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  1. Hi brittaz Had my surgery with Dr k exactly 7 days ago.. Decided on 445 polytech implants dual plane. Healing nicely and in a sports crop minus the strap. My boobs are hot and sore and hard but look amazing. I wish I would of gone with 395 ( next size down) but then again it's hard to tell with all the swelling. Hate not exercising.. Just hired an exercise bike and nurse Ashley said its fine as long as you sit upright. Can we exchange pics?
  2. I am 41, with three kids, all breastfed. I was always a C cup then an extremely deflated C. I saw three doctors, one you said lift, the others said I was so borderline I could get away with BA. So in the end I decided to go 445cc Polytec anatomicals, dual plane. I am 155cm and 54 kg. I am only 3 days post op so they look huge, but I can see once the swelling goes down they are going to look great and probably give me a 12D size.
  3. Thanks so much. I'm booked in with Dr kohurt on Monday 4/11 for BA minus breast lift getting teardrop 400cc dual plane technique. Very excited x
  4. Hi Sarah2 I am considering Dr Kohurt also for BL and BA. What did you think of him?
  5. Hi E Michelle, I am also having BA on August 1 at TCI with Dr Val. He had a cancellation last week and i have been slotted in. My consult is only tomorrow so it is all happening very quickly, however I have been researching for ages. Getting very excited
  6. Can anyone advise where I can go looking or pics? You can't seem to download from doctors gallery? Any suggestions?
  7. No I did not get told which was bizarre. I only heard great things about dr Ali and dr tang. I'm post breastfeeding 3 kids so hoping they will do BA on me. I'm 155cm (5.1) and 54kg. I'm currently fitting a 12C bra loosely so want my fullness back. Think I will call tomorrow to find out which dr I am booked with. Are there any things I should think about before consult?
  8. I have my first consultation at TCI on Saturday 27th July.. Can anyone tell me the process? Do you get to choose your doctor and how quickly after consult can you have the op?
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