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    Breast Augmentation - Dr Zion Chan 11th July 2013
    B cup to E cup
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    Dr Zion Chan Darlinghurst Sydney 11th July 2013 <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/">
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  1. I wore the add 2 cups bras & rice sizers for about a month as well It was great to get used to the size & how I could dress them. .So no one at work has even noticed as the implant size I got was pretty much bang on the rice sizers and add 2 cups bra - its just now I wear pretty lace bras with no padding. Im a similar size to you (a little smaller) what size are you going? Remember implants also disappear easily in clothes so its not hard to cover them up. Plus they are lighter than the rice sizers thank god lol
  2. I found it almost impossible to buy bikinis from the surf shop. If I found one it had to be a size 14 but then I couldn't get the bandeau style as the band would be too wide / loose and It had to be a tie up back, Then the tie up neck was hurting me etc So then I went into the seafolly store and they have heaps of beautiful styles in a range of shapes that fit perfect. I ended up with 3 ! a shame its now winter here though lol but they are a million times more comfortable and better quality.
  3. I think we were all one of those "insecure" girls at some point in time. It is reality that guys like tits more than anything in the world lol I realised this when one of my closest guy friend who had never had a shortage of girls chose to date a rude, lazy, unattractive girl but none of that mattered as she had the best set of fake tits. This was a wake up call to me. God dam it I wanted awesome tits too! I was always so envious of girls with awesome fake boobs but now I am happy to be one of them.
  4. Well its been 10 months since I got my fake titties - they have been the best thing I ever did and im so stoked with them. Have had a few things I'd mention I have suffered since getting them ; 24 hour boobs - My man wants to play with them all the time lol Still after this long the novelty has not worn off so its often he gets home from work and wants to play with them at 2am which results in my next point being ... lack of sleep - always tired from up banging on at all hours of the night publc fondling - as soon as people find out your tit are fake they immediately touch them and lastly Be prepared for stalkers - have blocked so many people from facebook that have been private messaging me commenting on my rack. I mean like not just friendly chit chat but like woah back off im in a relationship & its inappropriate. And some of my boyfriends friends can no longer talk to me without staring down my top. Definately not complaining about the extra attention during sex with my man & the confidence I had when sunbaking & swimming on the gold coast all last week. Tits n tatts forever xx
  5. Im finding the opposite. I love dressing mine. And the funny thing is they look even bigger in high round neck tops rather than low cut which I think is great so I don't walk around looking tarty. I find that even in dresses my 450's disappear very easily ! WIshing they were even bigger lol
  6. Just wanted to say I think its great your husband is being supportive !!! Plus he will LOVE them - I can't keep my boyfriend away from mine since getting them last july & the more they settle the more he likes them lol Its great when you walk out in a nice bra and see his jaw drop lol
  7. Its so easy these days to keep spending spending spending. I am asset rich (Paying 4 house mortgages & 2 car loans on my own) and therefore I basically have no spare cash. Especially when bills rates, water, insurance etc come in. You really do need to be strict. I am a self confessed shopaholic ( to an extent) so I have cancelled my internet banking & iphone app as its way to easy to transfer funds for things that aren;t essential. I also cancelled ebay, ozsales, deals direct etc apps off my phone as it was to easy to buy things on the sales. I also do my groceries online during my lunch break so I can check the specials, not buy spur of the moment things & assess the total of the cart before checking out to make sure its within budget. I have a separate account with a different bank and its linked to the only keycard I have and I only allow myself $425 a week. That has to cover bills, groceries, leisure, shopping entertainment, dog food, presents, house cleaner, beauty etc. Do a budget up that suits your needs and set up your banking and transfers to help you stick to it. Credit cards can be tempting too. I reduced my limit to just $500 for emergency only (usually an emergency shoe sale) lol I also empty all the gold change out of my wallet everyday and put it in my moneybox. When its full I spend half on a nice dinner out & bank the other half into my xmas account. Take your lunch to work as its healthier anyway. A few times a year I have a wardrobe (or should I be honest & say 3 wardrobes) clean out & sell my clothes on ebay or take to a market stall. I usually make a few hundred dollars. Don't go out drinking, don't gamble. Set goals with small rewards along the way. I also set u p separate accounts with small deposits of $20-50 in them for holidays, major purchases, tax, xmas, which helps gradually save towards thing.I must add that I have no children and my partner and I keep our finances separate and split all household expenses 50/50 which seem to work well for us.Work out what work best for you, talk to your partner, your bank manager, your accountant etc and work towards the goals that you want to achieve.
  8. I washed & blow dried my hair the night before surgery & then wore a shower cap for 3 days & then on the 4th day after got my bf to drive me to the hairdresser where I got a wash blow dry & manicure. I felt great after that. Just keep your hair in a pony tail or plait as its not likely you will be going anywhere for the first few days.
  9. The mini Nicabate lozenges are really good. I quit on them 3 years ago and haven't had a cigarette since. Also my sister sells & supplies the nicotine free vapor. These are apparently very popular now days as they are socially accepted. I also found listening to a quit smoking hypnosis DVD every couple of days for the first few weeks which made me take the time to reinforce my decision to quit & the reasons why. Plus I'd snack on nuts & grapes all the time to keep my hands busy.
  10. My mum shops at cue & kookai. She says they are good quality & great value.
  11. If your a little stagnant maybe its best to see a naturopath or kinesiologist. Maybe you have other bugs, parasites, allergies etc that could be contributing to things such as bloating, thyroid, low immune system, storing fat etc that you need to get on track. I was so bloated before no matter what I ate even if it was lettuce leaves & couldn't lose my last 3kg but 6 months later im feeling heaps better thanks to some natural supplements in which my body was lacking after overdoing it & getting run down.
  12. I love all the new clean eating recipes that are available these days & so many yummy things in the health section of the supermarket. Coconut oil, Chia Pods, Juice/Salad/Yoghurt Bars, Dates stuffed with walnuts, gluten free products not to mention avocados, limes, mango and all those delicious healthy foods.. It makes being healthy a pleasure and the more you do it the less you have cravings and feel like any junk. I found michelle bridges recipes delicious! But pinterest, facebook etc all have tons of great recipes & ideas.
  13. 3-5 day juicing cleanse at the beginning of every season and a really good quality daily pro-biotic prescribed by a naturopath to assists with bloating & bugs in the gut etc. Also a glass of warm water with lemon every morning before breakfast. Eat tea before 6pm. Loads & loads of green veges.
  14. I think give the guy more credit. Its great that he wants to be open with you and talk about it. You have to be sure about these life long commitments & I think its cute that he is talking to you about it. Maybe he is saving his money for other assets like house deposits, cars, renovations, overseas trips, major items required at home - its a good thing to have stability and cash equity.. But I guess if he has $1,000,000 in the bank and can't splash out $10k on a pretty diamond for his favourite Gal then his balls may need busting lol. Keep the communication open and think of it all as positive steps towards your future. together.
  15. Though in saying that, I wouldn't hesitate to buy more expensive & longer lasting stuff like essential wardrobe items or work clothes that are going to be a long term investment. But for daily fashion & trends this stuff is really amazing and they have new stock everyday, a great return policy and fast postage. I bought a dress for a wedding 3 weeks ago & on the Monday following had 7 texts from girls asking where I had purchased it. They are definitely on the ball with the online business.
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