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  1. Is anyone interested in buying a support garment from me? It is second hand. Rainey Wear abdominoplasty support garment in good condition. Cost was around $85 new. Size L - XXL (size 12-14) Selling for $35.
  2. I feel the same as you but I am 5 weeks post op and was hoping I would be able to get a massage done soon :-0 Can you try going to a place that has the massage chairs? Like they use when you go in pregnant maybe? You totally need a massage after that amount of time!!!
  3. Haha, thank you :-) Let's hope it is healing!!
  4. I am so itchy on my scar! Has anyone else experienced itching?
  5. I've got natural 12F cup size and cannot find a bra that fits and find that big boobs can make you feel fat sometimes.... I wouldn't want them small but I would like a D cup!! Hope this helps!
  6. Hi SamD! Cool! Who was your surgeon? I have tape over my tummy scar at the moment and nothing over my belly button now. I am seeing my PS at 6 weeks again to discuss scar management. I think there is a tape? And I'm taking zinc and magnesium too. How about you???
  7. Also, the anesthetist, Dr Peake, had a special technique where he injected a spinal block type thing into the nerves around my tummy by using an ultrasound. This meant that I had no feeling in the tummy region even when under the general. The block lasted for a good 24 hours, which is why I had no pain I think. Dr Peake said that when you are under a general, your heart rate goes up when the surgery occurs. This technique stops that from happening and made my recovery much much better. The spinal blocks are similar to what they use for a c-section but you are asleep and the needles go in the front rather than your back.
  8. Hi there Grippster :-) I don't know about that area but I am sure Dr Vlad will help you!! :-)
  9. Had a tummy tuck procedure in August 2013.
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