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  1. Totally should! :) i just can't wait to buy under wire bras.. Maybe have to design cute wire free bras.. All granny looking except 2.. Bought cute ish pink one by Loveable. Gee bra shopping hasn't been so hard haha cant wait to hear what size u are :) x

  2. Hey babe, 3weks post op already.. Crazy! I got fitted today to get an idea.. 10E.. Have you been fitted yet? X

  3. That's so good :) def over sleeping on my back.. It's driving me insane :( pain is better, I think I pulled something at work on Friday.. A pinch feeling under my stitch?? I have to put some pic up for ya :)

  4. Hey babe, how is your recovery goin?? :)

  5. Omg! You don't have a Kmart there??? I would die!! Haha I love Kmart shopping :) I really want to get the comfort bra, but with my stitch area I have to wait :( what size did you get? how are you feeling this morning? TCI put a pic up on their FB page yesterday.. Hahaha I'm famous :p

  6. Oh.. Your own bed must feel like heaven! :) I just got the arrh bra thingy at Kmart for $12 for 2.. It's really good, it's got some padding in the front so great when the nipples poke out lol lefty is but still numb on righty so no high beams there :) they just sit better around an still have support :) I want to go check if there is more, I only got black ones.. In size 12-14.. I'm a 10 so thought it would be good size.. But if they have 10-12 I might get that so it's tighter?? An see if there is more then just black :) Mage put tape strips over the scar area.. An gave me heaps to change everyday after shower.. So after my shower tomoz ill take a pic before new dressings.. I just can't wait to get new bras an push these bad boys up an get an awesome rack haha im sure by 4-6 weeks your two will even out an you will be big boobie ready to show them off! :) xx

  7. Hey babe, post op app went really well.. All seems to be going ok, I have got one section on my right stitches that hasn't healed an had a little fluid come out.. She was ok with it but I have to keep an eye out incase I get infected :( she told be to wear the arrh bra thing instead if the post op bra so no rubbing happens. Hope it doesn't get worse.. Righty still lil saggy compared to lefty but she thinks that will settle an round out after D&F happens. Hope your resting up haha xx

  8. Safe fight today babe.. I'm sure your itching to go home! Just rest up an take advantage of your time off! X

  9. Hey babe, doin a lot better.. Wasn't expecting that, thought I would be in pain forever haha I've got my 1wek post op app today so excited to go back in an see what they say.. I feel like I'm a lot more heavy an "pain" on my sides an front (nipple) area last 2 days.. I'm guessing that's the implant moving into place? How are you goin with your new babies?? Feel bk to normal? :)

  10. Hey babe, not too sure on ur surgery time... But I hope it's gone good!! Can't wait to hear what's happened!! X

  11. Hey babe, ur TT looks awesome.. Where did you get it done an how much? If you don't mind me asking? I would love to get one but so worried bout the pain haha

  12. Sorry, only just saw this lol you know I don't get notifications when you write on your own wall haha not good bout ur boobies :( it will be all good after surgery.. Fingers crossed! X

  13. Hey babe, how's being bk at home?? Yesterday wasn't a great day :( I'm getting the stabbing pains, was up a lot with shopping an party (my sisters 30th) I just think I over did it :( how you feeling?? Notice much of a change yet with yours?? X

  14. Nothing beats your own bed an pillows :) i can't wait for my 1wek post op..

  15. Hi Miss Bec, FR excepted :) when did you get your BA? Hope I'm feeling better soon.. How's your recovery been going? :)

  16. Hi Molly, yeah FR excepted, where did you get your BA done?? What size? :)

  17. Yay that's so good :) new dressings must feel so good. Thanks for letting me know.. I spoke to the chick at work that had hers done there an she said its normal too.. Funny how we freak out lol are you excited to go bk home?

  18. Sweet :) good luck tomoz, at least you will get nice clean dressings.. Ohh looking forward to that :) def let me know what they say :) x

  19. I have no idea with this uploader.. Do u have an iPhone? I just made it smaller with my fingers an took a screen shot an they work, that's why it's a tiny pic around all black.. Funny maybe one flat boobie is where it's at, at the beginning ???

  20. Lol I only just seen this... I put some new pics up of how flat righty is :( your so lucky to be going tomoz, I wish I was just so I put myself out of thinking the worst haha I did get rolled out on a wheel chair, I was so out of it tho.. My hubby said the blanket they gave me the blue one with heat pads in it was still hot at 8pmish an I was Oh my god did I steal that?? He laughed an said Ahhh the guy put it in you in the car.. Hahaha embarrassing lol

  21. Of cause I had a sticky peek lol :) they look bigger then mine haha it's so had to see what they are going to look like, I feel mine are a little flat on top, I'm really hoping they round out as time goes on.. When are u doin your 1 week?? Are you doin it early to go home? Are you happy?? God I haven't been to the Zoo in ages haha my pain is the same, left side ribs, underarms an the middle if I try to sit up by myself :(

  22. How did you go ChinaDoll?? Hope your going really well! We have boobies now :)

  23. Hey babe, I know I was getting so cranky with the forum been down.. I think I have an addition :o how are you feeling? Did you get out today?? I haven't been able to put pics up yet, it won't let me :( but I will try again tomoz. :)

  24. You should be able to go into your album an do edit album there, or thro settings at the top?? Def don't want them public! I would just like to get mine up :(( lol

  25. I had Dr Ali, she is so nice :) ive tries to post pic but its not working.. Have to wait for someone that is comp litt to help lol! Time will go quick, I had 3 mths to wait an the last 4 weeks went really quick for me.. Any size in mind so far?? :)

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