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  1. I know Dr Blackstock does them at enhance clinic. he has done alot
  2. Hello! I saw that Dr Kim did your BA - he has the most amazing results and I'm thinking of booking with him too. Also, I've looked at Dr John Diaz, Beverly Hills - not sure if you've heard of him? Is it ok if ask a coupla questions about Dr Kim ...are you super happy with the results one month on? Would you recommend him? I'll send you a FR too. Thank you!

  3. my friend was saying to try and keep tape on for as long as you can it helped her scars heal nicer. Ill keep taping for a while until theyre not longer red.
  4. im 15 days post op and one incision is absolutely perfect can even see it!! and one is still scabby! Im changing steri strips after every shower. just waiting for this other scabby one to catch up!!
  5. I have mod + and im very happy with them!
  6. oh well theres a plus hopefuli mine come back with more sensation because I never really had much either. Yeah at the moment I cant feel my nipples or anything below. its an odd feeling brushing ur arm against it but not feeling it. Well its good to know that its normal although I wish it was a lot faster at coming back then 12 months but yeah by a week ill probably be used to it!
  7. we have been living in the hotel room watching The girls next door playboy mansion so it excites me because my Doctor did Kendras boobs and I love her boobs!
  8. Doh really! dammit haha I wanna love them but I wont love them until I feel like theyre apart of me! Its so weird to touch yourself and not feel it!
  9. Hey girls so I tend to get woozy really easily when I touch my boobs because as I move them because they're numb and I don't feel anything I feel like i'm moving to balls of fluid on my chest. Do you know how many days it takes for the numbness to go away I want to love and play with them but moving them in my bra and feeling nothing is a bit weird and I hate it haha. Thanks.
  10. Botox, if u wanna do anything not to get botox try skin needling that helps with your collagen and rebuilding it. If you mix a good anti ageing product with either a homecare skin needling kit or if you go to a clinic where I work "laser Clinics Australia" you can get the deeper skin needling treatment. It mostly for people with acne scarring or pigmentation but if you do it a couple of times on good skin it will re vamp your skin! Although it is quite pricey id probably go with the botox. Im only 22 and ive had my frown and crows done plus a brow lift. Yes im very young but its about prevention over a cure. The best advice is if you don't wanna you down the injectables route you wont see an overnight change. You can always mix great skin care with regular microdermabrasions and the occasional skin needling session. But price wise you may aswell just get the botox or "dysport" (which is cheaper just another brand) and youll get about 4 months results out of it.
  11. Alsooo im soo tired but cant sleep I think its excitement keeping me up and I feel so dirty :-( my face is soooo oily my hair feels matted. I cant wait to shower!!
  12. So when someone asks what size I got instead of saying two different sizes do I just say the smaller cc because I only got more ccs in one to make them even?. Do I say theyre 371 or 391 cc?
  13. Thank you that makes me feel so much better! I think I had my first morning boob experience and holy crap that was painful!
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