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    Dr Fleming 2nd July 2013
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  1. I have cimeosil which I got from my surgeon but you can also buy at the chemist for about $70, I've been using mine since day 9 and was told I can use it for as long as I want but will probably get 8-10 weeks use from one sheet
  2. Hi MrsB, i started as a b and am now measuring as a dd but look like a d, I got 310cc. Its hard to say how much you would need cause it depends if you want to be a d in a bra or without a bra, as implants tend to look a cup size smaller when clothed, Mine pretty much look like I'm wearing one of my old push up bras. Good luck xo
  3. Gabby,I had the same problem and I' found a three pack of crops from target that are just like the top of singlet, they are so comfortable and easy to hide under everything, I am pretty much living in them. Can't wait til they can be squished together I'm finding it so difficult to get into my nice dresses but they seemed to have a bit of jiggle today was so excited
  4. Hey, mine were gropable the first day as they were numb, I've still touched them everyday and is almost impossible to get my partner off them. I found some days it hurt to have them poked/squeezed but you can still hold them good luck and I'm sure your hospital stay will be great. I was lucky enough to be home that night and I slept on and off until 3 am when we were up watching movies.
  5. Just an update... Had my one week post op today. All went well, had my tape taken off and my incisions are healing well. I got given cimeosil to start my scar management. I didn't expect to be given that since its $80 Pain wise my right side is still a bit sore under the arm, apparently it's normal and should fix itself soon. I'm no longer taking any painkillers during the day but have moved on to taking mersyndol at night to help me sleep through the night and I find they are a bit sore on the nipples by the end of the day. Oh my partner came home yesterday with silicon nipple covers from bras n things for me, they are so good if your nipples are sensitive with clothes rubbing against them, mine hurt so much it I guess that's better than having no feeling. It feels like the swelling has gone down except for under my arms and there's a little bit in my cleavage area, so icing those at night before I go to bed. Still sleeping slightly elevated but that's for the benefit of being able to get myself out of bed, still bit cautious when using my arms. Haven't driven yet but hoping to go for a drive tomorrow as I go back to work on Thursday Loving my new boobs
  6. Hi, I had my surgery with Dr Fleming and he told me I had mildly tuberous breasts, they weren't bad enough to get the Medicare rebate but he offered good advice to fix the common issues I had and avoid double bubble. His website shows some examples of his work with complicated cases. I'd recommend having a consult with him, he's great and they are free
  7. Ah, I didn't know that. That sucks.
  8. Congrats on your new boobies I got out of bed on my own today from an almost lying down position (i had my u pillow on a normal pillow) felt so good to not need help
  9. The list is great and I've also heavily relied on a heat pack for my neck and back You must be getting so excited, it's so close
  10. That's interesting, makes sense if it is. Don't be too nervous as long as you keep up your meds it's not too bad just uncomfortable. I feel good today, I've been able to do everything for myself today except get things out of the cupboard above elbow height. I've only taken 2 panadols and went grocery shopping and visited my parents. Felt so good to get out of the house, I'm a bit tight now and still have some pain on the right side near my armpit, other than that recovery is going well You must be getting so excited, time will fly by
  11. Every donation goes to helping 3 lives ... Btw I work for the blood service :)good work for donating
  12. I didn't need blood tests before surgery with my dr but in other incidents I've had to fast for 6 hours before a blood test and that was no food or drink. Probably best to give your surgeon a call just to clarify
  13. My surgeon Dr Fleming from Cosmetic surgery institute advertises a finance place called mac credit, hope that helps. good luck
  14. Each case is different and determined based on the surgery, the recovery and whether a transfusion is required, you just need to call medical services and they will tell you when you are eligible. It's the same for donating before surgery you need to check with medical services if you are wanting to donate within a certain time frame before surgery. It shouldn't be 12 months though that's only if you need a transfusion
  15. I was told to stop using bio oil 2 weeks before surgery as the tape for the incision doesn't stick properly to the skin. I think it's up to your surgeon as other girls on here have been able to use it up to the day before.
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