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  1. Donatella that's sarah marie summer i mentioned her in earlier threads last year. I follow her on instagram she's on there as 'sarahmariesummer' her boobs are amazing she's about to be in zoo magazine too! I don't know if I'm brave enough to ever go her size but I'll dream haha
  2. There's heaps of different types of batise the leopard print can is just a different fragrance but they have them at woolies, targer, priceline etc. that's so nice of your dad. I used to tape plastic bags around my boobs to avoid them getting wet while washing my lower half/hair
  3. You could always use some baby powder in the mean time to soak up some of the oil temporarily until you can shower again
  4. Hahahaha oh you guys had it easy! I wasn't allowed to shower for about 4 weeks or so and had extensions so my hair was a rats nest. I got myself a plastic shower head attachment for the bath and used that or i flipped my hair over in the sink and washed it that way plus A LOT of dry shampoo and kept it in a bun mostly so it was up off my face
  5. Where are all the 1000+ australian ladies at! I've been looking at insipartion photos and found some good tumblr pages to look at http://boobiegreed.tumblr.com http://1200cc.tumblr.com
  6. I don't really have any advice but I was looking into him as a surgeon for larger implants in thailand as he is known to be one of the few there who are competent and I'm also going to thailand for a holiday (and I'm a uni student too! haha). I was referred by a girl on here to him because she had her XL implants done by him. However I found it almost impossible to get through all the very very mixed and confusing reviews on him as hardly anyone seems to be able to figure out who they are talking about as there is so much confusion between the spellings and no one uses their full names so
  7. My new Australian XL boob inspiration Sarah Marie Summer - she was on the cover of Picture magazine a couple of weeks ago and is quoted to have about 1500cc I think I'd be too scared to go that big but maybe 500 less her old boobs were nice too! http://instagram.com/sarahmariesummer
  8. Well since they've stretched bigger they might stay that way mine just went crazy puffy and highbeaming so i was happy they went back to normal haha
  9. Hi again everyone! So I've finally decided to start looking into booking some bigger boobs! I'm currently looking into eddy dona so I can stay in Australia but I live in Brisbane. I don't mind going there for the surgery but the consultation process is a bit complicated and confusing not to mention it's going to cost me $200 + flights : (without telling my parents) I got a reply from his receptionist but I don't feel like she really read anything I sent because I got a weird reply that doesn't really make any sense for what I asked and stated. She seems to think I'm wanting a revision
  10. mine were SUUUPPPEERRRR puffy for the first 2-3 weeks and now they are back to normal and don't look any different to before so there's hope
  11. Awkward accidentally posted twice! Still can't figure out the new forum on my phone haha
  12. I can't really comment on that as I'm not sure but i don't see how it would be harmful its only coffee beans and sugar and stuff in it you can make them yourself. Maybe google it?
  13. I can't really comment on that as I'm not sure but i don't see how it would be harmful its only coffee beans and sugar and stuff in it you can make them yourself. Maybe google it?
  14. Thankyou so much dee envy that's some really amazing advice i will take that all on board and work my way up in little steps that gives me a great starting point and something i think is obtainable. I always feel crappy then come on here and everyone always cheers me up it's really nice having a little support network for boobs and everything else! Thanks everyone <3
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