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  1. OBVIOUSLY you need to stop being 'available' every time douchlord stuffs up and sends her running to you for galpal time.
  2. BTW I gave my response above ^^ before I saw jessK's response and I'm not on anyones payroll!
  3. I haven't been to either one but I've been asking around a lot myself and the names I would go with are Cary Kailis, Stephen Chan or Mark Duncan-Smith. Kailis is a cosmetic not plastic surgeon whereas Chan is a plastic surgeon listed with the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons. They both however do LOTS of boob jobs so if it were me I'd go see both and see who I'm most comfortable with. Some people say Kailis does big 'fake' looking boobs but I seen several examples of his work and neither fit that description and were what I consider a good job. Kailis has done revision surgery for people going in to replace the PIP implants that turned out to be duds and Chan is right up there doing the most overall number-wise. I've seen the results of his work in ladies in your situation ie post children & breastfeeding who were very picky about surgeons and they went with him and the results look great. Duncan-Smith also did a boob job for a friend with big boobs but one a lot smaller than the other so that was a bit tricky to get right and it looks very convincing. Ofcourse if you ask 10 people they will give you 10 different answers but I've asked around a fair bit and seen a few just for consults re other things. Some are pricier than others, others have weird things like when you arrive at reception they take a headshot photo of you before anyone even consults with you and the work isn't going to be on your face. I may sound weird but I didn't like that (too intrusive for just an initial consult) and their attitude changed straight away to super unfriendly. Others vary in their style of surgery eg preferring to use one implaint over another, drains v no drains etc etc. So if it were me I'd make appointments with these 3 and see who you're more comfortable with. I think you can tell from their manner etc whether they are confident of giving you the result you wanted based on your body size/existing boob shape etc.
  4. Grippster I haven't done botox yet but in the meantime I try to make as few expressions as possible.
  5. Hey Grippster, Had to laugh when I just realised after posting my comment on this thread BEFORE reading yours and found that our responses were SO similar!
  6. I will probably tell ONE person in the whole wide world and thats just so if I die on the operating table or something SOMEONE knows what to do. For me its an intensely private thing especially as its so tied up with long-term fatness, poor body image etc. The last thing i want is to have to TALK ABOUT IT with anyone. On the other hand I know women who talk about it quite openly and will show off their new boobs etc to virtual strangers! Good for them. So really its down to your personality and what you're comfortable with. The fact is people DO judge even though its none of their business and they DO gossip whether you tell them things or not. I've had people gossiping about me having 'silicon' in my lips when I've never done a thing to my lips so whether things are true or false has nothing to do with it either. Do and say what YOU'RE comfortable.
  7. Its terrible that you've had this experience but from a practical point of view I would (a) forget about dealing with DB since they are just the 'middle man' and if the surgery went wrong the buck stops with the surgeon who did the surgery unless he was given the wrong information about your case etc which is unlikely since you presumably met with him/her in person BEFORE you went ahead with the surgery. As a professional its entirely up to HIM to ensure he is properly informed BEFORE he commences operating. Whats more he would be insured so there is no reason why you couldn't claim against his insurance since thats what its for, professional stuff ups. You need to check the paperwork though in case there is some kind of 'out' for non-Thai patients which I would think is unlikely since his duty of care would be the same for any surgery patient regardless of where they are from. If he's prepared to take your money to operate on you then arguably you are covered by his insurance for any botch up. And ( I've only just started ding research into Thai surgery and its obvious to me that breast reductions are not really their thing and that most surgeons would decline to operate altogether if you want more than they think they can achieve. I am therefore surprised that you did not come to the same conclusions in your own research - right from the get go when you said you wanted to go from E-cup to D-cup I thought that is too 'subtle' a change for them to be able to convincingly achieve and not worth the risk. I know it doesn't help but there's no way I'd have contemplated having full on surgery for such a minor change. It'd be easier to lose a bit of body fat to get a slight cup reduction rather than go through surgery. Anyhow I'd be going to a local Thai lawyer or the hospital medico-legal person affiliated with the hospital concerned NOT DB. I'm sure the surgeon and hospital for that matter would rather refund some money to you or offer you some sort of correction option rather than have their names dropped all over forums like this one as having done a crap job. Their business depends on it especially if they do a lot of international patients. If all that fails I would go to consumer affairs in Aust re DB assuming they are based here. The thing most likely to fix your mental health though would be to just fix your boobs locally at whatever cost especially if the other channels don't get you anywhere within say 6 mths. As long as you photograph and document the problem before you get it fixed you could still claim the cost from the Thai surgeon/hospital down the track. Pretty sure it would help your case though to give them a chance to correct it at no or minimal cost first.
  8. I'll do that and thanks for keeping your eyes peeled!
  9. thanks a bunch for taking the time to reply and yes I defo want to know how you go so best of luck! especially as I realise this kind of surgery is not as simple as your standard BA or a bit of lipo in cases where you've always been of 'normal' weight. the weight loss has been an ongoing up/down saga using all sorts of variations on the same theme we all know - eat less exercise more and for chrissakes STOP BINGEING. I realised a while back that what often made me relapse in the past was I'd lose a fair bit of weight but still feel **** when I looked in the mirror because no amount of weight or even fat loss was going to get rid of the skin that had stretched beyond its limits and the excess fat cells that grow as you put on weight. people don't realise this but when you get past a certain point the NUMBER of fat cells increases so when you lose weight you still have the excess fat cells only all of them now have less fat in them which gives you that saggy gaunt appearance. also it means your leptin levels hit rock bottom - leptin is the hormone sent out by fat cells to tell your metbolism that they're full thanks so your appetite goes down - so when leptin is low (due to losing lots of weight) your are fighting against your hormones which are telling you to eat more. This is why so many 'dieters' relapse even after massive weight loss, not because they're fat lazy slobs but because hormonally they are being pushed to eat and regain the weight. THE ONLY SOLUTIONS TO THIS ARE (a) artificial leptin supplementation which is not currently available as treatment though there have been some 'clinical trials' in recent years and/or ( surgery to remove not only skin but excess fat cells and the tissue that goes with it. I've been researching this stuff extensively and there is no question in my mind that this sort of surgery is necessary NOT JUST for the obvious cosmetic reasons but to MAINTAIN the weight loss. However you go about losing weight though the bottom line is any method will work so long as you are CONSISTENT about it, ie stick with it until you reach your goal. Thanks again for the replies I didn't really think there'd be anyone out there with similar issues. If there is one message I would want to get out there to other people its that getting fat should be avoided like the plague because obesity ravages the body in ways that CANNOT be reversed with simple 'diet and exercise'. I'm not talking about a bit of chubbiness either I mean weight that is 20-30gk+ over normal.
  10. After a lifetime of weight issues am finally close to goal weight and can see I am going to need serious surgery to get rid of excess skin etc. Am seriously thinking about doing it in Thailand not only for $ reasons but also privacy plus I figure I could just as easily die in surgery whether its overseas or local. Since I will need more than one op the cost would be over the top if I did it locally. I'm talking boob lift & augmentation, brachioplasty, abdominoplasty, thigh lift. No idea whether a full on body-lift might be necessary instead of just the abdominoplasty. Anyhow just wondering if anyone's had this combo of ops in Thailand or any of them following serious weight loss? Am petrified of a bad result, no idea where to go but on the other hand would frankly rather be dead than go on as I am. Thanks in advance for whatever info anyone can share.
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