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  1. Hi Elle, I just sent you a FR. I'm looking at DrM to do my revision in the next few weeks

  2. I bought it from David Jones - it was $175. I think it's been a worthwhile investment considering I'd get a facial every 4-6 weeks for $99. I no longer get one done now. I did try Yasmin for a month and felt like a depressive, moody teenager. Grrrr. Frustrating.
  3. I've got Yasmin in my cupboard but am currently on Levlen - I got spooked out of using Yasmin due to the side affects!! I'm scared to switch.
  4. Pumpkin, I feel your pain as well! I came off the pill last year and developed really horrible cystic acne along my jawline. I went back to the Dr and she put me back on the pill so I've been back on it for almost 4 months but I still get outbreaks all around my neck and chin (cystic) still. The Dr said it can take months for hormones to rebalance and that cystic acne is a sign on hormones gone wild! We just have to wait it out. I bought a Clarisonic Mia 2 and my face feels like a a dream now. I use it everyday and it gives my skin that 'just fresh from a facial' feel. I love it! When I am consistent with using this, my cystic acne doesn't look so red and aggravated. Let me know how your diet improvements help! I'm curious about that. I had the worst diet of my life in my late teens early twenties and skin was flawless.
  5. I'm almost 6 months PO but prefer to sleep in a crop/bra as when I don't the, feel like they slip into my armpits over night and that somehow they'll stay there! I also find it weird sleeping on my tummy too - I used to be a tummy sleeper but feel like I'll end up with loopy boobs by sleeping on them. Haha, I'm I the only crazy who thinks like this? Anyone else like that?
  6. Good luck, Scoopie. Hopefully you end up on the shortlist for that job. Finger's crossed for you! I have to echo Inde's point about selection criteria - if you aren't addressing each point (providing examples of your experience) your application won't even get looked at. We cull all applications that have failed to address the selection criteria, with not even glancing at their CV. If your really feeling stuck, a good book to read is "What colour is your parachute" .. it explains about job hunting and what to do/not to do. Best of luck!! xx
  7. At my consultation (only 6 weeks before my surgery ) I was told to stop all chest exercises as my surgeon said mine were very thick (I had been doing 100 push-ups every second day for about 5 months prior to surgery and trying to master a 3 min plank and chest pressing.) I was recommended not to work chest post op (chest press) as the muscle will take away the look that I was trying to achieve. I don't train chest at all now and it feels weird, but I think that is because I'm so weak now but also because I can feel the muscle contract around the implant which is just weird weird weird. If you can, work on building your core up. You really do turn into a t-rex PO so a strong core will be a huge help.
  8. Congrats on saving up - May/June will be here before you know it. I'm having the same dilemma as your friend, babyvamps. With the clothes that I already owned, I filled out my tops really well but now 6 mo on I think I really need to go shopping! The tops that I used to wear when flat chested (flowy, soft, not fitted) now make me feel like I'm with child! I'd wait to go shopping until post boobies. You can reward yourself with a new wardrobe that best compliments your new assets
  9. Hey Alioop, so pleased to hear you had an awesome experience with Dr M. He truly is AMAZING. How are they settling now?
  10. I thought I would try and make it a little shorter haha! I have been really good apart from this annoying right breast! It will fixed soon though :) how are your boobies going? ;)

  11. Hello love! I was trying to figure out if it was you or not as your username had changed and then the site was looping when I tried to comment on one of your photos!! Grr. How are you? I see you have had some complications! Oh no.

  12. Hi Elle. Its good to see a familiar name pop! Haven't noticed you on here much lately. How is everything going? Xx

  13. Just sent u FR, I had BA & BL on 18 Dec

  14. Since my BA I've had people tell me I have lost weight - I think boobs just made my waist more apparent and balanced me out as I've maintained my weight. I'd imagine either losing or gaining weight would have an impact on your boobs.
  15. I'm 15 weeks PO and it took ages - still seems like they have a fair way to go but rest assured, you'll get there!
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