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  1. Grab some biotene. Meds made my mouth so dry. I didn't experience much pain. Just had to remember not to over do it despite lack of pain!
  2. I am 167cm 70kgs and went with 420cc. VERY happy with size!
  3. Dry Mouth! Erghhhh I could drink 4 litres and still feel like my mouth was utterly dry from meds!
  4. I had pain for about 30 secs, but once that wore off it was ok. I am 2.5 weeks post op and waking with no discomfort or pain now.
  5. There was no pain at all actually! Swelling has pretty much gone down. I am almost 3 weeks post op! 3 weeks and then i can start shopping! I am loving the results so far! I am sleeping on my back and without any discomfort! Finally getting used to having boobs too!
  6. Mainly brown. Some red but I did notice after a shower. Its not hot and I don't have a fever. It feels fine.
  7. I should add that there really isn't too much pain in the breast, just more swollen than the other but it has been since the op.
  8. Ok, so I just noticed one of my breasts has a blood stained dressing along the incision (anchor) line - I am worried now! I can't call Dr dona's office until tomorrow. Is this common? Help :/
  9. I've found sleeping on the couch better than bed. I was worried I'd roll over as I am usually a stomach sleeper. Mornings have been fine for me so far.
  10. Hey hey, definitely resting up! Just had my first shower post op! My god they looked scary but I know this is all swelling. The pain has been extremely bearable so far but they rang to check in on me and said tomorrow is usually when girls experience the most pain - so not looking forward to day 3! Hopefully it's not too bad! For those asking, I went with 420cc round nagor implants. I also had the lift so I have a minor anchor scar (as I lost a lot of breast tissue through weightloss). Guess the most frustrating thing is not being able to do much - I am usually a self sufficient on the go type person so cannot wait to get back to normal!
  11. Hey guys, Today I had a lift and implants at tci with Dr Dona. I got there about 10:30 but wasn't taken in to pre op until 12:30. Silly me was watching cooking shows while fasting! 12:30 I got sent to my own little private room. I then saw a nurse, anesthesiologist and Dr dona. By 1pm I was in operating theatre. One minute I was chit chatting to nurses about the boyz 2 men in the room and next I was awake in recovery. Once I woke a nurse gave me water and a lollipop and got to rest some more. Finally got to go home about five. Definitely feeling swollen but with painkillers its not all that painful. Feeling sleepy right now. Can't wait to see the end result Staff were all so helpful and friendly at tci. Couldn't have asked for better. Will update as the recovery continues!
  12. Thanks for the well wishes btw!!!
  13. Unfortunately it's hasn't been the best once I was referred to Dr Dona from Dr Tang but all is sorted and well and I am going in today at 10:30 today!!!
  14. My surgery is tomorrow. Given their not a hospital I was told they would call Friday. Friday afternoonI still had no information. Until I posted on fb!
  15. I was sent some info but wasn't given an admission time which was more my concern. After posting on the FB page of TCI they finally called.
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