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  1. Im a lil embarrassed by this but has anyone had to change thier driver licence or passport because they look different after thier rhonoplasty?. My nose is smaller and less flat from before and I look like a different person. Im having the dilemma where people raise thier eye brows when ever they check my ID and see the person in the photo is different to me especially if Im being asked for ID during road breathe testing, job applications or joining the gym. Ive managed to change my drivers licence but now Im got no choice but to apply for a new passport with a new photo because in NSW the
  2. hi, I had Rhino-septo plasty with Dr Doyle about a year. I can honestly say I have had mix results. His prices a MUCH cheaper than most if not all capital cities for obvious reasons which is why I choose him plus its in an area of the gold coast where its not over populated or crowded with hoons, party goers which is the last thing you want when you will have a big bandage all over your face for the first week post surgery. Im from Sydney so I could not imagine being out in public looking like I did post surgery being in crowded sydney. His office is located at the John Flynn Private H
  3. in particular patients with thick skin? Im 10 months post op and I getting worried about the tip of my nose where the progress of my swelling has seen very little changes. My tip is still bulbous and looks even bigger after a work out. I have thick oily skin hence the result of my nose will take much longer to show the final result of my primary rhino than someone with thin skin. However Ive been reading up on patients with thick skin who have used kenalog steroids that are injected into the tip area so the skin around the tip area can 'shrink' and wrap around tightly around the new ti
  4. Hi, Yeah It was done in Queensland and I did have a follow up appointment 1 month after surgery and everything was fine. Its just got bad at the end of June like 2 weeks ago and I might book in for a 6mnth post consult but at the moment Im kinda confused with whats happening with my nose at the moment
  5. Hi all, ok, I had my rhinoplasty 5 months to this day. I had that typical somewhat flat big asian nose . I had a lot of fatty tissue in my tip (hence for my big nose) so my surgeon used cartilage grafts from my upper part of my nose to build me a 'new tip'. At the beginning (first 2 months) I was happy with the progress. I loved my side profile as it no longer looked droopy but wasn't too please with my tip. Although it was smaller and more 'defined' or (see contours of my nose), looked more pointy and less flat- it still looked big swollen and it looked upturned. I was told because I
  6. if you were wanting a revision done on the tip only (bulbous tip) how much will cost. Im assuming it would be much cheaper than your typical septo/rhinoplasty? or is it the same? also is there such a thing as rhinoplasty of just wanting the bridge/dorsum less flat and more prominent?anyone has this procedure done before and how much it cost?
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