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    Breast Augmentation
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    14th may 2014
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    163cm 53kg deflated A
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    Group fitness instructor/PT

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  1. Dr Glen Murray was my surgeon. His before and after care has been amazing, my recovery has been so easy, mY scars two weeks post op are barely noticeable and I Love my new boobs!!!! i couldn't recommend him high enough!! good luck xx
  2. I have a 13 yr old son and two daughters 11 & 7. I told the two older ones, they were fine and extremely helpful before and after. I didn't tell my youngest only because I didn't want her telling it for news and I also didn't want to ask her to keep it a secret as i wasnt telling many people, including my parents, I had Physio as far as she knew....until 10 days post op and she saw me changing. Her words" Mum, you've had your boobs blown up!!" In which case I told her the truth and explained why we keep it to ourselves. And so far she has, I actually think she hasn't thought any more about it to be honest!! I too was concerned about body image with my 11yr old daughter because we are forever talking about being happy and individual and loving who you are, but we had a long talk about it and she's been great!! Best of luck with it all xxxx
  3. Hey hun, if it makes you feel any better, I'm 33 years old and have 3 kids of my own and still didn't tell my parents. Very similar reasons to yours. My kids know and my close friends. My opinion is I'm old enough to do what I feel is right for me and there opinion would only make me feel guilty about something that's important to me!! good luck xx
  4. I'm with everyone!!! Im 11days post op and Id have been lost without help. Not just kid looking after either, YOU will be needing someone to look after you! i couldnt imagine a toddler to take care of. My kids are older (13,11,7) and have always done chores so housework side of things they just had a few more roles each!! My partner stayed with me for the week and although pain wise I feel fine, I still can't even chop an apple and driving isn't fun. I wouldn't risk it. Without rest all sorts of complications can come up. What I would do though is send him on his trip if your girlfriend is happy to help out because it doesn't sound like he'd be willing to help you rest up anyway. And it'll be one less child to think about ;-)
  5. Hi ladies!! can someone explain the drop and fluff for me. I actually like my boobs and nipples sitting where they are. Should I expect them to drop a lot?? Because I really don't want them too :-D thanks x
  6. Welcome!!! You will get a lot out of this forum and the gorgeous ladies on here!! first hand experiences can't be beaten!! xxx
  7. My partner is cruisy and my son is 14 and the best sitter!! if I wasn't laid up a few days post op and you were in Perth it could have been a nice catch up :-)
  8. I have those days and I'm coupled with kids :-)
  9. Morning ladies, just a couple of questions... how long did you sleep propped up for after your surgery? And the all important, is there a time frame to hold off having sex?? I read somewhere 6 weeks...is this true? And for what reason?? :-) thanks xxx
  10. I have similar stats. Being 163cm tall but for a petite girl quite broad chested. I had my surgery Tuesday and he fitted me with a 330. Which should take me to a C cup. I was adamant to start with that I wanted not big and natural looking boob. The more I researched and chatted to similar girls I realised to go slightly larger( I was originally asking for 275) was best. My surgeon tool both 275 and 330 down and I told him I trusted his judgement as he knew I didn't want fake looking boobs. He put in the 330 because the others were too narrow and didn't "fill" me. Send me a FR if your keen to follow my small big boobs journey!! From someone who was nervous of them being big and noticeable!!!
  11. I'm 163cm and 52kg. I just had 330 augmentation on Tuesday. Feel free to send a FR if you want to follow my boobie progress :-)
  12. Pump and combat instructor/PT PROS- love inspiring people to believe they are stronger than than they believe I have to exercise even on the days I would rather not I get paid to do what I love CONS- have to exercise when at times I'd rather not (haha) Don't often get to make time to just exercise for me People believe you have super human powers to make them fit, not realising it comes down to their own commitment. Im lucky that I absolutely love my job. And being mum to three it keeps me fit mentally to do my day day duties outside the gym.
  13. All the best!! I'm post op by 3 days, you will be fine!! It's almost like a dream xxxx
  14. Great question!! I plan on watching season one of Offspring that I downloaded to iPad as I haven't watched. Any of it yet. My freezer is full of dinners and school lunches so relaxing wont be too hard. I will let you know how it really goes in a few days xxx
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