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  1. Hi Sarah FR accepted. Please feel free to check out my pics & ask any question :)

  2. I look forward to following your BA Journey. FR accepted. When & where are you booked in for ?

  3. Good luck with your 400's they are going to look amazing best wishes for a speedy recovery xxx

  4. Sure give me a bit til I get on my typing long stuff from my iPhone shits me & I have a lot to say

  5. Serious no ssecret left home at 16 worked full time til 18 in Sydney. 18 -30 married, ran own business, made tones of $$$ brought up step son, worked 80 hours a week binge drank alot, smoked had an affair had a nervous breakdown & adrenal fatigue which related to lots of immune problems. 30 til present changed jobs, got health on track, rebuilt life, moved house, finalised divorced, got boobs done bought new house with love of life, regular kinesiology trearment & just starting next chapter (childless) lol happy & healthy as a pig in **** & about time too :)

  6. No kids hahahaSeriously I don't look that young

  7. Hi itty bitty just saw your stats & sent you a fr. im 2 weeks post op & wondering how much yours changed over the first few months ? i had 450s & hoping for a 10e :)

  8. I'm excited for you :)

  9. How are you feeling for Thursday ? dont be nervous or get worked up - it's a breeze & be prepared for your recovery so you can relax for a week or two xx good luck

  10. Hi there I used dr Zion chan in darlinghurst so did my sister. Totally amazing and both do happy standard BA is $8500 check out his website And I'm only a week out , was so petrified of the experience and it was a breeze. Check out my pics and let me know what you think.

  11. Hi Donatella - I love you lol. Firstly I already have booby greed with my 450s and im only 45kg / 152cm lol Secondly thanks for all the advise in preparation for my op. and lastly im so glad I went 450, I like how they look now but over the next 3 months when they drop and fluff and the shape & cleavage improves im sure im going to love them. Surgery was a breeze & recovery pain a 3/10 but far out you could have warned me more about the 10/10 pain when trying to get up lol. Hope things are progressing well with your date & thanks again for making me go the 450s or I would have regretted it :) loooooove my boobs xx

  12. Really, that's super exciting ! im really happy now so getting even better is a great thing!!!

  13. How are you honey?

  14. What do you think of my size?

  15. Diamonds not long now i have heaps of tips I want to share with you. But It's hard typing on my iPhone but if your keen to talk pm me your number & I'd be happy to have a chat !! Katems xx

  16. Diamonds that's a bummer - what are you & what was your goal ,??? boobs are so amazing i love them!!! an questions ask away

  17. Diamonds what's the go :)

  18. Hi ssweets feeling pretty amazing lucky to have my mum with me 24/7 to help out. Have put a few pics up but it's hard from my iPhone. Once I get back on my computer I'll Type out my story& put up some more pics. Procedure was a breeze & so far recovery so far so good! How are you?

  19. Thanks Amelia, after seeing your pics I need to pay attention to you meal plan thread !! I'm still deciding on size - it's so hard to pick. I can go the 435's but I'm only 152cm & 46kg and I want to be a dd and disguise them if needed.

  20. Hi Amelia your photos are absolutely amazing - thanks for sharing. I just wanted to ask if you were happy with your size of would you have gone bigger if you could have? Thx :)

  21. Its officially been one week since your new boobies - how are you feeling? I just saw you have created an album so im holding my breath with excitement to see your new girls. How are you feeling about the 360XHP's ? Mine on Thursday eeeeek 2 sleeps to go. Still can't decide between the 400s & 450s lol. Hope your pain hasn't been to bad. And that you got through the first week ok xxxxxxx

  22. Thats exciting for you too then - that gives you a good few months to put maybe $100 a week or something aside ! What is your height & weight? My sister got the 375cc High Profile and they look really good (she is petite 152cm& about 42kg). What profile were you looking at? Im getting unders.

  23. HI Tayo FR Accepted. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I still cant decide. Its doing my head in lol I guess I thought the surgeon was going to say 350-400cc was the biggest I could go (based on the fact im 152cm tall & 45kg) anyway he has said I can go 375,400 or 450cc EXTRA high profile. I guess I was kinda hoping to go 400cc but now that 450cc has been thrown into the equation I just cant decide. I don't want to be bigger than a DD I don't want them to make me lose my pettiness but all the girls reckon you get booby greed & wish you went bigger. But seriously how much bigger lol Lots of girls my size only get between 280-380cc. Check out all my pics if you like - yep only 3 more sleeps. So whats your story ? :)

  24. Hey Bex - Im just 3 days out now & still can't decide on size between the 400cc & 450cc What brand implants did you get (I find the dimensions between brands changes quite drastically) and is there any chance you could maybe post some pics since the old ones aren't viewable with the technical glitches. I no your not on here much anymore so no prob if you can't - just thought id ask.

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