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    Breast Implant
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    Tim Brown 4 July 2011
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    Pre Op ... AA - A Cup.

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  1. Hi Charlee I am off for surgery with Tim on 3rd Aug. THanks so much for your step by step breakdown of how you felt. if you and Emma Jane can keep that commentary going I would love it! did you have sub facial implants? I assume you did as that is all he does I think. I am having 395cc, i am a 34a and looking for a d cup. I have a bwd of 14 so he recommended the 395cc for "perky booobs"/. I am now starting to freak out about dying on the table (I can talk myself of that - nothing i can really do if that happens) but also your comments about the selfishness of this surgery - i really want better, bigger boobs after 3 kids so i know I won't be happy without it but I need some reassurance that I can do this!!! What else, I think I will be ok with the pain, i am ok with that kind of thing, Just want to know I will be ok after a week or so..I am reading your posts with interest and any feed back you can give me would be great!! 25 days to go.