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  1. Wow!! I have boobies!!!!!!!! Woke up from surgery in a whole of pain but now starting to feel a lot better and just so happy to have them done now. I hope Starflower and Larissa u r both recovery well back at your hotel, maybe we could have that catch in a few days. Rjm81 is also doing well
  2. A big week for some of us this week!!One more sleep till my fly out day, so excited. Good luck everyone
  3. Has anyone travelled to Thailand on their own for a BA? My boobie buddy may need to pull out of our trip which is planned for next tuesday 21st and i cant postpone, but going alone freaks me out a bit. What are peoples thoughts? Have you done it alone? Anyone who has had them done already what do you think? Its so close now, im excited but not knowing if my buddy can come is freaking us both out!
  4. A coffee catch sounds great, would be lovely to meet you all and see how you are recovering and of course compare!!! Only a couple more sleeps till i fly out, really need to start packing
  5. Good luck Shannon, hoping u get lots of rest on the flight
  6. How r u feeling BecM? Hopefully not too bad and recovering well. Look forward to your updates
  7. Lots of vitamin C, garlic, echinacea and maybe ease a cold tablets. My boobie buddy fractures her arm last night and is now in a half cast so we r freaking out a little hoping, wishing and crossing everything hoping she can still have surgery on 23rd.
  8. Hi Latisha! We flying with jet star from Perth and driving early the next day with consult In the afternoon. we are staying the holiday inn which looks very nice, thought we deserved a little luxury after our surgery. We may bump on to each other!
  9. I'm flying out to Phuket on 21st may for my BA on 23rd and starting to write a list of what to take. Would love to know what everyone thinks is a must take for the 2 week trip. Also, did u get travel insurance? Or medical travel insurance which is a bit more? thanks
  10. Good luck for today girls, I'm sure it will all go well and you will quickly. Look forward to your updates :-)
  11. Thanks everyone. I think I will wait to see if my 3yr old asks when I get back and talk about it then. I'm the same, don't want to her to Blurt it out at daycare or anywhere!!
  12. I have two small children (1 & 3yrs) and will be off to phuket for my BA on 23rd May, getting very excited!! A couple friends have asked if I will tell my 3yr old what I'm doing or have done when I return. This is something I haven't thought about before. She is pretty smart and has seen me numerous times without a top on, so first do u think she will notice? Should I tell her? What if she asks why r my boobies bigger? Id love some advice on this or stories about your experiences with children after a BA. thanks
  13. I'M booked in for 23rd may too, heading over with rjm81 and getting very excited.
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