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    Empty 10D after little one want a fuller cup and little bigger
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    TCI parramatta, 28th may
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    150cms, 51kg,10D
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    Being a mum

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  1. Hey chick I hope you don't mind me adding you but I'd love to follow ur journey my consult is the 28th May and surgery is the day after yours :) be awesome to support each other

  2. Hey :) I seen you had surgery with Dr Ali, I sent you a FR just after some feedback / experiences with her :)

  3. Hi I'm due for my ba in a week Are you happy with your choice :) Sent you a fr

  4. Totally should! :) i just can't wait to buy under wire bras.. Maybe have to design cute wire free bras.. All granny looking except 2.. Bought cute ish pink one by Loveable. Gee bra shopping hasn't been so hard haha cant wait to hear what size u are :) x

  5. Hey babe! :) woohoo, that is awesome! :) I was just thinking today to get myself fitted, might go this weekend ;) x

  6. Hey babe, 3weks post op already.. Crazy! I got fitted today to get an idea.. 10E.. Have you been fitted yet? X

  7. Oh that's no good at all, hope you feel better soon. I hate my boobs in the morning, they get a bit sore on the outsides under my arms. Put some pics up so I can see :)

  8. I feel like I'm in the same boat at the moment.. I have a pinch, slight pull feeling under my left stitch area.. I'm hoping I pulled something at work too.. I'm so worried its my stitches internally an my implant will come out.. But I'm sure I'm just over thinking that.... Be waiting to hear what ur PS will say donatella.. god I've missed everyone on here too.. A week felt like months haha
  9. That's so good :) def over sleeping on my back.. It's driving me insane :( pain is better, I think I pulled something at work on Friday.. A pinch feeling under my stitch?? I have to put some pic up for ya :)

  10. Hey lovely. It's going well so far :) not much pain anymore. Just so over sleeping on my back lol how about you? X

  11. Hey babe, how is your recovery goin?? :)

  12. Oh you poor thing! I use to get it all the time.. At one point I thought I was bleeding from it.. But I just drank way to much cranberry drink haha I normally use Ethical Nutrients UTI tablets.. I struggled with ural every time lol hope it gets better soon, it's a B**** to have
  13. Hey babe, that is so nice to write.. I feel the exact same way! Every person I have talked to on here have helped me from scars/stitches/boob size an boobie greed!! But mostly I've never meet anyone either but funny how so many of you have made me laugh at TMI moments or drift of topic in diff threads! I am so impressed that for a all female (except Jack) lol environment, everyone are so supportive, helpful an lift each other up everyday! I would live to say a big Thank you!! As well an say if it wasn't for this forum I prob would have freaked out pre-post surgery an my Dr would have heard from me everyday haha an like Boobs to Be.. You all help so many an its a beautiful thing!! Xxxx
  14. Omg! You don't have a Kmart there??? I would die!! Haha I love Kmart shopping :) I really want to get the comfort bra, but with my stitch area I have to wait :( what size did you get? how are you feeling this morning? TCI put a pic up on their FB page yesterday.. Hahaha I'm famous :p

  15. Hi, i had my BA on Tuesday 28th too, same as Nushi. Dr Ali was so nice in the consult an I didn't have an worries when I left! I was bout 20min late on surgery day because of traffic an really bad Fog that day, but everyone were still so nice when I got there an even tho I said sorry bout 100 times, not one person made me feel bad! I went to my 1wek post op yesterday, an even tho you don't get Dr Ali for this, I got nurse Steph, so that was a funny app since we have the same name all is well an they are big an Awesome!! Feel free to FR! Have you known someone that has gone there? Or did you just hear bout them?? July is so close.. Are you excited!
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