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    Breast Augmentation, Brazillian Teardrop XHP 390cc Over Muscle
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    Dr Harwood 5 April 2013
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    164cm, 75kg, 12c before, 14F after
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  1. Definitely would recommend Dr Harwood to anybody. I sm almost 12 months post op and was promised c-d cup and ended up ff! They look totally awesome and natural and he is so caring
  2. I too have Brazilians and am 4 months post op. in the last 6 or so weeks they have dropped a great deal and they are squishy and soft. you will no doubt go up size or two (only through my own experience) I was told I would be c-d cup. I am wearing F cup through bras n things and they are only just filling into the cups of the playboy bras. Love it. Be patient. They will drop n fluff all in good time. xx
  3. I agree you are gorgeous and this dress is sooo classy. You look amazing.
  4. You could def go bigger with your height. I am same height but heavier and I went 390 and they are perfect size. Have you tried any of the bigger sizes to see how it will look?
  5. Well ive been on antibiotics for pretty much the last 5 or so weeks but the thing is I don't have infections! that is the most frustrating part! Just very sensitive skin. One thing I have been doing actually that my husband suggested is putting a panty liner/thick overnight pad on the stitches (the outside just sticks to my crop top) which keeps me dry during the day and actually seems to draw the fluid out (just like having your period but through your breast lol). Please keep in touch and let me know. I am going back in next Thursday to see ps again but him and I txt few times a week to keep him updated.
  6. Wow still growing at 8 months cant wait then as I have the teardrops as well. I am about to upload some photos tonight as I want to see if anybody can tell the difference between 5 week post op on my left and almost 4month post op on right hand. Hope the difference is not too noticeable. I think the ladies at BNT are fantastic and I went to two different stores and they both measured me the same size.
  7. Hey Grippster I am so sorry to hear about your delima. I am in the same position as you. My reimplant starting leaking 10 days post op for few days and now 5 weeks later I have started leaking again from same stitch and if that wasn't enough just got out of shower tonight and have started leaking from the opposite end of stitches. Also like you my skin doesn't like the dressings and am red raw. Has your PS taken any swabs to see for infection etc? How long will he keep it going until he does something else about it? Thinking of you...xx
  8. Well said. And this is why as much as I love to reply to every post as I love reading them but I personally do not know nearly as much as a lot of you ladies on this forum as I went into this surgery blind and ended up paying for it big time! I am however happy to put my 2 cents in if its something I can relate to or have experienced. I do however love having the off topic discussions about partners, work and general.
  9. Hi darl both my girlfriend and I consulted with dr Harwood and have both been very happy with him. He might be worth a second consult?
  10. Hi RJ I have xhp and def have side boob. Good luck for Thursday and cant wait for details and photos. xx
  11. That sounds like a great day. You in the snow whereas in Qld I was sitting by the ocean eating fish n chips.
  12. Count me in. Either day suits can't wait to meet everybody.
  13. Morning boob omg imagine waking up with bricks on your chest and trying to sit up without dropping them. Lucky it doesn't last too long
  14. How exciting you got more than you paid gor lol and your only six weeks. Do you think you will go up one more?
  15. congrats on your new boobies xx, I agree with other ladies one week without shower sounds a bit extreme. I would recheck with them. Good luck with your recovery. xx
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