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  1. Decided it was worth spending extra to get a good result
  2. Hi Everyone Is anyone going to be travelling to Phuket in these times? I am travelling alone and would love to catch up with others whilst there. Please contact me if you will be there Trisha
  3. Personally I wouldn't touch destination beauty because when something goes wrong they wont respond to your emails, as for fly back cover its a waste of money cause they wont return your calls or emails.
  4. Emily please don't use that doctor he has made a huge mess of at least 3 ladies, 1 of them just had life saving corrective surgery. If you add me on fb trisha st James I will add you to forum so you can see what he has done
  5. I really ally hope they do the right thing but I doubt it, the doctor lies to cover his tracks I know of quite a few ladies that are dealing with hospitals right now about botched surgery done by him. i hope to save others having their dreams shattered by him
  6. Dr Pichit Siriwan operating from Samitivej hospital and BNH Hospital. terrible experience with this doctor, hospital and booking agent. after losing 52 kilos I decided to go ahead and get loose skin removed, I booked with Dr Pichit and worked 2 jobs for 8 months to pay for back lift, thigh and calf lift. in consult the doctor said it won't be perfect but there will be a definite improvement in the areas. Firstly after I was put to sleep I was actually awake whilst the doctor started the surgery, I was able to feel burning sensation on my back. upon waking up I looked at my calf and didn't see an improvement but thought it may look better once stitches came out. final consult stitches removed and I shook my leg and it was exactly the same except I now had a huge scar, I said to doctor that it was the same. He came back quickly saying it was swelling and he is unable to remove skin from front of leg. i burst into tears and walked out with him signing me off ok to go home. As I walked to toilet I felt wet on the back of my dress and when I lifted it there was fluid squirting. Out of my drain sites. ( that's not normal ). I go back in they panic and then although they said I was fine they proceed to steri strip everything and then push me out the door. inwent straight to destination beauty office crying telling them how disappointed I am and they promise they will support me until it's sorted so I fly home. when I arrived home I was a mess my wounds opened up making scarring twice as thick and I develop and infection and a seroma. my doctor writes a letter for me stating that the infections in my leg have been caused by Dr Pichit used non dissolvable stitches where they should have been the dissolvable type. I had these stitches removed as I lay there screaming in pain. my rep for destination beauty was the totally useless WA who contacted Dr Pichit once where he completely lied and said he told me in the consult there would be no change with the calf lift, he reckons I wanted to do it knowing there would be no improvement ( what a joke no change for $4000) i at that stage I have never had any other response from Destination Beauty even though I have emailed them a least 10 times including the CEO of the company and still nothing. fibally I forward all my letters to Samitivej hospital hoping they might do the right thing. I only request my money back for the calf lift, they mess around for weeks and even gave me a formal apology. Today they finalise it by saying sorry we can't help you any further, feel free to come for a consult. I live in Perth not Thailand so basically they wipe their hands of me also. $10500 later I look like a ******* has taken a carving knife to my body and I am supposed. To be happy. please ladies if you choose this surgeon please be careful he is a liar and will never accept any responsibility for his work. i am not the only unhappy person with there there is a lot of others. I truly hope nobody else has their dreams shattered by this apparent plastic surgeon.
  7. Hi Kristena pm me your name I will have to add you as a friend first
  8. Hi Kristena i have used him not for ba , but other surgery, I can't recommend him a lot of terrible feedback over last 3 month
  9. I would do a lot more research I just used him and I can give you some feedback but it won't be positive
  10. Yes they still haven't responded to me after 3 weeks. I will be posting on every plastic surgery website so people know exactly what they are like !!!
  11. That's true that's why I emailed piac and dr rushpool I can't go through this again but while I was in Bangkok seen a few ladies with facelifts that were pretty ecstatic about their results. I wasn't smart enough to get their emails though , I want to know how they feel in 6 months . faces are very important and I almost got it done while I was their and I just thank my lucky stars that I didn't let him do that as we'll
  12. Just looking around ATM still getting over bad surgery I just had
  13. Surgeon fee in Perth $10k private health would cover a big chunk of hospital and anethetist
  14. Hi I have had a quote from him , very very pricey I think with my private health I could stay in australia and do it for same price. I think all up quote was $12,500.00 from him. Though he wants to do a lot more than I actually want. I'm only 44 and he wants to do forehead as well which I don't think I need. looking for other options to see what else is around
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