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  1. Uh oh! I've got 2 year old Silimed textured implants.
  2. I recently got pretty brutally dumped, so instead of my usual move of going out and drinking everything alcoholic in sight and kissing anything with a face, I've gone with a different breakup coping method this time - I've been exercising my ass off (literally), but I have not been able to find a single decent sports bra. Every time I go for a run, afterwards my breasts are all tingly from the implant moving around, once I even bruised myself (from the force of the implant jumping around I'd imagine). Any recommendations for a decent supportive sports bra?
  3. Lateral displacement.. Hm will have to do some research on that one. Ive got an appointment with my surgeon in a week. Also, is anyone able to tell me anything about getting feeling back after surgery? I had my surgery done through the nipples and I have absolutely no feeling until the outer breast. My boyfriend can pinch my nipples as hard as he wants and I will never feel it.
  4. I did have a lift and implants, yes. I think it's more the positioning of the nipple. I like the right boob but the left is off and the left was smaller to start with, maybe he found that one a little tricky. Hmmm just very upsetting
  5. I'm going to call tomorrow. My surgery was done through the nipple, it looks like they've been put back wrong or something and he's cut too much off one.
  6. J


    My boyfriend was the same. I think he had it in his head that I was going to get new boobs, get a lot of male attention then find someone better and run off into the sunset with a new guy and my new boobs. He wasn't supportive of the idea, but when it came to the day he sat in the waiting room the entire time and looked after me in the days after.
  7. In my experience, the ones to say "fake boobs just look so gross I don't like them at all" are generally the ones that are a year or two off having the funds to be able to get their own.
  8. Hey girls. I'll be 7 months post op on the 17th, but there's definitely something not right. They don't match at all. I'm actually very embarrassed to get them nakie in front of my boyfriend now because when I lie down they point in opposite directions and aren't even the same shape. For those of you that I have as friends, I've uploaded a photo.
  9. J


    I have to wear a mega push up bra to make them noticeable, I've yet to find a push up bra that fits, they're all too small. I put on one of my friends 12c push up bras and a v-neck tshirt and they looked great but my nipples were hanging out of them. I'm not really large anywhere and I'm certainly not tall. I've even lost 5kg since surgery hoping they'd be more noticeable but they're just not. I don't know if its because they were tuberous or what.
  10. J


    I do have textured though, that's my issue! And it's extremely uncomfortable when it happens
  11. I got them too all around my nipples too. Mine appeared about a month and a half after surgery, I've been putting bio oil on them day and night for about a month and 1 week now and they've improved drastically. Just keep at it. Bio oil is supposed to take a minimum of 3 months to show results.
  12. J


    Oh wow Grippster, they just do it in their rooms?
  13. J


    Well I had tuberous breasts. Part of my surgery was to correct that, which is also why I had nipple incisions. Tuberous breasts are characteristically far apart, but I did stress that I wanted them close together. I also feel my implants moving around, like they don't fit or something. When I lay down I feel them slide down my chest to near my armpits. Thats a shame that you didn't get what you were hoping for either
  14. J


    After thinking about it for a bit I thought "no that's not fair" and rang and made an appointment for next week. He NEEDS to fix this nipple thing. Left is 1 cm smaller in width and 1 and a half cms smaller in height. So while he's at it I might get him to stick something with about a 7cm projection and 15cm width in there to close the gap between them. Didnt think I'd be so unhappy with what I thought was verging on too big!
  15. J


    I know it's been quite a while since I've been on the forum, busy busy. It's been about three months now since surgery (505cc HP round textured and over the muscle), I'm quite unhappy actually. My incisions were through the nipple and now my left nipple is about a cm smaller vertically and horizontally - I feel deformed. They've settled into very natural looking breasts despite my lack of breasts before the surgery and the size and shape of the implants, and they're very far apart. I wanted them to look at least a little fake and have a lot of cleavage but unless I'm naked I still look very flat chested because they're so far apart I just don't know what to do. I've emailed but haven't received a reply.
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