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    I've had my terbinates reduced and a septoplasty.
    I'm here to find out information about rhinoplasty.
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  1. I've had a bad nose (appearance and breathing wise) my whole life. I've had a terbinectomy (I don't even know how to spell it haha) and a septoplasty by a local ENT. In late 2013 I saw Dr Andrew Greensmith who made me very excited, but also took away any hope I had of having my nose fixed by quoting me a house deposit basically. In 2014 I saw Dr Flood who said my nose was too complex for him to fix as I have a deviated septum and I already have scar tissue from past operations. Next week I am seeing Dr Tony Holmes, and I'm wondering if anyone has any reviews/stories/opinions or anything on him? My nose apparently is quite hard to fix and I'm really worried I'm going to get quoted another ginormous figure that I'll never be able to afford
  2. Hi everyone, I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me! I'm 18 and am planning on getting a Rhinoplasty to make my nose smaller and hopefully help me to breathe better. I've already had a Septoplasty and Terbinectomy when I was 16. I've had private health insurance for a few months now, but because I've never had it before I don't really understand exactly how it works and how much I will be out of pocket? I'd love some advice and personal experiences on cost and surgeons. Thank you! Mikkays.
  3. I'm 18, I've had trouble breathing through my nose for years. I went to a local ENT and had my terbinates reduced, and then 9 months later he suggested I also have a septoplasty (neither helped). So now I'm stuck with a huge nose that doesn't even work I'd appreciate any help about costs, personal stories, surgeons, how long the whole process took, results.. I don't have private health insurance, to be honest I don't really understand what type of cover I need. I'm totally lost and I don't have anywhere to start. I'm keen to get this process started so any help would be truly appreciated!
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