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  1. How exciting for you. I am 5 weeks 4 days po. Best advise I can give is take it easy and listen to your body. It is a big operation and require you to rest up and take your coloxyl! Hope it goes well and happy healing.
  2. Definitely make sure the surgeon is a certified plastics. There are lots of dodgy comestic surgeons around. Good luck
  3. Hi Medicare rebate was around 900 for tt. Anaesthist 300 and private health 400. Private health covered 4 nights in hospital also. out of pocket 5000.
  4. Mine has been a little itchy at the end but I think it's from the mesh glued on. It is taking a long time to shed. Try not scratch though.
  5. Hi Ladies hope everyone is travelling well. Down to my last 5 days of the binder!!! So glad not to be wearing this as it heats up. Am healing well, only concern is a crease from the belly button down to the pubic area. Doesn't seem to be flattening out. See my ps tomorrow. I can't believe how fast he. Time flies po.
  6. For me the c-section was worse. Muscle repair nowhere near as bad as I had anticipated. Make sure you keep your pain meds up for the first 24-48 hrs. Good luck.
  7. Don't be so hard on yourself. It is a huge procedure which your body needs time to heal. You'll be smokin hot again in a few weeks. Just be patient and try not to expect too much too soon. I am 4 weeks po today and am swollen more some days than others. Rest up and let your body recover. X
  8. It burns...for a while. But on the upside th muscles are back together and working.
  9. I had endone the morning following my surgery and then just panadol. Went home with antibiotics and some scripts for pain meds but didn't fill them. I didn't find it overly painful at all- other than sneezing...
  10. Hi Janet i stayed in a hospital gown until the day of discharge. No undies until discharge either. With 2 drains and a catheter in you can't really wear them. Surgery Friday, catheter out Sunday, 1 drain out Monday and 2nd one Tuesday and discharged. I did wear home elastic waisted lorna Jane pants. Good luck
  11. Dr Belt in fortitude valley. He was fantastic. No tapes yet- only the fly screen and 2 seperate garments...lol .he is a little ott but that's a great quality for a ps. I am using stratamed scar therapy gel. Not sure if I use that on the big scar. See him again around the 6 week mark. Wish I had done my boobs at the same time. Oh well next year!
  12. Pics Look great, we had our surgery the same day. I am not sure how my scar looks as the put like a fly screen over it and glue it on. It shreds like a snake skin in about 6 weeks. I have also started on scar therapy for belly button to prevent scarring. What are you using n your scar?
  13. I think it is the muscles but if your worried contact your surgeon.
  14. I was worried about you. I am glad you went to see the nurse. Did they recommend putting your garment back on until your surgeon returns?
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