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  1. I feel like I'm in the same boat at the moment.. I have a pinch, slight pull feeling under my left stitch area.. I'm hoping I pulled something at work too.. I'm so worried its my stitches internally an my implant will come out.. But I'm sure I'm just over thinking that.... Be waiting to hear what ur PS will say donatella.. god I've missed everyone on here too.. A week felt like months haha
  2. Oh you poor thing! I use to get it all the time.. At one point I thought I was bleeding from it.. But I just drank way to much cranberry drink haha I normally use Ethical Nutrients UTI tablets.. I struggled with ural every time lol hope it gets better soon, it's a B**** to have
  3. Hey babe, that is so nice to write.. I feel the exact same way! Every person I have talked to on here have helped me from scars/stitches/boob size an boobie greed!! But mostly I've never meet anyone either but funny how so many of you have made me laugh at TMI moments or drift of topic in diff threads! I am so impressed that for a all female (except Jack) lol environment, everyone are so supportive, helpful an lift each other up everyday! I would live to say a big Thank you!! As well an say if it wasn't for this forum I prob would have freaked out pre-post surgery an my Dr would have heard from me everyday haha an like Boobs to Be.. You all help so many an its a beautiful thing!! Xxxx
  4. Hi, i had my BA on Tuesday 28th too, same as Nushi. Dr Ali was so nice in the consult an I didn't have an worries when I left! I was bout 20min late on surgery day because of traffic an really bad Fog that day, but everyone were still so nice when I got there an even tho I said sorry bout 100 times, not one person made me feel bad! I went to my 1wek post op yesterday, an even tho you don't get Dr Ali for this, I got nurse Steph, so that was a funny app since we have the same name all is well an they are big an Awesome!! Feel free to FR! Have you known someone that has gone there? Or did you just hear bout them?? July is so close.. Are you excited!
  5. That's soooo good to hear babe! Just rest up before you have to leave.. An just relax over the next couple of days hope you don't stay in pain for too long x
  6. I would be a million heir if I had a dollar every time someone asked me that! I just joke an say ill have two "arm lifts" instead if a face lift haha I just can't wait for my boobies to heal, I always said once I get my boobs done I'm getting my chest piece! Ohh yeah thats right Don, if hated an judged everyone I was "insecure" of I wouldn't talk to anyone haha who cares what the next person looks like, does or love.. I wasn't put on this earth the judge..
  7. Wow, I missed so much on here.. I believe everyone are entitled to any opinion they have, but I think when your opinion is "mean" spirited its not nice.. I'm not saying anyone on here/on this thread are meaning anything that way.. But I know from experience that judging a book by its cover is not nice to the "book" i get judged everyday with my massive amount of tattoos I have.. At first I would hate that ppl, random a** ppl would just stare... Stare an talk right in front of me.. Having lunch with my mum an daughter I would see them judging me at the next table! It was so frustrating!! My tattoos are my life! Every single one is part of MY life that I love to have on me everyday.. I must admit the worst was bout 5 yrs ago before so many females were getting inked up as I was.. But I deal every single day with clients feeling like giving me their 2cents on how I will feel when I'm older... It's draining sometimes i think the chick Don put on here is amazing! Not for boobs, blonde hair or great teeth say.. For doing what she wanted to do, to even go that pain... Crap 420cc are heavy for me stuff having that weight on your chest hahaha if I had the money I would Love to look like a porn star! (A hot one tho ) its not for everyone, but for who it's for... GOOD ON THEM!! sorry for the rant
  8. i was going to say the same thing Kylz, I've been pulling mine upwards.. So much easier I have been putting mine on for hr or so for washing an a break around my sides
  9. That's sweet babe.. Just take it easy! Are they taking care of ur staying cost? Or just the surgery?? X
  10. Oh I feel the same, I miss my cuddles from my lil one she is 4 on sat, so she gets it.. But it's so hard to not cuddle every sec I'm with her
  11. Oh no babe, that's not good to hear! Min glad they want to do the right thing for you tho how long to do you have to stay down here for? I'm goin in on Wednesday for my post op app.. If your still here N your feeling ok you want to do lunch?? How's the family feel bout you coming bk? Xx
  12. That's so good i just got "that time of the month" I'll be boated for atleast another week now! an more pain its hard been a girl!!
  13. I hope that worked?? its $28 I think.. Comes in diff col.. I use that N my normal pillow for my lower bk.. The sides help to keep you wanting to roll over an it's great while on the lounge to
  14. I'm a massive side sleeper too, so it's been very hard to adjust. My hubby got me a pillow from BigW an it has saved my life!
  15. Ive been doin the same thing lol my hubby asked if I was turning lesbo cause I look at hot chicks everyday on Instagram hahaha he wishes
  16. Gee, like I needed to see that after I still feel like fatty pants hahaha
  17. Mmmmm I'm pretty lazy haha tomorrow will be Day 1!! ill leave abs for awhile tho
  18. How did I not see this post till now?? Im in!!
  19. Just caught up on here Amelia, it's so good you set goals!! Its the best thing you free yourself with money prob an set yourself up to do what you love you will have plenty of time to go out an party an then you will enjoy it an not stress on how much money you spent in a night.. An you will rock it with a great bod good luck babe
  20. Oh babe, that's not good.. So far in ur pics they look 1000 times better then mine! I feel a little sad looking at my right boob at the moment too but I know is still early an ill have to trust that they know what they are doin an everything will work themselves good! I say the same, just wait a little more an see what happens.. x
  21. Hey nessa, I live in Sydney so no travelling for me where are you travelling from?
  22. Lol I had my little one at work with me on a Saturday an she started to go thro my pic an said "this is my meow meow" to a client.. I freaked out an grabed my phone to delete my pre boob shots before she got there.. Close call haha sneaky little buggers
  23. Yep last day of May!! It's so sad to say that after waiting for this month forever!! Now just can't wait to see everyone's pic once we get to wear beautiful/sexy new bras an "skanky" dresses to show off our babies
  24. I'm exactly the same... Feel like a fatty fat head!! I'm so boated I'm still wearing pj pants haha
  25. Haha Jess, i still can't believe I have naked selfies on my fone.. Def can't leave it in the hands if my lil one lol thanks I'm hoping by 2weks ill be doing good for work.. Fingers crossed.
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