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  1. Hi :) its very exciting i know. It's only 27 days to go now, i dont have any pre-op pics lol i dont know if i want to put them up, Im a very very flat A cup, like that small i don't even fill my A cup bra :mad: but I'll put some post op pic up though my surgery will be soon. and Im planning on getting 550cc high profile, hopefully I can go that big.

  2. I am 5 wks & STILL can't sleep on my side-I'm very much over sleeping on my back when I lay on my side they both hurt, it's like they don't want to move at all (under muscle brazilians) hope it changes......
  3. thanks heaps love, cant wait to be over and done with lol

  4. Thoughts with you for the next 48hrs-try & enjoy the build up :) can't wait to see your pics as a new woman xxxx #exciting!!!!

  5. Wow Grippster, big news for you. But it sounds like you kinda knew it anyway? As for telling anyone-do u have to tell them straight away, will it change heaps? Maybe hold off until it kinda becomes obvious to everyone. So glad to hear you are independent. That's where I would be screwed on my own-I have 3 kids & haven't worked/have no money! A new chapter for you, exciting & daunting I bet. I hope it all goes as smooth as possible between you through the transition. All the best & thanks for sharing-real stories help others in their real lives too
  6. All the best for tomorrow!!!!

  7. Hi aall congrats to all the newly endowed chicks im 10 days post op & boy, the upper back pain is really affecting me & I wasn't expecting it! Anyone else dealing with this?? & will it subside.... (Fingers X'd)
  8. You're today!!!! All the best, see you on the other side :):)

  9. The only thing you may find is once you have children they may change? Many of the contacts I have made on this site have pics post breast feeding& if you look at what that does to natural boobs I'm sure it will mess up your implants too. You might be up for a repair in a couple of years (if you want kids/can have kids). If you really want to travel maybe you should do that, I kinda wish I had travelled when I was younger too but now with 3 kids-I'm not going anywhere Just my thoughts-it's your life & you will do what's right in the end. All the best
  10. All the best with decision-I saw both but ended up going with Dr H however I loooved how thorough & personal Dr F was (he just couldn't squeeze me in in time & was a lot more $$) you will ultimately make the best decision :)
  11. Hi JustineJames i am 5 days out & still wearing the Dr Harwood strap but I'm wondering where this should be positioned? I have it sitting across the top of the implants. I have stopped pain killers but one boob is hurting constantly now so don't know whether to call him or remove the strap?? Of course the other is fine, soft & pain free but this one has hurt from the beginning.
  12. Only a cpl of wks Kazza, very exciting!! What size are you choosing??

  13. Oh cool, where are u staying when u go down? Did u check out any local doctors?
  14. Blondiesgirl-I've gotta get off the drugs! I feel like I've lost 4 days somewhere...... I'm not someone who usually takes medication so it's totally thrown me. I tried the Valium but tripped out on it & the others have zombie-fied me so I'm cutting back on them all (still taking anti-biotics) the boobs are ok, one side has twinges of pain but its nothing really-if you've breast fed before its like when your milk comes in, just full & tight (I was looking around for a baby to feed in my drug induced state ha ha!) im happy but def have boob greed-wish I'd gone a bit bigger cos everyday they settle a bit more & are starting to look really 'normal' & for 10grand u want a little bit more than normal but anyway I can't change anything now so I'm looking forward to getting into some dresses & them softening up yay
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