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    Breast Augmentation - Dr Zion Chan 11th July 2013
    B cup to E cup
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    Dr Zion Chan Darlinghurst Sydney 11th July 2013 <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/">
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    152cm 47kg 10b

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  1. 10 sleeps!!! That's gone so fast! I bet you're very excited hahaha! Once the day comes it goes so fast. I got 400cc HP. Not sure how different the XHP is. I am 175cm tall I have wide hips & shoulders but a really small chest width so the 400 is all the fits. If ur wide enough on your chest I think 450cc would be good. I would've gone bigger if I could fit it - but in saying that my boobs have been "growing" every day & they're moving & changing heaps so its hard to tell. 400 isn't anywhere near as big as I thought it would be. Haven't been sick anymore which has been great and I have stopped taking pain meds regularly. I go back to work tomorrow (exactly one week after the day of my surgery). I feel like ill be fine. I'm just going to take my nurofen and panadol to work in case I need it. My shoulders/neck hurt more than anything - must be from sleeping upright & from carrying around these boobs in this bra haha. So get a heat wheat pack thing it has been my saving grace ;)