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  1. Hey BeeNew, Thanks for your reply Yes i think you are right and i think that can explain the feeling, but i must admit i kinda do like the feeling because you know it is settling in! Your breasts are looking great and i think you had the same issue as me (hardly no breast tissue under the nipple) so we are just waiting for the implant to drop then they will look great. How many weeks post op are you? Are you feeling good? x
  2. Thanks Holly! Yes I am sure it's normal but it is just such a strange feeling to explain and something I've never had before, but it's not that painful, just weird
  3. Hi girls, I am 11 day post op and my recovery is going really well, they are looking more natural and softer everyday. I had really asymetrical breasts and so my right breast that had the smallest implant and the most of my own breast tissue is so soft and i can even jiggle it a little However my left breast with the bigger implant is taking much longer to soften and i have been getting this strange feeling yesterday and today on the bottom of the breast. The feeling is hard to explain but its as if i can feel the implant move or like the bottom of my breast is hanging or heavy. I am thinking it is because i hardly had any crease or breast tissue underneath and now that the number is going and they are dropping that i am just not used to having it haha? Could this be it? Does anyone else experience this? Would love to know! x
  4. Hi girls, I am currently 1 week post op from my BA and am in still alot of pain. My right breast is fine but my left breast is painful with a burning/pulling feeling. I was prescribed Endone with helped and i finished this on the weekend, so i have started taking Di-gesic yesterday and today but it is not working. I cannot get anymore Endone as i have no prescription, is there anything else you girls recommend i can get from chemist for the pain? Thank you x
  5. Thank you ladies! That is good to hear that I'm not the only person with these puffy nipples lol! i can't wait to see how they change over the next few weeks/months, I'm hoping they get a little bigger as I now wished I had went bigger I think I have boobie greed now! xx
  6. Hi ladies, So as most of you are probably aware I had my BA on Monday and am currently 4 days post op. I had my BA to correct my asymmetrical/slightly tuberous breasts. I am very happy with them at the moment as they are now equal in size (yay).. BUT I am still hating the fact that my nipples are very puffy. They already were puffy prior to surgery however they seem to be even worse now. The puffy part of my nipple is the aerola. They are only puffy when soft & make them look like cones. When the nipples are hard I love them and the shape is 100% great! I am wondering if any of your girls have this issue? Is there anything I can do to make them hard all the time or reduce the puffiness? My surgeon did tell me that I could get surgery on my aerola's to fix this however he did not recommend as I wouldn't be able to breast feed ( I hve no children yet but will be in the future and would like to breastfed if possible). So I don't know what to do.... I have also been told that I may have problems breast feeding because of the tuberous breasts but will not know until the time comes. I just feel like I hve gone out and spend $12k and am still not happy with the apperance due to the puffy nipples I would love to hear your advice, thank you so much x
  7. No worries Ebsta How exciting for you!! x
  8. I have just posted a few pre and post op photos to show my progress so far. My smaller breast (my left one) still has to drop and fluff. I cant wait for this to happen so that they are the same. My nipples were already slightly puffy (tuberous) before my BA and are now even worse but the nurse said that this may be because of all the swelling and loss of sensitivity. Hopefully they will go down soon. Do any of you girls have puffy nipples after your BA? I was not after big breasts and wanted to acheive a full C/ D cup, it is hard to tell the size at the moment. Please feel free to ask any questions!!! xx:D
  9. thank you girls! I just want to fast forward a few months and see the final result lol. im just being in patient Thank you
  10. Hi girls, When your boobs drop after your BA, did they become fuller looking/bigger? Or did they shrink? Thank you x
  11. tdazy

    BA is today!!

    Hi girls, I just put my experience up in the 'experiences' forum page. I will post pics soon! xx
  12. Hi ladies! So I have some new additions! I thought I would share my experience with you since I loved reading your stories and found them very helpful - so thank you On Monday I had my BA with Dr Tavakoli and am now currently 3 days post op. So here is my storey... On Monday morning my mum and I drove from my place on the central coast to the North Shore Day Surgery, we had to be there by 9am. When I arrived I was surprised about how nice the hospital was and how it didn't seem like a hospital, I think because I of this I felt ok and not anxious. I have had panic attacks in hospitals previously so I was worried this would happen again! We waited in the waiting area for about an hour and finally the nurse took me down to another waiting area and I had to say goodbye to mum. I was taken to my own little room and was asked to change into a beautiful plush robe and some slippers, after this I waiting and read some magazines. The nurse came back in and took my blood pressure and temperature, my blood pressure was high but nothing to worry about. I waiting in this room for about 1/2 hour and then was moved into another room where the nurse out this heated blanket on me, some new magazines to read and she gave me a Valium, so a you am imagine I was feeling quite relaxed haha. I felt like I was in a beauty palor rather then a hospital, it was great. Dr Tavakoli came in a few moments later and drew me up, this literally took him about 1 min, I couldn't beleive how quick he did it! The only thing I said to him then was 'They are not going to be too massive are they' and he replied 'not at all'... I have mild tuberous breast and they are very asymmetrical so I wasn't wanting huge boobs but just for the shape to be fixed, so I was worried about coming out with these huge basketballs lol. So a few minutes later the nurse walked me into the operating theatre and this is when reality kicked in and I felt nervous. Next minute I was laying on the bed with the anthestist (Dr Da Sailva) on my right hand side and two nurses on my left hand side, all of a sudden I had this strange taste in my mouth and a sensation through my body and I was out! I didn't even get to count from 10 (which I was expecting haha). This was the first time I have ever been 'under' so I was a bit scared of this but Dr Da Silva made me feel very at ease. After this I woke up in recovery, I don't know if I woke up myself or if I had a nurse wake me up, because I remember hearing my name. I felt very relaxed and at ease, I wasn't confused at all. Dr Tavakoli quickly seen me and told me everything went well. I remember looking down at my breasts and thinking 'yep there they are!'. The nurse helped me put my post op bra on and got me dressed. I was moved into another recovery room and given some food then my mum came in, I was excited about seeing mum. I didn't have much pain but was just really tired. I had to wear drains for the first night so the nurse showed me how to do this and then we were out! In the afternoon I just rested and kept looking at my new boobs, I think I was a little high from the meds too lol. I could not move much or get in and out of beds/chairs and I could feel the pain. I was up every 3 hours the first night emptying the drains, so didnt have a good sleep. So now I am home and have been sleeping better, although I get uncomfortable and really sore at about 4-5am and have to take some endomes. The swelling up the top has reduced alot but still very sore and tight on the lower pole, the cleavage and the sides. The meds help a little when I am sitting still but whenever I try to move it kills! I feel like in going to rip the skin or something, it is such a strange pain to explain. I have been feeling a bit air heading from the pain killers but I don't mind as I feel relaxed hehe I am very happy about the new shape of my boobs - they are now the same size! They are not as big as I thought they would be and am sort of wishing I went bigger now the only thing bothering me at the moment is that my nipples are really puffy, so the breasts look pointy side on, the nurse said that it could be from the swelling, did any of you girls have this? Did it go down? I have tapped them down as the nurse said this may help... I did already have slightly puffy nipples so hoping they won't stay like this :/ another thing is that they have not gotten hard yet! I have been freezing cold and my nipples have just stayed soft, is this normal? Overall I feel much more confident already (even have been walking around with them out with my huband!) and am so happy I got them done ? I am looking forward for the pain to reduce and for them to start softening. Anyways this is a very long post - sorry!!! Good luck to any girls out there about to get their BA, you will feel like a new woman P.S I will post some pics soon!!! xoxoxoxoxoxox
  13. tdazy

    BA is today!!

    Wow thank you thank you thank you for all your beautiful comments, it is such a good feeling having everyone's support, even from people I don't know, it means ALOT lovelies So I am about to snooze off but I will get home tomorrow and will write my experience so far, so please keep an eye out! I am in a fair bit of pain but bearable as long as I don't move alot. Plus the meds are helping loads. yay for boobies xoxxoxx
  14. Hi ladies, I know I have been slack on here of late but although I have not commented I have been reading your helpful threads! So today is the day! My BA with Dr Tavakoli is at 9am this morning. I am feeling ok, a little nervous and more worried about the outcome and also I have never gone under before.. I know I will be fine but I just don't want to panic once I get to the hospital! I will get on here this afternoon or as soon as I can to share my experience Xxxxx
  15. Hey girls, so I have my pre-op today with Dr Tavakoli and I have no idea what to ask. I will be trying on sizes again and confirm the final size, how scary! I have no idea how many CC's I will be, not even an approximate as I forget from last time, so I know I really want to know this. Is there anything else????? xx
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