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    Hey Hunnies,

    I am a Sydney gal and had surgery with Dr.Boonchai, in 2015

    STATS: 157cm tall, 49kg, B cup wanted and got a D -DD at 375 HP, textured, gel mentor , unders.

    . I have been recommended under muscle placement of round mentor implants, mid-profile. I want mid - profile from what I have seen so far..

    If you have been to PIAC with Dr. Boobchai or are planning on surgery with him happy to chat..

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    Dr. Boonchai PIAC July
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    kite surfing, pole dancing, hanging with my girls.

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  1. There are heaps of advertisements on my social media feeds of the lace up bra. It laces up at the front like a corset and helps to give you more cleAvage. It would be very useful for us girls with implants to get that nice long cleavage... I would like to go into a shop and purchase one rather than online. Does anyone know where they are sold ? Or what they are actually called ? Thanks , - Alex
  2. Thanks, @oct16 That is exciting, I think he is a fantastic surgeon. Follow up after the surgery when in Thailand was great. They always sent a driver and car to wherever I was and took my partner and I back and forth. They have great pain meds ( just ask if you need extra sleeping pills or whatever you are running low on). Follow up when I got back to Australia was via email and they made contact twice, up until 6 months. After 6 months I have been contacted, but just for marketing purposes. I emailed when I had questions and they got back to me quickly. I phoned once and they were happy
  3. I started with a B cup, early months I was a C or D depending on brand, and and now DD.
  4. Hey, Just thought I'd provide an update of my boobs 1 year post op. I had 375 , HP textured mentors placed by Dr.Boonchai. They have settled in well. No big issues. I had really sensitive nipples before undergoing surgery and now they are even MORE sensitive. This hasn't stopped. They bounce around a bit now and they are soft. I will upload some pictures after writing this. Scars are not an issue ( you never see them). My scars are under the breasts. I started with a gap between my breasts, about 2 fingers apart. Thats the same. I wish there wasn't a gap but I can wear a bra to push the
  5. Hello! So Im almost 4 months post op ( 375 round, under the muscle HP) and I was massaging my right breast and it feels a little tender when I push the implant up, behind the implant. Has anyone else experienced this? Also , they are getting squishier, still firm though. They feel a lot more firm when I lay down. I will post pics tomorrow night of them
  6. Its strange that you are in so much pain... are you taking strong pain killers and do you have sleeping pills? Try and move around when you can to reduce the swelling, circulate your body. It helps you feel better and recover. - I went to Myer to buy my first lot of bras. I got Benden and Burlei under-wire free. They are so comfy. I then brought a Maternity Sports bra at Target which is good for light exercise and will hold then down when running ( when you and I are able to do that lol). Yesterday I went to Kmart and brought a black under-wire free bra and its really low cut so you can wear i
  7. Hi girls, Im almost at my 1 month post op, I had my BA at PIAC and wondering if there is variability in when you were advised/decided to run again... or other physical activity? Also what bras did you use and how did it feel?
  8. Good luck Emma. I hope you feel ok when you wake up xoxox
  9. Good luck.the time wi'll pass by quickly . Keep hydrated after surgery and don't freak out, it'll be all good xoxox
  10. Hi Pagey. Not really sure about the blood on your scars but maybe they are having difficulty closing up but the body heals so well naturally. Ive seen some pretty messed up wounds at great distances ( like 10cm of flesh to heal the gap over) and they still heal up!! As long as they are not infected. Anyway, give your surgeons reception a ring and they will probably be able to tell you over the phone if thats normal or not, and if not your surgeon will know In terms of that feeling. Try to relax. At the end of the day, you can get them removed if you feel like you have made a big mistake. Bu
  11. Hi Kayla. I also agree with the girls above. If you contact your Dr. They will put your mind at ease. We can all speculate but even if we physically examined it, we aren't qualified to say.. Let us know how you go.
  12. Hi Honeybee. It seems like an age but you will get better. I hope you can keep your mind off things in the interim and that your pain meds are helping. Keep hydrated and sane ! A really good book helps me keep my mind off pain better than a movie, I think its because my mind is kept busier that way... and you always feel it more when your thinking about it Xoxoxoxoxox . Just a thought I had while writing this...California is synonymous with both surgery & legalised cannabis.. I wonder if they prescribe medicinal marijuana for plastic surgery patients over there the same way we are prescrib
  13. Hi July girls, I am 18 days Post Op ! I read above that one of you pulled an internal stitch. So did I, man did it sting every time I moved for a few days. I was over doing it a bit so it was a good lesson.. Sleeping was difficult until day 12 and then it got comfy and my back stopped hurting ! Comparing photos the change has been amazing in 2 weeks. Everything gets easier day by day. I got 375 round, HP mentors, textured, under the muscle. I massage slowly as they are getting squishier day by day but are still tight and can be sore when I massage. Does anyone else feel the same? Or, how has y
  14. From your previous surgeries it sounds like you will cope just fine! Good luck, you are in good hands from my experience with PIAC ( I went with Dr.B but have heard great reviews about Dr.N) Keep hydrated and have a relaxing recovery You should be fine driving.. Im a little slow at turning corners and feel sensitive against the seatbelt but worse comes to worse you will drive like an old lady for a while. Slow and steady haha.
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