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    Breast Augumentation with Dr Teerasit! 4th August 2013 :) Looking at going for 400cc - 450cc!
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    Dr Teerasit 4th August 2013
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  1. Hi - I am pretty much the same stats as you- 44kg anf 5"4. I have my BA on 17/07. Hope you dont mind if I send you an FR x

  2. hey hun, hope you dont mind the FR, would love to see your progess. My ba is on the 24th of oct x

  3. All the best can't wait for your story! Keep up the meds! In my opinion first 3 days are worst and then you'll only feel amazing! Thinking of you and hope you're comfortable! xx
  4. Haha I found my sizers looked soo redic! It's so hard to get them to sit right! 350 seems like a lovely size
  5. I just bought some very loose easy to put on clothes. They don't recommend any pull-overs, so I'd bring a loose dress or something that you can easily put your legs in and easily pull it up. I'd recommend bringing flip-flops as well as it could hurt you to tie up any shoelaces. I brought something small to eat as well, as I was not sure i'd want to eat the hospital food and thought i might get hungry after surgery. All the best with surgery!
  6. I had my surgery there and oh my god, no joke, the best hospital and staff ever.... They are so caring and kind and very welcoming. My partner came with me and he felt so welcome as well. Honestly, I could not fault them at all! The rooms there are amazing and like your own studio apartment, the staff are sooo sweet and willing to help at all times, you have a remote control that controls EVERYTHING in the room! haha loved it. As for TV channels you get Sky which includes English channels! And it's VERY clean! Don't let the outside of the hospital put you off, wait til you get to emergency and they take you to your room... you'll be very happy and relaxed xx But honestly, highly recommend them.. you're in AMAZING hands. I'm also a legit spokesperson, lol, as you can probably tell from the amount of posts i've made, so I'm all truth and no BS
  7. I love it! You're gonna look stunning, and red will look incredible xx
  8. How're they going for you now? Try not to worry too much, i know it's so hard to be patient, i just want mine to drop already! P.S I'm so jealous of your cleavage gap... Wish mine were that close! xx
  9. I went from a 10B and got 400cc. It's still very early days but I'll def be a D or DD Keep in mind I'm also short and petite. I think I look how I used to in my pushup bra's I used to wear, maybe just a tad bigger. If I do turn out a DD, I can honestly say at the moment they wouldn't look like DD's and can often look smaller than what the size actually is x
  10. Hey hun there's some good youtube vids that show you show. Basically you just buy some stockings, cut the foot part off them and add in the amount of rice that you're thinking of going. For example, if you want 400cc, add 400 mls of rice into your stocking. Then just tie the stocking into a knot and there you go! Keep in mind that you may lose size if going under the muscle, so you may want to increase the amount of rice slightly so that you get a more accurate look. I'm not exactly sure how much you're supposed to add though sorry. I do know that I have the look of 375cc implants and my dr used a 400cc implant to get that same look as I would have lost some size otherwise as I went under the muscle. Hope this helps xx
  11. Can finally say I got crease incision as well Really happy I did, too.
  12. loz this is so hard to hear. You've made a massive difference to me because you've helped me out so much on this site. I'm so sorry you're feeling this way and totally get that you need to have some time to yourself to pick yourself up... Hope you know we're all so greatful for your help and all the best xxx
  13. I'm around the same PO time as you and don't worry, mine are a bit wonky too (mainly because I have to wear that awful strap at all times during the day and I think it's causing them to go a funny shape...) they are far apart and I think they have a lot of D & F'ing to do... I got 400cc and was also a 10b. They seem really big but to me it's mainly sideboob and I wanted projection... I think we just need to be patient xx
  14. Hey hun im home now! Will get some pics up asap. Phuket was amazing and I ended up getting engaged there! How are your 400s going? Mine are taking a while to drop and are kinda far apart, think I may have squareboob coming on because I have to wear that awful strap during the day and it's pushing them down. Do you have to wear the strap? Hope you're going good xxx

  15. How you going babe? U home yet? Dying to see pics! Hope your break was amaze xo

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