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  1. I had my BA with Dr Tang, feel free to FR to see my pics
  2. My partner fully supported my BA (although he always said I was perfect already). He didn't come to the consultations since he wanted me to be completely happy and sure with my own decisions. Plus he never understood ccs or anything like that anyway. I never thought he was a boob guy, but I do catch him staring at them more and amazed that they're now a size D! Ahah
  3. Hi ladies, Ive finally uploaded my pics as well
  4. Aw thank-you Are you having your consult the day before surgery as well?
  5. Wishing you all the luck in the world whitneyjane It'll be over before you know it
  6. I was nauseous for the first two days and found if I stood for long periods of time, I would get quite dizzy. The first day post op my arm movement was quite restricted, but by the second day I managed to wash my hair and shower alone Now I can definitely lift my arms and reach up for things already! hahaha my period was at it's end point by the time my surgery came. how lucky we are!!
  7. I know!! I just want morning boob to go away and for them to hurry and soften!! Ahhh Kiddi, not long now! Will definitely be thinking of you over the next week
  8. Thanks scaryspice, my healing is going well.. i can do everything normally except getting out of bed! And I completely agree, we need to keep this forum free from bias whether its good or bad feedback. In the end, I think a good reputation speaks for itself anyway and word will travel. Hopefully they will take this on board. Goodluck to all the girls going to TCI feel free to msg me if you had any questions
  9. I am a real patient and completely unrelated to the cosmetic institute. I wanted to post my story to help other girls out there.. I understand that the cosmetic institute wants to get their name out, but this forum should really be a place for us girls only
  10. Hi Girls, I just wanted to share my BA experience I had my consultation the day before surgery with Dr Tang since I was coming from interstate. He is such a wonderful man, made me feel comfortable right from the start and answered all my questions in detail. I measured with a bwd of 12cm and tried on some sizers. He said that the largest he could put in was 390cc, but because I didn't want to look too top heavy, we decided to go with 330cc.... actually, I was even considering the 300cc. (I'm hoping boob greed doesn't take over me ) Then, before I knew it, it was already the day of the operation. I was taken to the pre-op room to relax, where I was given a warm blanket and gown/booties to change into. The nurse checked my blood pressure and temperature (which was apparently a little high ) and then the anaesthetist came in and discussed the medications and procedure. Not long after.... Dr Tang walked in. He took some pre-op photos and began drawing on me. I was then escorted into the operating theatre which was EXTREMELY nerve wrecking, but everyone made it soo comfortable, we were all laughing and there was even classical music playing in the background. I have a fear of needles so Dr Tang tried to distract me while it was being put in by asking me questions and holding my hand. Next thing I knew, I woke up in recovery with no pain but just a very tight chest. I was helped getting dressed and moved over to the recliner chairs. My bestfriend came in with the meds and alfie (the nurse) went through everything... (even though I was half drifting back to sleep). I was then wheeled out into the car and slept pretty much the whole way through. The first few days were very sore, but I found I could do most things myself (including flushing the toilet ) I was taking panadeine forte regularly, but found that I didn't need to take endone at all. I actually stopped taking panadeine forte by Saturday night (Day 2 post op) and have been rotating between normal panadol and nurofen. Morning boob is the worst.. I need my boyfriend to lift me out of bed but it still hurts alot... During the day I find I'm ok and even managed to go shopping Before my BA, I had done lots of research by reading lots of other girl's experience which is why this forum has been a blessing to me and I'm hoping I can be a good resource for other girls too. I understand that it looks especially swollen initially, but when I had my first shower... I nearly could have cried. I guess I underestimated how high the implants initially sit and was taken back by how triangular they look and the bottom but buldgey at the top. Also, my nipples seem to be very swollen and puffy as well. Still early days and I know its silly to worry about... It is now Day 4 post op and I'm starting to get use to the look... just been trying to ice them as much as possible and waiting for time to pass until I can start loving them
  11. TCI gave me scripts for antibiotics, ibuprofen, panadeine forte and endone. My girlfriend got them for me while I was in surgery I've only been taking the panadeine forte since the pain hasn't been bad enough to take endone. But if I stand too long after taking it I start feeling dizzy and nauseous haha... Maybe I'll change over to just nurofen and panadol soon. Im so excited for your turns!!! It was over so quickly..
  12. Thanks girls today has been similar to yesterday, not too much pain.. Just very tight :/ the meds have been making me a little nauseous and my appetite Isn't quite back to normal. I haven't looked at the girlies yet ahaha, will post photos after my first shower though
  13. Thank you boobiemumma! I'm at home recovering now.. Chest is very tight but its manageable
  14. I love reading your posts gabbyy, thank you so much! Its my turn tomorrow... my surgeon said I could even go up to 390cc if I wanted :/ but we decided on the 330cc. Getting so excited and nervous!
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