm too lazy to go looking haha.
  7. Oh God! When she started crying The feels. They're real :(
  8. I also have broad shoulders and a narrow waist. I got 505cc (see sig). I'm also tall though and I think they have balance me out quite nicely. I think my BWD was 13.5cm (has been nearly 2 years holy moly). I want to go larger one day because if you are taller you eat up the cc's.
  9. I had the same pain but it was because I was hunched over for a week as I couldn't stretch out properly. Just give it time and plenty of rest.
  10. Well, I don't hate summer. I love autumn more You hate your job. (My next question is probably going to be more risque, so be warned!)
  11. False - I love the idea of the beach though. You've had sex in a public place. (Yes, I'm going there!)
  12. I want to get a Leonberger. Love big dogs!
  13. Holy crap! I haven't been on these forums much and now I have a reason to check in more often! So excited for you! I totally would come but I'm flat broke at the moment I'll have to live through you for a few years yet. Going to send you a FR since we 're both big booby fans.
  14. I'm also an Ashton girl and am thrilled with my results. Send me a FR if you'd like some more before and afters.
  15. Just a video of one of my favourite big booby idols: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU7p3RexG7c&list=UUPjct9StU5Ts4flkRnzEbSQ
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