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    June 6th, 2013
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  1. Yes it's close I think about 10 mins away
  2. I am in Thailand now and I love Central Festival. I go get my hair blow dried and nails done and it's so cheap. The shops are great and there is also a movie cinema. I suggest going and seeing a film it's so good if you go VIP they bring you never ending popcorn (lol easily pleased). Central Festival has Zara and lots of other great shops and they seem to always have a sale on whenever I go. There is also a great restaurant/beer garden called Tablespoon Cafe right in the middle when you walk in. It is really nice and has every beer you could ever want. I also love just wandering the streets in Patong. The markets are great but yes you have to haggle and be willing to walk away... which isn't hard as there is probably another shop just around the corner. Could be useful learning a few Thai words. My boyfriend speaks a bit of Thai and they just instantly drop the price. Have fun
  3. Thanks for your reply Amie, I have been looking at those surgeons so it's good to hear someone else recommend them. I am still a bit upset that I haven't already got my boobs over in Thailand so I am busily trying to organise to get it done in Melbs. Happy with my decision though to get it done in Aus
  4. Hello, I really need help and some more info on a good BA surgeon in Melbourne. It is hard to get a grasp of how good they are from their websites. If anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. I was supposed to have my surgery in Thailand last week but have decided to get it done in Melbourne asap. Would be very interested if they are good at endoscopic surgery as well as I am thinking about getting that. Thanks
  5. Sent you a FR. My surgery is in 6 days with Dr Piyapas. SOOOO excited
  6. Hey! I'm having surgery with him in just over a week. Really good to hear that your surgery went well. I have sent you a FR and I'd love to see your results. I'm getting very nervous and in need of some reassurance!!
  7. July 6th with Dr Piyapas. Would love to get in contact with some other girls getting it done at the same time!
  8. Thanks for your responses! I think I'm leaning towards breast fold but I might wait and see what my surgeon says and when I think about it I do flash my armpits a lot lol. I'm also freaking about stretch marks so I guess if I get them another scar won't really matter. Fingers crossed I don't get them bad!!
  9. Hi, Just wondering what your thoughts are on these 2 different types of incisions? Initially I really wanted the endoscopic armpit incision as it has less visible scarring but from what I have been reading maybe the breast fold incision is better due to; Symmetry Silicon gel needs longer incision length I'd imagine the armpit one might hurt more? Scar is easier to manage as it's not going to get all sweaty and hair growing through it... ew? Seems like it could get infected easier? Breast fold is also cheaper Would love to hear your thoughts about this or let me know how your scars have healed. I'm thinking about getting 350cc, under the muscle, textured silicon gel. ALSO if you're heading to Phuket in July I will be having my surgery on the 6th and would love to hear from you
  10. BA on July 6th in Phuket. Would love to hear from other girls that will be there around that time
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