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    Having Full TT with muscle repair on June 5th 2013
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    Dr Lip Teh
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  1. Good luck for tomorrow Ray273! I'm in tomorrow as well. Have to be in by 6.15am. I will be very interested to read your story......all the best Nellie11
  2. thank you mummyof4 and Jaddles. I will make a point of asking my surgeon and letting you all know.
  3. Good for you Orangevegie! I have 6 days to go and I must say the last 2 weeks have flown by. I paid the surgeon and anaethetist today and have had to chase the hospital for the out of pocket expense estimate. I cant say I'm nervous or excited yet probably won't be I dont think, not looking forward to being uncomfotrtable. (Im a sook!) Does anyone have a fast forward machine I can borrow/ ha! I think I mentioned in one of my previous posts that I was getting $70 rebate for each of my binders that I bought. NOT TRUE! I handed my receipts over at the Medibank store and she re confirmed the $70. She was wrong, I got $54 back total. Sorry if I gave anyone a bum steer. So beware girls when asking about rebates, double check. I hope your Doc is right about you not needing MR Orangevegie, that would be nice for you. I was wondering , I know they lace you up like a shoe with MR but does anyone know if the stiches are disolvable? I'm not quite sure how the muscles would stay together if they were???
  4. Hi Cupcake, I'm so glad everything is going well for you, gives the rest of us a bit more confidence! I've got 8 days to go and looking forward to it! I haven't worn "normal" undies for about 20 years and unless my tummy is super flat I don't think I ever will. I still have a chuncky bum,ha! Thanks for sharing.
  5. Hi Mima, I think you have had some very good advice from the other girls here. Definetely go ahead with the surgery if you can. It will make such a difference to your confidence and self esteem. My advice is to get top hospital health insurance first if you don't have it. .(even if its just for you not the rest of the family) Private health insurance will pay for the hospital and theatre fees.(they can be as much as $10,000. Do some research on this if your unsure. There is a waiting period of 12mths though. That will give you time to research and diet and have a couple of consultations. I expect my TT with muscle repair will cost me about $7000 to $7500 after all my rebates etc. Overseas is probably cheaper but not something I personally would consider. There are lots of posts on that subject Mima. Just remember your worth it, it is a big surgery and has helped many people. I understand your feeling low and I'm sure alot of us on the forum can relate to that. I wish you all the best Mima
  6. Hi Witchazel, not excited just yet. Not nervous either but I'm sure I will be both next week! Wow your a bodybuilder, thats amazing coming from 120kg! I wonder how you will go with yoyoing weight though? (after the op that is) I'm 164cm and 80kg, was 86kg went down to 74kg six years ago then 2 years ago during menopause put on 4kg then last Sept gave up smoking and put on another 2kg. I walk and exercise daily (total of about 45mins) don't eat junk and have probably 4 wines each week. I'm on the go all the time except at work where I sit for most of my 40 hrs per week and cant budge any more weight. I'd be happy getting back to 75Kg, but I would have to eat practically nothing to stay there I think! My private health insurance is paying my hospital and theatre fees and a small amout of the rest. Contact yours once you've had a consult, dont forget to have a item number to quote. Good luck getting a good rebate. I'm hoping my back will improve too, once my abs are back together. I really enjoy they feeling after a good ab workout. Bonus if it helps the back as well!
  7. Hi Pilbaragirl, My surgeon Lip Teh is going to be bloody good I hope! I feel comfortable with him and he is very nice. I just liked his qualifications, no one recomended him. However when i purchased my support garment I met 2 ladies who had had surgery with him who were both very happy with his work. Check him out @ www.plasticsurgerycentre.com.au/cosmetic-surgeon-perth-mr-lip-teh.html. I am having A full TT with muscle repair which is costing me $5750.00. The Anaethetist will be approx $1875. The hospital and theatre fees are covered by my Private Health insurance...Medibank ( Top Hospital cover) I bought 2 post op support garments for $82 each and Medibank paid $70 toward each of them. I have been told that I should have a small rebate from Medicare and Medibank for my Op of about $985. What ever you do Pilbaragirl make sure you have had 12months top hospital cover, otherwise you could be up for another$8000 depending on which hospital you use. My TT is now 12 days away so I will be posting pics and then you can see what you think!
  8. Hi Witchazel, nice to meet someone my age! Most girls on here seem to be in their 30's. I turn 53 in Sept. I'm going to post my first pics this weekend, and then add more after my TT each week. I have learned much on this site and am so glad I found it, there is alot of invaluable info on here. I would be quite ignorant of alot of things without it really. If you have any questions Witchazel dont hesitate to ask me or anyone here. When are you planning on having your TT? Nellie
  9. Hi Rae. Just had a look at your pics. Your similar to me , stomach out of proportion with everything else. Parky looked similar pre op and look how fantastic she looks now. I'm going to try and get my pre op belly on here on the w/end. the weeks are flying by now, almost organised, so glad for all the tips on this site1
  10. Two weeks to go now, Got my 2 support garments, hospital all booked, got most of my hospital stuff, and alot of things for after hospital, Just need to get some betadine wipes and not sure about laxatives? Just have to pay the PS and Anethetist (cant spell) next week and sit back and wait. looking forward to it!
  11. Hi Parky, Just had a look at your pics, thank you for that, you look fabulous, Your pre op photos look similar to me as I am now. Gives me hope! I will have a go at posting my own pics this weekend. I would be very happy to have results as good as yours. I see what you mean by your scar being high up on your hips, all worth it though. I'm still trying to buy Kelocote scar cream off Ebay have found some 1/4 price in England just negotiating postage costs.
  12. Oooh don't forget me girls! Sorry only just read this thread. 5th June TT with MR and liposuction - Dr Lip Teh Hollywood Private (Perth)
  13. Hey Parky, what a day you've had! I'm glad the visit to the PS went well. Your well on your way to normality. Good luck with going back to work. what sort of work do you do? I'm in admin and will probably go back part time ( a few hours a day) after 2 weeks if Im Ok driving that is. With regards to cream I'm looking at something called Kelo-cote. It was on a couple of early posts on this site. Very expensive in Aust.60g tube about $150 But much cheaper on Ebay. I'm making a couple of postage enquires with 2 UK sellers who are a bit slow with their replies. will let everyone know how I go.
  14. Hi Parky, I'm expecting a long scar up to my hips. The reason being that I have stubborn fat on them which I'm having liposucked (if that's a word!) Did you have liposuction? Can't have a flat tum and fat hips. So as long as I look good in jeans I'm happy. No bikinis for me (too old) so I'm not bothered how long the scar is although I will work hard at making it look flat and fade quickly! Thank you for your wonderful posts Parky. I wish you well in your recovery!
  15. Quick update. I went to Medibank Private to see if I could claim for my post op abdominal binder which cost $82. I was happily surprised when she said i would get $70 back! Wow! I'm getting another one now, which they will also cover. I do have to bring a referal letter from the surgeon though. My surgeons office were very efficient and sent me one straight away. I have top hospital cover if anyone was wondering.
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