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    Previously in 2008 I had an autologous fat transfer / BA
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  1. 10 days post op from full abdominoplasty with lipo at Bumrungrad Hospital Thailand...with Dr Poomee... happy to post pics if requested. BTW: all is good, healing well...was back into the swing of things a wk later. K
  2. Hi EK989, You may have had your surgery by now! I'm sure you are pleased with your excellent choice of surgeon...and the results. Hope your recovery is smoothe and you attack Chatachuk markets asap! IHappy healing. K
  3. Hi, Dr Poomee is board certified. He was the surgeon who performed my BA a year ago - never a problem before, during or after and love the results. I am booked for abdominoplasty and lip in a few days time with Dr Poomee - a little scared about the recovery for this one! no reservations about the surgery or care...just the recovery...
  4. I've had an augmentation done in Thailand (Bumrungrad in bangkok with the talented Dr Amorn Poomee). My husband and I are returning this July for some lipo..I'm going to go for the abdominoplasty + lipo - my personal choice. if anyone makes a negative comment about Thailand..just point them in the direction of the charlatans and dodgy practitioners in your own country - can't speak more highly of the care, post and pre op attention and everything else with my own experience in Thailand. go for it. k
  5. Hi again! ooh, Bromelain...I don't even know what that is - so will google it!....you're clearly more prepared than I was!! ha Oh, yes, of course. The implants come with a card/sticker thing which has all information on it - batch #, manufacture date, brand, type, size and other specs..so don't worry - that will be part of your post op meeting thing. I did forget to mention that he uses dissolving stitches - so no need for post op removal...when I went - I'd planned for the full week afterward in Thailand, but needed to get back home after 4 days, so I asked Dr Poomee if it was fine for me to get the stitches removed by any GP...he just looked at me with confusion like I should have known the stitches were not the usual type...anyway - I left thailand 4 days after surgery. The incisions are only about 5cm each side - and perfectly hidden in the crease. I was a bit worried about keloid scarring - as it does run in my family...but none to report!...scars are flat, barely there and healed without a hitch. 9 days - super excited for you! I think the absolute worst part of the experience was standing in Poomee's flouro lit office having to take my top off for the first consultation...think I died a bit inside!!! You'll be totally fine! K
  6. Hi again, Not a silly question - quite a good one really! I also wondered the same thing as I flew home to Vietnam 4 days after surgery...I was worried about air pressure and did a lot of googling and asking Dr Poomee. Not at all - you won't feel discomfort after a week - nor did I after the few days. I was expecting to have to have stitches out, but Poomee uses disolving ones. I did feel a bit weird going over bumps in the car once home and back to work 2 wks later...not painful, just odd...and I just put my arm across my chest and held them in place :-)... completely nothing now 2 and a bit months later.. scars completely flat and only light pinkish, sitting well, bobbing up and down like you'd expect and all good! If you can get it before you go - get yourself some of the silicon strip sticky bandage stuff...it;s a clear, stretchy adhesive silicon sheeting - ask at any pharmacy at home. You can get it from a few places in Bangkok...but its actually a rip off there!! I can't remember the name of it, but if you email Dr Poomee, he will be able to tell you the name of it in bangkok,...alternatively, ask for what I described and you'll be sure to get it easy in Aus. Just tell them it's for a surgery scar afterwards....its a godsend! all you do is cut small strips to put over your scar under your bra - it helps with scar healing. Best of luck and enjoy the journey! you'll be chuffed you did it. K
  7. Oh, I forgot to say: buy any sports bra you like at home - before coming to Bangkok. On day 2 post op - I bought some from a high end dept store - because even tho the hospital gives you one...in comparison to sports bra's out there...it's a nanna bra! kind of ugly, but comfy..and pokes out of the top of anything you wear.. Get yourself any good quality sports bras in a bunch of colours that you don't mind wearing as an underneath thing - do up at the back, front or side - matters little...just as long as they are well fitting (buy a larger one that you would normally - I went for XL) and make sure it has no padding, wires or hard bits anywhere....and you'll be fine! Best of luckx
  8. Hi there Ellie_1989, Yes, the costs include the post op bra / elastic band thingy / post op meds / post op follow-up and the post op sense of feeling and knowing 'I did the right thing with the right people'! Honestly - if I could go through this again - I'd not hesitate! a word of advice - (even though I'm super happy with how I am looking now) - I should have gone a few CC's bigger! I opted for 325CC - but in retrospect I'd actually have liked to do the 350CC. I'm not sure what you're pre-op size or body thing is - but because I went behind the muscle (and have wide hips) - you do tend to lose a bit of size - compared to what it looks like in your 'try on size bra'...I know that at the 'end of my time' - around 6 months (I am merely 2 months post op now) my size will have increased a little due to the muscle relaxing and the dropping yadda yadda yadda... I've honestly not had any issues post op and forget that I have fake ones - until i get a message from this site! My scars are non-existant and I'm usually a keloid scarrer - I've had many small nicks and cuts over the years and the scars left from those operations are chunky and thick... best of luck and enjoy the ride! and most of all - enjoy the new you! and I hope you'll let me know how you got on. best regards, Kerry
  9. Oh, poor you - I know how devastatingly sad you must feel. I was told the day before surgery by the surgeon and the aneasthetist that they may not perform the surgery on me as I have hypertension. I died inside for a moment. I took blood pressure tablets and went back to the cardiologist the next day who cleared me for surgery - but even lying on the bed in the pre-op room I had the aneasthetist come and tell me that the likliehood of my dying on the operating table was a hell of a lot higher than most and still weren't happy to go ahead. they left me alone with my thoughts and fears for about an hour and I had to decide whether to go ahead and risk it. I was thinking - well, at least they care about the well being of the patient! Anyway - long story short - cried over perhaps leaving my husband and children for such a selfish reason and then just blurted out - yes, I'll take the chance..signed some additional waiver papers and that made me feel even more scared... worse thing - i had no way of contacting my husband and made a selfish decision alone - don't think I'll ever tell him this... I know someone in Bris with a rare blood disease and she was told she could never have her own children - it would kill her during birth. I hope you find the courage and the surgeon you need to get you through this. K
  10. getting out of bed can hurt - but the pain is more a big, wide, chest muscle pain and not shooting or sharp. i had help while in hospital the night I stayed and had no pain or problems holding a nurses arm or my husbands... and grabbing the hell out of it to pull myself out of bed....there were a couple of times I didn't want to bother them and did it alone...yes it hurt - but it's like childbirth - breathe through it in short breaths and voila - your up! I did cry one tho and thought whoa - ow! I think its different for every person - as someone previously said - it depends on the person, their threshold to pain and the mental state they are in... Next time (if there is one) - I'll definately work on core strength as someone else said. It really isn't that bad after the initial night in hospital, so you should be ok to wriggle into a comfy position on the end of the bed and use your legs as pivots...make sure you are well padded in pillows behind your back and that helps. K
  11. Hi there Elle, Thank you for a reply. I live in District 7 and have been here for 1 year (am just on the brink of the second year of my work contract as of end of Aug). I teach Early Years' in an English Curriculum school in HCMC. Yes - Viet Nam is a great country and we intend on being here for a long while! I left Brisbane in 2006 to work in Qatar - stayed there one year before moving to United Arab Emirates (loved working and living there also....wonderful shopping!) I had an autologous fat transfer BA in Abu Dhab and never had the courage to go ahead and do the implant thing...living here and being so close to Thailand - I started seriously looking at my options again...Wk 3 am probably suffering a bit of size envy...but will get over that I'm sure. I didn't expect to heal so well and so quickly either...maybe that has something to do with the fact they are relatively small implants (325cc unders). No one at work has noticed anything different - but I attribute that to my very padded bra's previous to the surgery. Next summer break, my husband and I are going back for some lipo - am thinking that at that stage, if I really feel I want to - will go a little bigger and maybe with a high profile instead of moderate. I almost feel so ashamed at being able to live and act like someone who has more money than sense...but living in developing countries - it's very easy to fall into that trap. I figure I'm 45 and soon to be on the wrong end of 50 - so why the hell not spend some of my hard earned money on myself while I still look and feel fine. I hope you're able to get a better sleep these days -every day is a new one and marks the healing that won't need to be lived through again. What did you get? ha ha - sounds like a day's shopping! K
  12. Can't believe I've done this after soooo long! have wanted to since mid 20's and now at 45 have done it. Dr Amorn Poomee, Bumrungrad, Thailand: there's not a thing to fault - in fact, the attention, care, professionalism and whole experience was second to none and the actual Hospital is world class and a very tight ship! (I had to go to a few different departments due to high blood pressure and the uncertainty of being able to go through with the procedure - all depts were exceptional and very slick!) Anyway - the procedure went as planned. 325CC under the muscle Mentor Memory Gel implants. Waking up from surgery was no problem (previous surgeries I've had intense shuddering - so was a bit worried about that in case it would hurt - big wuss!) I remember being wheeled into the room and heard my husband's voice as he spoke to the nurse...or me - wasn't sure whom... The nurse positioned me in front of the 42" flatscreen and put the remote by my side...adjusted my oh-so-comfy bed and left after she was satisfied I needed nothing else. Drifting in and out of sleep holding my husband's hand and woke up to his snoring :-/ The only actual pain was in the middle of the night on the first night after surgery - the pain relief capsules I was given weren't strong enough so I buzzed for something stronger and was given pethadine - last thing I remember - waking up pain free the next morning. The whole experience was not what I expected - was out shopping and no longer using the take home pain meds after day 3. I'm 1 wk post op and have had no problems at all (fingers crossed). The incisions have not bruised at all - in fact they're barely noticeable!! testimony to Dr Poomee's talents and skills! I don't have high chest swelling - even though I'm still wearing the elastic band around the top of my chest I can sleep supine - and have no problems if I roll to the side during the night (I do make sure I go back to my 45 degree angle - just because that's what the Dr suggested...and I don't want to play with fate! I think I look natural - even at this early stage I have a lovely shape which I wasn't expecting so soon For anyone toying with the idea of travelling OS for their surgery - Do your homework and make your own choices, but I will suggest Dr Amorn Poomee at the Bumrungrad International Hospital, Bangkok Thailand. I live in Vietnam - so its only a short hour flight for me - but seriously - I would fly around the world to be a patient of his! (oh and his wife is a gem! she'll do the implant sizing and a lot of the pre and post op bedside stuff - she was in the surgery room and holding my hand and talking to me as if I was an old friend as I was being put under...it's very comforting and she's great at it! ...she'll do the same for you! My husband and I intend on going back next July/Aug for some Lipo - can't believe I'm looking forward to a hospital stay!!! Good luck to all who are yet to meet their op date. You'll be fine! Kerry I feel fabulous!
  13. thanks Blondie for the reply - I'll definitely add him to my searching. I tried to find your post - as I'm not that familiar with the site yet - got a tad lost...but will keep trying :-) I'm not sure how to upload photo's - could you point me in the right direction with this? cheers K
  14. Hi to all, I've just joined this forum - after using it for quite some time as a personal testimonial research tool.. I'm 45 and looking at Thailand for a breast augmentation - hopefully this coming July (2013). I'm wanting to know if there's any women around my own age who have had this procedure in Thailand who would be so kind as to share their journey with me - ... It's not so much the uncertainty of whether or not to have the procedure done at all....pain during recovery etc..but more-so, where and by whom. I'm going around in circles with hospitals (yahnee / Bumrungrad / Bangkok hospital and the Beverley Wilshire Medical Centre in Malaysia) and Dr's names - with a list of credentials - am getting very confused about how to make the choice narrower with limited Before and After photo's to assist...wondering if at all the photo's are actually of the Dr's own word - or some stock pile. In 2008, I had an autologous fat transfer BA when I lived in Abu Dhabi - happy with the result - but only wished I'd gone ahead and had the courage to go for implants then. Can someone please help me with the Dr / hospital dilemma I'm having? I'm now living and working in Vietnam - was hoping that somewhere local would be available, but there seems to be some negative vibes for cosmetic surgery here - with many going to Thailand or Malaysia for cosmetic operations....so, I'm quite lucky to be only an hours flight away from Bangkok. many thanks in advance - and thanks all for a 'great read' and a lot of additional silent support this forum has provided. Cheers K
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