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    BA - TCI Dr Tang 520cc extra high profile, under muscle
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    Dr Tang TCI - 12th September 2013
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  1. It felt exactly the same as a normal anaesthetic to me, I don't remember a thing, I remember going into surgery and them telling me I'd go to sleep soon, then next thing I know I woke up in recovery
  2. I was border line needing a lift and got 520 xhp without a lift and am happy with the results, I could have gone a size bigger though I think but everyone says that lol
  3. I wouldn't recommend being alone hun, I had a pretty good recovery but there are still certain things that you need someone for. You can only move around slowly with most things and even getting out of bed or off the couch is hard, is there someone else who could care for you?
  4. Yeah I mostly had my arms at the bottom of the wheel, I just found it easier that way I could rest my arms on my knees a bit
  5. Hey hun I didn't drive quite that far but did drive 4.5 hours one way and 4.5hours back just 3 1/2 weeks after my procedure and I have a manual, you should be right. I was driving short distances around town just 5 days after in the manual car, I just had to put my seat forward so I could turn the wheel n stiff easier
  6. So a bit of an update, I flew home today, still feeling pretty good, my left boob has softened a tiny bit and the muscle has relaxed a little, my right is still very tight. I'm no longer taking endone just panadine forte 12hourly. I was able to wash, dry and straighten my hair this morning. Got to see my boys today and my 2 year olds first instinct was to cuddle into my chest :S still pretty happy with the recovery so far I did try watching a comedy and I must say it is a little uncomfortable to laugh so might give laughter a miss for a few days lol will put some more photos up soon, hopefully my right muscle relaxes a bit soon.
  7. I had my BA yesterday and was on,y in bed yesterday and last night cos I was tired. My pain has been very minimal and I actually went to the shops today
  8. Hey I've just had my BA yesterday with TCI and I am interstate. I flew in Tuesday had my consult, surgery was yesterday and they say you can fly back 48 hours after so I'm heading back Saturday. I emailed photos before they booked the consult and surgery as they need to make sure you are ok to have just BA and not needing a BL. I'm having my dressing changed/follow up with my doctor back home 7 days post op. Feel free to send me a FR and ask any other questions
  9. Thanks girls. Just got back from the shops, feeling amazing today on a scale of 1-10 I'd say the pain is a 3. Only took pain meds at lunch time (13 hours after my last lot) cos I was heading out and don't want to risk it. Got some bruising underneath so putting some more ice on it. If this is as bad as it gets I will be very happy AshB I have accepted your FR
  10. Hey hun me and my friend arrived in sydney Tuesday and we caught the train, it was relatively easy and cost around $25 for both of us and we are staying at Novotel paramatta so although it was a slight hike with luggage was only a 10minute walk from the station so not bad in the scheme of things. We are flying back tomorrow and have already booked our taxi (the taxi driver that drove us from TCI back to the hotel after surgery). The taxi from TCI to Novotel is usually a $20 flat fee as they call a silver service to come straight away, otherwise cos of the short distance you could be waiting a while for a regular taxi, but he only charged us $15, maybe it was cos we booked our airport transfer with him too, he was really nice though, gave me his number and I gave him mine and said he'd pick us up at 10 Saturday morning ill try and remember to let you know how much it is after Saturday
  11. Hey ladies, I have decided to share my experience because I found during my waiting pre op that all the little things helped. I'll try and update with changes daily and I have already started posting pics so will also continue this daily too Firstly a little about me. I'm 25 and a single mum with 2 kids (2 and 5) only breast fed for 2 weeks with my first and not at all with my second. After my second I decided I'd been lazy and wanted to get back to exercise, this is when I lost 16kg and obviously most of that was from my boobs lol I've just finished my cert 3 and 4 to become a personal trainer and had been considering a BA ever since the weight lose 1 1/2 years ago and thought timing wise it would be better to do it before started to work as a PT so I wouldn't have a take such a long time off in between. I booked it 9 weeks in advance and made all the arrangements as I live 6-7 hours drive from sydney (I flew though). I knew I wanted and needed to go a larger size given the amount my boobs were deflated. Prior to my first baby I was a 12D then after was a 12DD and after my second went back to a 12D then with weight lose 10B-C (but always wore amazing padded and push-up bras to make them look bigger). Around pregnancies I had gotten up to an E and this is what I was aiming for. I didn't want a lift as I didn't like the scarring and recovery time ect but Dr Tang said because my nipples were above my fold and pointing up I'd be ok with a larger implant. I had my consult which was informative but at the same time I had spent many hours on here so was well prepared. Dr Tang said the largest he could go with me for my band width was 520cc and I was happy with that. We decided extra high profile, under the muscle. I was booked for my surgery with Dr Tang at the cosmetic institute yesterday and had to be there at 8.30, I arrived at 8.20 and after a couple of quick question my friend left and they took me through to the waiting room. I was instructed to get dressed and wait for everyone to come and see me. Lisa, the nurse, was in first to do blood pressure, temp and explained how the day would go. Next was the anaesthesiologist who asked about previous anaesthetics and a few other question, then Dr Tang came in to take photos, draw on me and iron out any final questions, then I was taken through. It probably would have been about 9.30ish. They put me on the operating table, there were 5 people in the room and everything happened fairly quickly with each person doing something. Before I knew it I was awake in recovery. I immediately burst into tears for no reason what so ever (and was very sensitive with emotions for the next few hours). Once I had calmed down a little they got me out of bed, sitting up and gave me a lollie pop, this is when my friend came in and bits n pieces are a little hazy. They called us a taxi, we are staying at Novotel Paramatta so not far, they have a silver service that comes instantly and they usually charge $20 but we only had to pay $15 and we were back at the hotel by 1.15pm. When we got back to the hotel I was feeling very tired so took some panadine forte and endone and positioned myself with pillows sitting up in bed and managed to get about 3 hours sleep before my back pain from the position became unbearable. I ate an apple at this stage which gave me instant indigestion. And have been taking coloxyl with senna every time I eat something to try and prevent the inevitable. At this point it had been long enough for me to take more pain meds so given the pain from my back and a little tightness in the chest I took some panadine forte. I stayed awake the rest of day mostly on a computer like chair with my feet up on the bed, this is how I felt most comfortable. I did have dinner (pasta) as I felt a little hungry but regret this now as I've woken a couple of times nauseous and vomited. Before bed I put an ice pack on the top of my breasts and cleavage as this is where Dr Tang said I'd get swelling, it isn't swollen yet but thought I'd try and prevent it a little. I took a sleeping tablet, panadine forte and endone. After reading another thread I decided to try sleeping lying down with a few pillows propping me up underneath and around me, this was so much more comfortable. I woke up twice, 1.30 and 4.30 nauseous and quickly went to the toilet to vomit It has now been 7-8 hours since any pain meds and I'm feeling ok pain wise. Unfortunately very awake for 5am but figure ill nap tomorrow anyway. Sorry about the length but I read a few long surgery experiences and loved the detail so thought id do the same. please feel free to ask any questions, I will post updates on this thread so things don't get too messy in other places. Oh and anyone that is not already feel free to send a FR, if you could send a message with it that would be great xx
  12. I just had my surgery yesterday so your one day ahead advice helps lol I had a nap sitting up at my hotel after surgery for a few hours and it really hurt my back so after seeing your thread I gave lying with plenty of pillows a go and got a few hours sleep, I did wake a couple times feeling nauseous and needing to spew my friend was making me laugh earlier and I also noticed it was uncomfortable lol I'm going to start a surgery experience thread also. Can't wait to see your pics x
  13. I had the implanon for 3 months and had 3monrhs straight bleeding. I also put on a bit of weight with it. I fell pregnant easily with my second baby after having this in plus being on the pill. I've also tried the mirena, I had it for 7 months and during that time had about 7 days with no bleeding the rest of the time was a nightmare. I've tried a couple of pills before but haven't found anything that works well for me if you are willing to do some trial and error I'd say give it a go cos I've heard when it works its great
  14. And me 12th september wow sooo many September girlies yay not long now!! Count down is on!
  15. I'm not 100% sure on size yet either as I have my consult 2 days before but I'm hoping for 450cc at least
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