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    BA - TCI Dr Tang 520cc extra high profile, under muscle
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    Dr Tang TCI - 12th September 2013
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  1. Hi Hun no probs, I did show him, he was impressed!!! I think I should get a similar result they r looking good just not quite as round, I hope they round off when they D & F in a few weeks! Yours are hot, hot, hot lol I ended up with 420cc XHP I'm 168cm/56kg so I think they'll look great! I feel really good, have had an excellent recovery, apart from tightness I've had no pain, thank goodness for modern medicine! Just trying to contain myself from not doing too much as I feel so good!

  2. Hey hun I'm so sorry, I haven't been on in a while, so only just saw your msg! Of course I wouldn't mind but it's too late now lol I hope you did show him. How did it all go? What size did you go? How are you feeling? Sorry again x

  3. hi there, sent fr as I see you went to dr tang, as I plan to. would love too see before and afters

  4. Hi there! We have pretty much the exact same stats but I b/feed x 2 & now look like an empty jersey cow! Lol . Would love to hear / see more of ur entries and pics if possible? How are u feeling these days. Thanks :) laura

  5. It felt exactly the same as a normal anaesthetic to me, I don't remember a thing, I remember going into surgery and them telling me I'd go to sleep soon, then next thing I know I woke up in recovery
  6. Oh thanks so much for getting back to me. I was actually thinking of u this morning!!! Ur photos look fantastic and I think they Re filled out perfectly!!! I'm so egar to know what size dr tang recommends, all he has said is that I will need a large implant to fill out my skin. My other two PS said I could go any size, as I have a wide BW so I'm hoping dr tang will let me go a 500-520cc minimum. seekng ur updated pics has made me ooober excited!!! Seriously, ur Pre op pics are identical to me!!!!! ah well in 12 days I will Hopefully have just as good of boobies as urs!!! Fingers crossed anyway!!!

  7. Hey hun sorry late reply lol I haven't been on in a while. Dr tang said 520 was the biggest I could go but if I had the choice I would go 560, I love them and they are big enough but as I was borderline needing a lift the implant didn't completely fill me and they don't sit perfectly, I like where they sit but the top part seems like it needs to be filled more to round it out a bit. I feel confident naked though....finally :) and love them in bras also. I found it hard when I was first fitted cos to fit them comfortably in a bra and a cup I am a 10G. Finding sexy 10G bras is difficult. In the end I brought a couple, plus I'm a PT so in sports bras a lot and I also got some 10E playboy bras, these just cover nipple and give a little double boob but not too much and I just use them for a 'fun night' ;) I have just taken some new pics for you, it's been a while so I am due for an update lol I'll upload them now and include some with bras too. Not long for you, bet you're excited! xx

  8. Hey love.Hope u don't mind me sending u a msg. I'm booked in for surgery with dr tang in just over 3 weeks. It's safe to sag ur my twin lol. I'm exact same stats as u and my breasts are identical to your Pre op! How do u feel about the size u got?? Dr tang has said I'm borderline so will need a bigger implant. I've seen other PS and they recommended 500cc plus! I have a BW of 14cm so I was thinking a 560XHP round or 520cc HP round. What placement did u get? I'm hoping dr tang will give me unders! also can I be a complete wierdo and ask if u have any pic updates lol

  9. I was border line needing a lift and got 520 xhp without a lift and am happy with the results, I could have gone a size bigger though I think but everyone says that lol
  10. I wouldn't recommend being alone hun, I had a pretty good recovery but there are still certain things that you need someone for. You can only move around slowly with most things and even getting out of bed or off the couch is hard, is there someone else who could care for you?
  11. Yeah I mostly had my arms at the bottom of the wheel, I just found it easier that way I could rest my arms on my knees a bit
  12. Hey hun I didn't drive quite that far but did drive 4.5 hours one way and 4.5hours back just 3 1/2 weeks after my procedure and I have a manual, you should be right. I was driving short distances around town just 5 days after in the manual car, I just had to put my seat forward so I could turn the wheel n stiff easier
  13. Hello! Did you get brazillians ?

  14. Hi Trishy, Hope you've fully recovered well I'm also booked in with Dr Tang Reading your story gives me plenty of confidence in TCI My BA isn't till Feb 6th - so I'm really excited Would love too see your before & after's FR sent Cheers

  15. So a bit of an update, I flew home today, still feeling pretty good, my left boob has softened a tiny bit and the muscle has relaxed a little, my right is still very tight. I'm no longer taking endone just panadine forte 12hourly. I was able to wash, dry and straighten my hair this morning. Got to see my boys today and my 2 year olds first instinct was to cuddle into my chest :S still pretty happy with the recovery so far I did try watching a comedy and I must say it is a little uncomfortable to laugh so might give laughter a miss for a few days lol will put some more photos up soon, hopefully my right muscle relaxes a bit soon.
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