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    Breast Augmentation - Dr Zion Chan 11th July 2013
    B cup to E cup
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    Dr Zion Chan Darlinghurst Sydney 11th July 2013 <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/">
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    152cm 47kg 10b

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  1. No worries :) 435 will be easily disguisible I recon if u start with an a-b. mine aren't very big in implant terms & when I where a work blouse ud never ever know. I even had a friends mum tell me not to loose too much weight or my boobs will go & I've got a lovely feminine figure I'm like lol they aren't going anywhere I paid for them. I wanted exactly what u want pre-op & got this but it's hard to say if ull be affected by booby greed too ;), my bf likes them as he doesn't think I'm all boobs but I could also be happy with 435 too but 380 fits my shape well i think . they are like a skinny girl with a decent Rack but not large boobs in general if that makes sense. I'm 164cm size 6

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