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    Tummy Tuck,
    I have had 2 kids and carried way to much fluid with both, they got near to 3 liters with my last 1. which not only didnt allow me to go naturally (having to be induced from too much fluid) it also has left me with poor stomach muscles and and awful lot of saggy skin :-(
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    6th August '13
  1. Thanks, was nice meeting you too. Will be in contact after i've had the surgery x
  2. So I havent been on here for a while and have seen many of you have now had your ops done, Congratulations girls :)Today I went and had my final consult with my surgeon, all hospital forms filled out, got times etc.... also went and got my stomach garment, only 2 things left to do now. 1 find out where girls got there awesome back support pillows to help them sleep in a more upright position.2. wait 5 weeks
  3. Thanks everyone, Yes i am definitely feel optimistic and am very much looking forward to the flat side of the op lol
  4. how frustrating sounds like its effected everyone. hopefully theyll get it back on track soon, or do we have to re upload old ones?
  5. Hi Ray. So glad to hear your doing so well. 2.5kilos, thats friggin awesome, my surgeon estimated mine will be about 3kilos too (heres hoping). How are you sleeping at night? are you lying down flat or prompt up with pillows? Am so looking forward to reading your recovery over the next few weeks and to see photos as you go Keep up the good work xxx
  6. Thanks Ray273 and Cupcake, the more I read these comments the better I feel. I know i'll still get nervous few days before and probably cry myself to sleep the night before and kissing the kids goodbye but am definitely looking forward to life after the surgery, will change me forever. Can't wait to be able to get dressed in front of my husband without hating it when he looks at me, and not having my kids come up and squish my apron when they see it etc lol.
  7. thank you both so much. yes that is my biggest hurdle and keep thinking am i being really selfish incase of 'not waking up and leaving my 2 kids without a Mum all for my own 'vanity''. is exactly my thoughts. i'm only 24 but you've seen my pics and have been like that for 3 years and as we are certain we aren't going to have any more (thought we would have 4 but after the 2 we have decided thats enough) i figure why wait?
  8. oh yes, cant wait for that. i'll be keeping an eye out for your posts
  9. thats good. whens your date again? I'm meeting with my surgeon again on the 25th of this month to have a proper consult. (saw him a few months ago just to pick his brain and decide if i wanted it done) hopefully after my consult I'll feel heaps better :-/
  10. 8 weeks to go, Just want to know if anybody has any regrets about having their TT? I am just so nervous and have found myself lying awake on the odd night with a tear from being quite afraid. not too sure what i'm afraid of? think I'm scared of not waking up :-S I go weeks being so positive and excited then all of a sudden 1 night i get all silly about it. I just want to make sure i'm doing the right thing and would like to know how everyone else feels about their own TT surgery? Thanks guys xxx
  11. brilliant news. glad its gone well so far. thank you for the detailed day, has put me at ease about getting mine done. cant wait to see your pics and see how and fast you recover. keep us posted
  12. Rae!

    June 2013 :)

    you must be getting so excited. ahhh!!! your gunna love it
  13. Hey Parky, I think your tummy looks awesome, I will be extremely happy if mine looks like that after surgery. looking forward to seeing updates as time goes on. How would you describe the pain? I've had people mention C sections but I didnt have c section with either of mine so i dont really have anything to compare it with.
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