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    I had a primary rhino with Mark Doyle in 05 and BA with Zion Chan in 08. I love the results of my BA and can't recommend Dr Chan enough. I am due to go in for revision rhino with Dr Zacharia in a few weeks.

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  1. I can only reply anecdotally but I had revision rhino with Dr zacharia about two and a half years ago and am really happy with the result. I'd be wary of referring to the "Nolan Reports" which in reality are nothing but a bunch of bizarre videos made by a woman with a vendetta, definitely not credible in any sense of the word. I'm pretty sure the poster Jacquard was her in disguise, she sent me some pretty horrible messages after my surgery, I had to ask her to no longer contact me as I was quite concerned about her motives and state of mind.
  2. For my cheeks I had Voluma 1 ml either side injected about three months ago (not my first time). I wasn't too sure that the results were quite as lifting as I wanted so went back and received Sub Q on my cheekbones, again a ml either side...I love, love, love it! My nasolabial folds have definitely minimised and I have really good lift with a prominent, but natural cheekbone appearance. You may just need to play with what works for you As far as Dr vs nurse goes in the past I have always been to cosmetic Drs. In hindsight now the first one I went to kind of made a mess of things as far as my lips went, overfilling my top lip so it puffed over my lower, my top lip holds filler for AGES so it took quite awhile to resolve. When I moved to Brisbane I went to Skin Revision in Chermside and loved the Dr I saw there, she really fixed my lips and was the first to recommend checks. I moved to the states for awhile after that and saw another great Dr. Now I'm in Canberra I have been going to laser clinics Australia and have been really happy with the results, the nurses there are great and really knowledgable. My best friend is a flight attendant and always says out of everyone she knows my botox/filler is the best and most natural..and she sees a lot! I highly recommend them
  3. Just wanted to say that it's been eleven months since my revision with Dr Zacharia and I'm really happy with the results. I now have the "normal" nose I've always wanted! So much so that I'm sometimes surprised by how nice and normal it is when I see it in mirrors/photos! I also wanted to add please be careful of any posts linking to Deirdre Nolan's pages, it's all the one poster under different names. If you read all her posts it's pretty obvious who she is and why she links to Deirdre Nolan's page and videos, the woman is a crackpot who at her own admittance has never had rhinoplasty although she insinuates that she has. She even sent me a very aggressive PM based on my decision to use Dr Zacharia..
  4. I am now 5 weeks post revision rhino, most of the work was done to the tip of my nose. The swelling has dropped allot but is still very much there and is noticeable from the front. It does seem to be worse in the morning or after alcohol and I got a cold last week and the thing puffed right back up again, very frustrating! I know to expect the swelling to be around for awhile, especially as it was revision but does anyone have any tips they used to get it to go down quicker?
  5. Hi looking for revision, I have recently had my revision with Dr Zacharia. I'm. NOw 5 weeks out and still have allot of swelling which is mainly noticeable from the front, it's going down every day (came back up again today as I had a few drinks last night!) but i am happy with the result so far and know i will love it once the damn swelling goes- unfortunately swelling with revision is far for persistent then primary. happy to answer any questions
  6. I decided to go ahead with him based on his before and after photos and the fact that I was comfortable with him, I also noted that the negative comments here all come from the one person... Anyway, four weeks in and I am really happy with my results! I'd recommend him based off my experience.
  7. Thanks for your replies. My healing is going well but the swelling is really getting me down. I've had to take my photos down for a couple of reasons but will put them back up soon and am happy to email them. The only question I won't answer at this stage is my surgeon as I don't think it's fair to him until I have seen the final results, I hope you understand. Take care
  8. Had my surgery today!!! I guess this is day 0 recovery. Feel free to check out out blog for my update right now I feel/look as though I've been in a bar fight! Link is above
  9. I think your nose looks great! I'm about to get revision after almost ten years but I definitely need it, but I wouldn't say yours requires the additional time/cost/pain/risk.
  10. Hello! I'm a very active person, I weight train 5-6 days a weeks and do the same frequency of a separate session of cardio as well. My BA is under the muscle and I haven't had any issues apart from a funny shape to the lower portion of my breasts when I flex my chest, I can't think of any time I would do this without a top on though! I love my BA, they look natural and feel soft so I don't think that having them under will have a negative effect for you.
  11. Hello everyone. As part of my prep for my upcoming rhinoplasty (revision) and chin augmentation I've found one of the most helpful things is so read blogs written by others who have gone through the experience. They can be a bit hard to find so I've started one myself, if you're interested its located here: http://revisionrhinoandchin.blogspot.ae/ I welcome any comments or feedback
  12. Hi Mm, had my primary rhino done by Mark Doyle a few years ago, while he shaved the bump he didn't fix the other deformities so much so that two other cosmetic surgeons on separate occasions have commented on it. I was not consulting them about my nose one was for my BA the other lip augmentation now I'm having revision with a different surgeon in a couple of weeks. I'm not saying he is a bad surgeon there are allot of girls and guys here who have had great results with him and no one is perfect. I think the most important thing is to make sure that you are comfortable with him.
  13. Brittney we'll be going through our recovery together! My surgeon is Dr Zacharia, I had a friend who had her nose done with him and it looks amazing. There seems to be a couple of negative comments regarding him on this site but I can only find one person who was an actual patient of his who has posted a negative comment. A poster has mentioned an ACA segment on him showing unhappy patients from a few years back but the only one I can locate is of him being interviewed about a new type of foot surgery so it's all a bit confusing! I feel comfortable with him as my surgeon though.
  14. On Realself, I think that often with these types of sites people are more likely to post if they have an issue or complaint so I'm not going to be too swayed by it. I've looked at the chin implant video blogs on google and people seem to be fine and are talking a day after surgery which is positive. I will make sure I post about my experiences for any tone who is considering the surgery and have started a blog at blog spot if anyone is interested. My surgery isn't for another 2.5 weeks so its only the lead up stuff at this time. http://revisionrhinoandchin.blogspot.ae/
  15. Has anyone had rhinoplasty and/or chin augmentation with him and are you happy with our results?
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