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    BA 400cc round high profile, under the muscle, crease incision.
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    Dr Thanakom, 11 May 2014
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    cooking, bodybuilding, hiking, music, reading.

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  1. Dr Visnu is an amazing surgeon I have had 2 close friends go through him and he did an amazing job they just had straight BA's
  2. Hi Ruby I would love to send you through a friends request, I have Dr Thanakom and my surgery is on the 12th Of may yay getting closer, I would love to hear your thoughts and see progress pic's.
  3. I'm happy to meet also, I can't wait I'm paying my final total amount today so look out boobies here I come...
  4. Best of Luck sending through a friends request would love to follow your progress, HURRY UP MAY I WANT BOOBIES NOW.......
  5. honey, first you need to turn off the news, take some time out and think of all the great flying experiences you have had....
  6. Wonderful new's I hope you are recovering well.
  7. I am actually coming over as part of a group tour, there will be 4 of us to start with then a few other girls are coming at a later date, this will be my first time in Thailand.
  8. Hi Jaycee I am also staying at the Patong Merlin Resort I check in on the 11th May.
  9. I am going on a group tour in May to Phuket and it wouldn't worry me if a male came along. Good luck
  10. Hi how are you going now with your post op? did you end up hearing from Dr Thanakom in regards to your concerns.
  11. Hi I am having a BA on the 12 of May with Dr Thanakom at PIAC, I am so excited it's actually doing my head in lol.
  12. Hi everyone, I am wanting to purchase a post surgery compression bra so I have a spare up my sleeve, But I don't know what to buy or even what size I am currently 10-12 A and will be having Mentor Round HP 375-400cc implants sub muscular. Does anyone have any recommendations. Cheers.
  13. Hi I would love to send you a FR I also did the Maxine"s challenge last year nd am getting BA in may hopefully I will be healed enough for this years comp.
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