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  1. Myssie yours are taking forever, hurry up and get them now lol
  2. Oh yeah my bf was away for the first 10 days so it really makes it 3 times in 4 days for me. I was so off my face that first week. Lol
  3. Omg 3 times In 7 days hehe i been 3 times in 14 days but you take the cake
  4. Thanks girls , I almost bought all 8 but just went with 3 as once I hit the 3 month mark when they soften up I'm hoping to go for something more sexy. But yes they are the complete comfort ones & they are so comfy. I have the playboy bras in 10c,d & e my boobs are too hard & tender to work out what I'll be just yet but holding them up I reckon a 10dd (but hopefully the e) im really loving this watermelon complete comfort bra for the moment though - being underwire at only 2 weeks I thought it would hurt but comfy as ! im just glad I didn't have to get a beige grandma type olf fashioned sports bra lLola d stoked with being a perfect e
  5. Ok so just went to bnt as I had 2 get fitted with my first 2 week underwire support bra. the other day the lady told me I was going to be a 10d and I was upset but when she fitted me with it I was a perfect 10e im stoked they were $50 each & came in 8 colours from watermelon leopard black white pink etc etc So comfy I wore it out of the shop. My life is complete I love my boobs
  6. Don't worry I've gone above that & organised a group name & sexy logo called pink diamonds for lanyards !! check out my pics
  7. I know I started one for hooters but need to start a new one now. Will do tonight diamonds did you see our logo check out my albums i love it !!
  8. Hoping they won't be daggy beige granny ones lol
  9. Yep just called & checked have to go buy a full supportive & good fitting underwire bra! hope I don't have to get an ugly one - which shop (bendon, cotton on, myer, djs or bnt) do you reckon would have the nicest looking ones ? I don't care how much it costs I only have to buy one or two ! (Well happy to pay around $80 each if they are nice)
  10. We now have our logo Check it out my pink diamonds we are now official
  11. It's 10 mins away if that only booked that time as that is what time the lunch sitting is from at the hurricane but there of plenty of places we could go for a coffee or cocktail after that if anyone is keen !!
  12. Good luck for you & I'm sure you'll breeze through it & be in & out in no time. Best wishes
  13. How far away are you & have you got someone that could drive your so you can have a meal & stay an hour without over going it
  14. Exciting !! Countdown will go quick
  15. Hi itty bitty just saw your stats & sent you a fr. im 2 weeks post op & wondering how much yours changed over the first few months ? i had 450s & hoping for a 10e :)

  16. It's darling harbour on the 24th Elle & did you tell your husband (saw your post about what you learnt tonight) that your now a pink diamond xx not long to go now, I'm so excited for you
  17. Omg yay diamonds your coming xxx pink diamond that Is
  18. Also have you tried wearing the rice sizers around in different sizes with different clothes & different bras to get an idea of how quick they disappear in clothes ? i Am so glad I listened to everyone on here & went bigger - wish I went even bigger again lol
  19. I'm only 2 weeks post op & just got tentatively measured as a 8dd/10d they feel to small & I hope they d&f at least a FULL size bigger. Although whether that 10d refers to playboy or bendon as it seems the two are quite different in size (but everyone knows I like the playboy better) so my aim was to be a full 10dd making me an 10e in playboy as they are a small make but it looks like I am only going to be a 10d or dd but still only early days but praying for my full playboy 10e's after d&f d cup seriously isn't big !! I'm tiny and only reason I wanted to be as big as an e is so it was easy to buy nice bras lol not because I didn't want them bigger my sister was 153cm tall & was an a cup, she wanted a full c/ small d which she got but now still wears push up bras as feels they aren't big enough. See what your surgeon recommends & go the biggest you can lol
  20. I lost 10kg on Michelle Bridges - food is amazing & learnt do much about cooking, eating & what I now stock in my cupboards. Best thing I ever did & all meals were easy & delicious i also frequently do 72 hour juicing cleanses - always loose 2-3 kg & feel great xx
  21. I'll definately be calling them tomorrow to confirm this - as I had no drains or post of bras / surgical bras with the fast recovery technique maybe this is the case - I'd be happy with the aah bra for a few weeks though
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