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  1. Yay! So happy for you, hope he keeps up the good work
  2. DE I was totally revolted and disgusted by my boobs after feeding, I used to like them even tho they were small, they were perky at least. I had them up for a while but deleted them as I couldn't look at them anymore. Ill send u a FR, just plan it and the time will come soon
  3. Could you do a google search for divorce advice/rules property and financial settlement and free separation/government settlement advice? You should get a bit of info that way, otherwise I'm sure most lawyers specialising in that area would be able to help. The important thing is not to get overwhelmed by your emotions, try some relaxation or stress meditation, just look on utube. Plus some men don't react well to us when we go over the top, I know mine respects me more and is more receptive when I present issues rationally than with tears or anger. It's less likely to escalate.
  4. Hi Inde, I haven't been on the forum much lately but saw your post last night, I didn't want to add stuff that had been said before. But I would get legal and counselling advice before talking to him, unless you need to tell him about the counselling. But he seems to have his own rules for him anyway so I would be looking after number one first. And why would he not pay for your BA? i cant believe that, seriously. You know this already and everyone has said but take it from my experience you really need to have this sorted before kids. My opinion is that guys don't usually change much, and if they do its not for long, sorry to say. He could be an exception, but he doesn't sound like someone you want to try and get child support from. Keep stock of your feelings too, he may be eroding your love and trust for him and once that's gone it's hard to get back so don't jump into having kids out of fear that this is your last chance. I was I my late 30's so know this feeling well and although I love them dearly they don't fix a broken relationship. You sound like you've got your plan sorted anyway, so just wanted to offer my support xx
  5. It was about 10 days I think? Hope your appt goes ok
  6. I had a similar thing, the doc wanted to see it but it was just the scab had come away causing a little bleeding. Have you got some betadine? I would be putting some disinfection and or calling the office, they will probably want a look.
  7. You'll kick yourself I'd you don't, and if you can get the same money doing some shifts at the hospital, great. I'm sure you could always get another job as a nurse if you needed to but there's no point staying where you are if you hate it, get outta there!
  8. No, sorry to hear KK, I don't know if the fast breathing is normal, can you call the hospital ? They can usually put you onto a nurse.
  9. Are you full unders ril? I think you will def get bigger, you still have some stretching to go
  10. You deserve to have something for you BeeNew, don't forget how much you give everyone else, you have to give to yourself sometimes to be able to give to everyone else who needs you. Hope you're feeling better x
  11. Hope youre 100% again soon, give those kids lots of cuddles, thanks for all your advice when I needed it. See you again soon xx
  12. I didn't use the micropore tape I got a rash. Have been using silicone tape since my incisions healed
  13. Hi Lexi, I'm only 5 weeks po and have the occasional stabbing pain, I thought it was the nerves regenerating which can take months to a year I think? Ill send u a FR
  14. Thanks Dutchy, I'm pretty happy so far, haven't spoken to him about it yet. Have you been for a consult, or booked ?
  15. Hi Dutchy, I found him pretty good, have a look at my pics. He does great work. I had one bigger boob that I should've got different implants for he offered it but I wasn't sure as I had heard some girls say they end up different anyway. But am considering asking him about a revis to get a larger implant in the smaller one.
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