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    Breast Augmentation - Dr Zion Chan 11th July 2013
    B cup to E cup
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    Dr Zion Chan Darlinghurst Sydney 11th July 2013 <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/">
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    152cm 47kg 10b

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  1. Hi katems22 after talking to my hair dressers who's had her boobs done and my cosmetic nurse today I'm thinking off going the XHP 500cc I was so confused but this is we're I'm at... XHP laying down in a bikini ill get more boob rather than going pancake with the hp but the main reason was shopping if I go a size 570cc xhp that might be nice naked but I do want to enjoy clothes shopping and going to big being a size 8-10 might be hard as clothes won't fit right and I don't want to have this problem every time I go shopping or looking for bras.. What made u think of XHP rather than hp ?