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    BA: High profile mentor implants under muscle 350cc's L, 300cc's R, now a perfectly symmetrical 10DD/E :)
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    Dr Jib Bangkok Hospital Phuket Oct 2013

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  1. I would not recommend RBG at all. They were useless and I would have been better off organising myself as originally planned. I paid the $450 for peace of mind knowing it should be all sorted for me and cause me no grief but it was the complete opposite. My 'consultant' knew nothing and couldn'r organize anything. I requested Dr Piyapas after countless research which they assured me I was booked in with him and then at the last minute they told me he wouldn't be in the country at the time and I would have to see someone else. I ended up with Dr Jib who was great but it is very upsetting when y
  2. I'm 22 and haven't had children. Having kids in the future wasn't even a factor for me when considering having a BA because most people will have them re-done at some stage in their life anyway. I'm also a midwife and see many people with implants who breastfeed and have no problems. They may sag slightly but so do natural boobs after having children. It's more an individualised situation as to what happens to them because everyone's body is different and reacts differently! Absolutely no regrets!!
  3. Hey everyone! Just wondering if anyone has any good recommendations for sports bras post BA. I have lots of ones from Lorna Jane from pre-op which I'm still currently wearing but I'm really mindful now of my boobs bouncing whilst doing cardio. I know top jiggle is okay and they are always going to move but definitely don't want any sagging happening. Any ideas for brands that support bigger breasts would be fab! Thanks!
  4. It's hard to say as everyone is different. I have unders and I was prepared to die after hearing everyone say how painful it is and I was completely fine! Up doing touristy stuff after leaving the hospital and back at work in 4 days (which also was very manual). You can't swim until the stitches heal, I personally just don't think it's worth taking the risk and getting an infection.
  5. I'm sure it is, couldn't be hurting anything and hopefully the pain will heal with the inflammation subsiding.
  6. Thanks guys! I have a lot of Seafolly bikinis but they obviously don't fit anymore and I tried on bigger sizes over the weekend but none looked good. They just weren't right. I'll just have to keep looking! Like the look of the website ones but unsure about sizing.
  7. Hey ladies! I am struggling to find nice bathers that showcase my implants and also fit well. Does anyone have any good recommendations of brands that do their boobs justice? I'm finding that all of them look silly coz the cup size is too small and going up sizes isn't working. I want my cleavage shown off but also not look like I'm trying to wear something too small. Thanks
  8. It probably has to do with which side of your chest muscles were stronger and therefore tighter. I have unders and my recovery was virtually pain free. Was the least painful surgery I have ever had. I was back at work on day 4, doing manual work and with no problems. Your implants are a lot bigger than mine so that probably has something to do with it but also, I guess it's just true what they say in that everyone's body is different and we all recover differently. Hopefully it eases up for you soon!
  9. Haha exactly right katvo! Such a victory!
  10. I had a wedding two weeks after my BA and I just went braless. They're so hard and high up that it's like wearing a bra anyway.
  11. I just say to the instructor straight up that I won't be participating in chest track and just stretch or do whatever during it. Everyone in the class just presumes I'm injured. Alioop also has a great idea though in just using the bar....
  12. Not saggy, still rounded and perky. Just not as perky as I imagine they would have been pre-BF. Definitely didn't sway me! haha
  13. It's insane how much it costs in Australia! And comparing with people who have had it done here, it's no different! I went with Dr Jib (Pongastorn). He's a senior surgeon and works at a few different hospitals. I was a bit hesitant as he wasn't my first option but he was fantastic! Spoke great English and did a really good job. I have photos on my page if you're interested. I have boobie greed now and will definitely be going back to him the future for an up-size!
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