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  1. Hi Just wondering how long ago you had the surgery with Tony Holmes? Thanks
  2. Im also after a revision...mzdawn how is ur search going ? Thnks!
  3. Thank you, please keep me updated on your progress
  4. Thanks for the heads up. It's so hard deciding. So far I have short listed for appointments: Howard Webster (have you found much about him?) Patrick Walsh Jeremy Richardson.
  5. Wow that does seem like a lot...maybe he has raised his prices. From memory he was meant to be one of the more reasonable ones, but he was just starting out then. Of course if he can give the result we want, its worth it, but theres no gaurantee of that. Im wondering have you considered Tony Holmes? Im considering adding him to my short list, however he is over 70 now.
  6. Hi , Im really sorry to hear you arent happy... apparently they say to wait at least 12 months before you seek a revision. Thank you that was very helpful! Have you researched or thought about any other doctors as well?
  7. Ive consulted with him before about strictly ENT matters (breathing). He is very kind and a great doctor. I noted also hes ranked #1 on ratemd for all ENTS in Melb, which is a patient review site. I've never heard anything bad about him, but its seems extremely difficult to find reviews from patients online who had a rhino (primary or revision) with him. This may be due to him him being relatively young (in surgeon terms anyway), and recently setting up practice. In fact, they don't even show you before and after examples on his website. I was informed the only way to see before and afters is to visit his clinic for a consult, which I plan on doing. I am looking to get a revision, and have him earmarked as 1 of 3 surgeons I will be consulting with. Looking forward to how you find the consult as well!
  8. Cosmetic, are you close to deciding who you want for your revision? Always interested to know your thoughts. You can PM if you dont want to say in public.
  9. The 3 I have shortlisted for appointments (Although I wont know for sure till I see patient before and afters in the consult) are: Howard Webster Patrick Walsh Jeremy Richardson Someone else may have come up with different names, and they could be right as well. This is just my own research.
  10. thank u! this helps a lot and I feel more confident about the ones Ive chosen.
  11. In Melb, who would you guys short list for a consult? So far, I've got Howard Webster , Patrick Walsh, and Jeremy Richardson. This is after countless research , both on the forums, other forums, before and afters online (if available), etc. I've had two rhinos (05 and 13) both with improvements, but still needing a tweak. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! If you would care to share the surgoen who you saw and was blown away by? Same position - just want a tweak. I've had a rhino already , so I have to be very careful now to pick a top guy. I couldn't go through it again and not be satisfied.
  13. Cosmetic, have you encountered Dr Tavakoli, or know much about him? On his site, he has some impressive work, especially with the tip, which seems hard to find in a surgeon.
  14. I dislike when they do that. There was a lady back 10 + odd years ago in Sth Yarra who drew up your outcome on a computer and worked with some surgeons. They made you see her. Only the doctor operating should be the one who has any business doing depictions, just IMO.
  15. Congrats! Did you go back to the same surgeon for the revision?
  16. An ENT is more than ok for a rhino or septo-rhino , but in my opinion. whether you see a a plastic or ENT, you want to make sure that they have: - Vast experience in the procedure you want done and perform many (several a week). - On the exact same page about the changes you want done - Who's work you can see plenty of examples of and are happy with what you see. It seems you've only hit one of the three points. This would have me cautious about proceeding, especially since rhino is one of the most challenging cosmetic procedures, and credentials are only half of it, if that. It's just as much artistic flair and the only way to gauge that is to view past examples of the doctor's work.
  17. Good find! Now that is a good question! It could likely be now he truly is a proper plastic surgeon and a mistake was made by ASPS not to list him for some reason. There is a mistake somewhere for sure. Best to call ASPS and RACS to confirm. Keep us posted.
  18. ASPS is the only society in Aus for accredited plastic surgeons. Youre spot on about RACS and FRACs being the same. Im so sorry about confusing with that...i made an error there. I edited the post above just earlier and its fully accurate now.
  19. I realise why it says FRACS now on some pages. RACS is the name of the organisation, whereas FRACS is the title There are 9 types of surgeons, all who use FRACS after the name. Some are ENT , Plastic, General. They list the area in brackets after FRACS. I believe LB is general. A proper plastic surgeon will list as FRACS (Plastics), will be on the ASPS site, and can use the title 'specialist plastic surgeon'.
  20. Hi, it appears there are 3 doctors at that clinic actually Because the name is blanked out here, I may have been looking at the wrong one. I apologise if that happened. I checked for you , and 2 of the 3 doctors are plastic surgeons, one isn't. As general info To find if your doctor is a plastic surgeon, check here: http://plasticsurgery.org.au/about-us/find-a-surgeon/ They will be a member of ASPS (not ASAPS) and have FRACS after the name (not RACS). Sorry that I can't help with actual reviews. Best of luck!
  21. I wasn't sure who that was, but I googled the clinic. Deceptive writeup as not a plastic surgeon or even ENT. I would avoid.
  22. Mooney is an ENT doc. Nothing wrong with that, but I have seen some bad reviews on realself. Nettle is an actual qualified plastic surgeon. Ive heard lots of good things. If I was in NSW, I'd see him. In Aus, the term 'cosmetic surgeon' has no definition and is a self appointed title.
  23. I havnt come across any dual specialists in Aus, with the exception of G. Southwick, but his reviews seem poor. For Melb ENTs who also do cosmetic... Have you tried Perry Burstn or Patrick Walsh?
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