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  1. Hey mybodybliss, I have had almost the exact same problem with my right breast. Started off really high and has taken forever to drop n still sits higher then the left. I have feared cc for months now, it looks alot 'faker' then the left, like fuller at the top while my lefty has a nice natural slope now. I havent contacted my dr coz the last time I did I didnt felt like they gave me aby decent advise. Can u pm me the details of how u have been told to massage coz id like to try it too! Ive also been taking some vitamin e n gave noticed some difference but not much. Id love to exchange photos too and get yr opinion on mine. I still dont feel like they have both dropped enough, im 5months po now n have kind of accepted thats how theyre going tostay, n if they dont drop more I think ill need a lift xxx
  2. So im 4months post op from thailand and am about to move to the NT where there are limited plastic surgeons so I thought before I leave id go get a check up coz I had been a lil worried about how slow ive been dropping. It was the most expensive 5mins of my life!! Hi sat down told him I just wanted to just have a check up, was obviously paying for his expertise and professional opinion. He made me take my shirt off, looked at me from all angles, made me lie down had a good 2nd feel then said yep good. Went bak into his office to sit down and he was like 'anything else?' N I was just gob smacked! I didnt prepare any questions as I thought he would do a lil bit of the talkin so I just asked if he thinks they still have a bit of dropping to do n he said 'maybe, but I dont knoow what u started with'. I was expecting a bit of mouth about going to thailand but I never!!! I even asked the receptionist when I booked if he was happy to see thailand patients n she said he would. I cant believe I paid $155 for that At least I can stop worrying about cc coz he didnt find and hard spots. Uggh feel so stupid for goin now, but where is his duty of care. I paid for his services. So angry!!!
  3. Hi there, im great thanks.. i thought we were friends too.. oh well we are now. just had a look at your 11 week post op pics and they look normal to me. they look as though they have dropped as much as they are going to. maybe upload a 4mth old pic so i can check it out?? but they even look great in the bikini. did you wear a strap at all? when did you stop wearing it? it was about 4 weeks post op when i stopped wearing mine. anyway mine are going great and i love the look, not to fake and i dont get stares which is what i was freaking out about lol.. i think yours look great, so i wouldnt worry about cc, they dont look like cc to me.

  4. hi lisa, how are your ladies going now? I am 4 months now and still have a bit of dropping to do, so a bit worried cc might be the cause :( just wondering what yours were looking at around the 4 month mark, were ur nipples sitting not completely centre yet? im such a stress head! i just added you, thought we were already boob friends so dunno what happened there! hope your well! xx

  5. Haha i was gona say 'gees they look so natural n amazing! Haha, good luck with ur surgery! Xxxx

  6. Hi, Oh god I wish! That is my latest boobspiration, Kate Upton, sports illustrated model, she's all natural but it's the look and size I am aiming for... 3 weeks to go, fingers crossed! :)

  7. Wow i love ur avatar, ur ladies are perfect!!

  8. Hi ladies!! Myer and david jones have a great selection i have found. Elle has are gorgeous wireless materity bra range that i have just been living in. Thin non granny straps, good support n comfy! U get strange looks for buying them, one lady said to me "you know this is a maternity bra??" Haha ..aaah, yes!
  9. Hi ladies, i went with dr p n had my surgery 3 months ago n the only issue ive had is slow dropping!! I thought he did a great job n im stoked with my new rack but the only negative i have from the experience is that u cannot contact him directly, all ur queries go thru rachel. N considering everyone recovers at a different pace n everyones body is different its hard not to panic n want to contact ur doc to see if what ur experiencing is normal! Im considering booking my sister with dr poomee for this reason as she is in the NT, n it would be tougher for her knowing she cant talk to her dr directly or see a dr in aus without goin interstate. So yeh, have found that bit tough, maybe im a bit of a stress head but its so hard coz u dont know whats normal! But other then that u can tell he is good at what he does, and listen to what he recommends coz hes rarely wrong with sizing, hes got the knack for that!
  10. Hi Nikbri, thanks for the tip i will check it out!!! yeh they are so expensive! Let me know how yours fits when u get it. What size did you end up? no was not expecting to be almost an f! i asked for dd but i guess its not too much bigger. once u get passed a certain size its just BIG which is what we want i guess! haha i am feeling as tho they are getting bigger but maybe its just an optical illusion n they are just filling out more at the bottom which makes them look bigger! But thanks re: my photos, not completely happy yet but then i think back to what i started with n they're a billion times better!!! haha
  11. Hi ladies, i am struggling to find bras too and im now 10wks post op and dont reall like the look that bras give me considering i havent completely dropped yet. The look really hi n fake n i hate that! I actually like them better in wireless! Another thing i didnt anticipate is how frikin expensive bigger bras are! Granted they do require alot of extra material to make but i cant find pretty ones under 100 bucks! But i also mite mention that i didnt anticipate being a 12 e-f cup either! Soon as u go past dd the price goes up, tha bastards! Im so over how long mine are taking to drop but im seeing small improvements every few days now. Pfew! Glad urs are cooperating, but just remember they will keep getting better n bettrr...well thats what i keep telling myself!
  12. Thailand so not sure which ps to go to n get them checked, i should tho coz this is driving me insane!
  13. Hi belle, when u were diagnosed with cc what did your ps tell u to do other then massage? Im thinkin i should start taking vitamin e as well. I have been massaging heaps but not sure what else i can do. As anyone else taken vitamin e?? N what doses doses did u take?
  14. Ok so its been a month since i freaked out about my dropping progress seemingly goin backwards as my boobs got really tight and high. It was also exactly a month ago since i had my girlies. Up until today i have been making great progress since last month n then when i went to massage today they were super tight. My boobs (pre surgery) always got super sore, lumpy and perky around that time of month, so my question is... Is it possible that my monthlys are making my boobs tight n high again. Has anyone else experienced this????
  15. Hi lisa, no no luck as yet. Still kinda sitting hi but ive decided not to panic about it just yet. Just got spookd by tha cc word n i dont think it is, i think im just a slow dropper. it can take up 2 6 months to see the end result so ive just gota stop being a stress head! Im massaging heaps which is what theyd tell me to do anyways. Ive been readin heaps of posts on jbi forum n some girls said they didnt drop properly until the 4 mth mark. So thats helpin me keep the faith! Haha
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