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  1. Hi helpneededasap, I would love to help you with this but I had a face lift and eyes done I was originally going to have a neck lift as well but when I had my consultation he said it was not needed. I think a forehead lift can only be done if you have the face structure to allow it in my case I have a very high forehead and the lift would have been of no effect. I think you should do what you want to do, from the sounds of the message you are trying to achieve a lift from the lower face and neck. The doctor is only going by a photo if i am correct it will be a different story when you have your consultation he will only do what is needed. If you don't want a forehead lift ask not to have one its your face. This surgery is invasive and will require a lot of healing so if you don't need or want it don't do it I still am healing and I had my surgery 5 months ago but it was worth it. Make sure you ask a lot of questions about the procedure the recovery time and especially feedback from your doctor or staff when you are back at home. Dr Rushapol I have heard has a lot of experience with facelift and has been at PIAC for a long time. I wish you all the best with your surgery and I would love to hear how you have got on. Shirl
  2. Thanks Kat, That is fantastic that you had a great procedure and no complications. I hope others will add on to this link and recommend or not recommend ...... so our friends will be able to make a educated decision about where to go and receive a quality procedure and know they are in good hands ....based on real life experience. The key is that we want to feel good for ourselves and want to do it in the safest way possible .....recommendation by people who have been through it. Cheers Shirl ))
  3. Originally Posted by Shirleyboo Hi just want to start a forum of people who have had any facial surgery and want to share their experiences within ...the more people know about surgeries over in Thailand the better for those undertaking the surgeries and also the surgeons who are performing the ops ....please let's give it a go me first ...... I'm due for a consult in October for a facelift and upper eyelid anyone had an experience with this ..... Hi all just wanted to let everyone know that I have had my surgery which involved a face lift and upper and lower eyelid surgery at Phuket International Hospital. My surgeon was Dr Narupon. I am very pleased with the results and could not have been happier with the treatment I received while I was over in Phuket. I found them to be very professional and would not hesitate to have a procedure again in fact I would have to say that it would be the only way to do it as you are absolutely looked after in every way. My contact was Joyce from (Cosmetic Surgery in Phuket) who is the person that can arrange anything for you and looks after you down to the last detail she has home knowledge of what is and what is not available. I wanted a very natural look and I have achieved this with the skilful hands of Dr Narupon he is a charming fellow and is very dedicated to his craft. I was very lucky to have recommendation from this forum which was invaluable. I in turn would be happy to answer any questions about my procedure or about the service I received as there is nothing like first hand knowledge. good luck to everyone my experience has changed my life for the better. Shirl )))
  4. Good for you ....This will be the cherry on top ...wishing you all the best and have a ball . Life is too short
  5. Hi Cen69, Thank you so much for the detailed description, I am so sorry you got food poisoning same thing happened to me with a bad oyster last year in Thailand....not fun. I am so glad you had a good experience with Dr Narupon it makes me feel 100% less nervous about my up and coming consultation (he looks like a lovely man in his photo lol) I have heard that depression is common after surgery and I hope you are feel better in all ways. You made me giggle when you said you looked like the fat bastard off Austin powers good to see your sense of humour is intact. Please keep in contact I would like to see how you are going and the photos would be great. Take Care of Yourself xxxx
  6. Hi Cen69, hope all went well with your procedure, would really love to know how you got on with it all.....I am booked in to see Dr Narupon for same would love any info. All the best
  7. Hi Annie, Just remember why you wanted to have a procedure in the first place......this is for you and no one else, I'm sure to have done your research there is alot of recommendation for your surgeon. If this makes you feel good about yourself then it will be worth it. Remember just because you have booked a consult with a surgeon when you get there if it does not feel right don't go ahead with it .....what do you have to loose just have a well deserved holiday and do it when you are ready or not.....I'm in the same boat as you I'm going over for a facelift in October I wish you all the best take care don't listen to negative people everyone has their own opinions. Shirl
  8. HI Chilloutgail, All the best for your surgery im sure you are in the best of hands. would love to hear from you Ive heard only good things about Dr Rushapol. Talk soon.
  9. Hi KitCat and Chilloutgail, ive booked for a consult with Dr Narupon for facelift ... Neck lift and upper eye from what I have seen of his work is great. I was impressed with Dr Rushapol as well both seem to be more experienced in this field wish there was more info for face work and their experiences during and after anyway all the best would love to hear rom you bye for now Shirl
  10. That is fantastic about having the surgery Grippster let us know how you go I'm sure it will all be beautiful )
  11. Hi Leah and Grippster, Leah great to hear all is well with you and I will defianately keep you posted. Grippster it's great that we get all the information on this forum to be well prepared and make some real educated decisions as it is serious stuff and we all want the best out comes so grateful for all the info please keep posting on love to hear how you are getting on. Cheers Shirl
  12. Thanks for the information Grippster I will definitely take this on board.
  13. Hi Gripster, thanks for the post, I am in the process of booking with Dr Narupon for facelift upper eyelids .....I was glad to hear you had a good consult and found him very easy to talk to although I'm sorry you didn't get the result you wanted but all the best for your future procedures in Oz. I believe by his experience and credentials that he is experienced in face surgery and microsurgery and is also an instructor for plastic surgery so I hope I am making the right decision. Anyway thanks again
  14. Hi There, I know a lady who had facial surgery with Dr Narupon and was very pleased with the results that I have also got a quote for a similar surgery, I don't know his expertise with breast implants but his credentials are good training in a few different countries as well as microsurger. I've seen the pictures she looks great ....hope this helps
  15. Hi Gail, All the best for your up coming surgery, I am looking at having lwr face neck a hopefully upper and lower eyes in October haven't booked a Ps yet still looking but Dr Rushapol or Dr Narupon seem to have excellent skills in facial surgery. Love to hear how you get on take care . Shirl
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