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    I was a very empty and small 10AA due to breast feeding my 3 wonderful children and have had a BA by Dr Tim Brown and am very happy so far :) I have achieved a 10D-DD
    UPDATE: had to have my right replaced after getting CC at 2 years post-opp.
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    Dr Tim Brown. date 27th May 2013 !!!!!! size 365 Gel Textured XHP
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    162cm / 53kg /10AA Since my BA 10D
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    Studying PT ?

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  1. Thanks love ❤️ yeah I can feel it. Yes he did but all was fine, it was tight but i had just had surgery so it can be tight.! ?
  2. Hi all Been a while since I have been on and done a post. Quick catch up, I had my BA a few years ago then got CC in my right and had it fixed March this year. Was so upset but ***** happens yeah..... Well today I have been having pain in the same right boob and it's all tight. Same thing as last time.! I'm so devastated and upset and just want to cry. I will have to have another opp this year and fix it. It's been a little tight and hard since the opp in March (8 months ago) but I guess I just put it down to healing but I think now it wasn't at all. Will book in on Monday to get it all checked but I know what he will say. ? Thanks for the vent beautiful ladies ❤️?
  3. I am happy with the size I got as it suits my body pretty nicely, however I wonder what the teardrop would look like on me.?!
  4. Honestly each person is so different. It can vary depending on the projection like high profile low or extra high but your surgeon will be able to tell you what's best so if you have said your after a C he will do his best to achieve that. Good luck xxxx
  5. Oh soooo normal! Almost all the ladies I have spoke with has second thoughts before hand! I was so freaked out when I went into the hospital I was crying and was wanting to run..... Once it's all done you will be so happy ? Dont stress and best of luck xxx
  6. I didn't have drains but am wondering if I did whether I would have got CC! There was heaps of swelling and bruising (excess blood) but I had the CC one replaced without a drain again but took arnica and was fine. A lot of ps still use them I'm sure you will be fine ? Good luck not long now ?
  7. Hi ? I used the tablet form, have no clue about the spray, so maybe ask your surgeon. ❤️ But I know the tablets did me wonders!
  8. I'm hating not gyming ? Hope all goes well xx
  9. Oh my gosh yes!! Much better. As its only one side you still have a good arm to use. I'm taking it really slow still as I'm terrified of getting CC again ? But the chances are super slim and I'm thinking are even slimmer with a rupture! I am 5 weeks on now and feel normal! Every now and then I get a pulling feeling if I stretch too far but otherwise nothing.
  10. Hey Venus I started it just 3 days before my opp. Be mindful you have to take a fair few to get it into your system. Directions are on the bottle or you can get them from your surgeon. Definitely check with your surgeon before taking them. good luck for Friday so exciting ?
  11. Hi all Just wanted to share my story in hope someone will benefit. Had my BA in 2013 and didn't use arnica and I had some VERY nasty bruising and swelling! Had to have one of the implants replaced (due to CC) in 2016 and used arnica and had NO bruising and minimal swelling. So if your wondering if it's worth it I say YES YES YES!!! Will add some photos ❤️ This was the bruising from my original BA ?
  12. Oh good ? Did you get an item number from your plastic surgeon? As you can call Bupa and ask them if it's covered. When are you booked in?
  13. Hey mayhem i had the same thing!!! At 2 years post-opp. Totally unexpected. It's good you got it done so fast after it started as I let it go for six months (had told my ps but decided to wait) but every 2 months or so i got those pains your saying and it was like contractions and got harder and harder ? By the time I went in (March 2016) it was very painful and rock hard! hope your all healed up now xxx
  14. Hey hun I didn't have a rupture but I got cc ? So had to have a replacement. I am with Bypa and all I had to pay was the excess. The ps was all covered and so was the hospital. Then just paid the price for the meds I had to take home with me. Hope I wasn't too late to reply to you. Good luck xxxx
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